InFurNation (04-1995)


No Boom?  No Boom Today…

The spring has sprung, and now it’s time for another ConFurence Aftermath Report!  ConFurence Six returned to the Atrium Marquis Hotel, and we filled it to the brim with furries!  Read on for more details about the wonderful time had by all.  But first, here’s some recent news:

In what many consider a surprise move, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, home of the Oscar Awards, did not nominate Disney’s The Lion King for Best Picture of 1994.  However, the film was nominated (as often expected for Disney animated features these days) in the musical categories, with a nomination for Best Soundtrack (Hans Zimmer) and three nominations for songs, “Circle of Life”, “Hakuna Mutata”, and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” (all by Elton John and Tim Rice).  “Can You Feel…” eventually won Best Song, as did Mr. Zimmer for Best Soundtrack.  In other news, The Lion King has pretty much solidified its place as the 4th-highest grossing feature film in history, with (at last count) $306 million in general release ticket sales putting it ahead of #5, Forrest Gump, at $302 million (at least for 1994).  On March 1st (or a few days before, if you ordered from Disney direct) The Lion King was released on video tape, both in a normal format and in a special ‘Collector’s Edition’ which includes a ‘making of’ video and promotional artwork/sketches as well as the film itself.  Within one week, the video sales were setting records, topping the first-week video sales of The Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast and Aladdin combined.

Word has been making the rounds that Disney Studios, after noting the reaction to some test-screenings of its next big feature, Pocahontas, brought the film back in and re-animated some portions of the film to feature more of Meeko and Flit, the raccoon and hummingbird sidekicks of the film.  Gee, does that mean furry sidekicks are actually popular?  In other new-feature news, Disney has announced that they will premiere the film in June with a massive outdoor screening in New York City’s Central Park.

Hitting the movie screen this month from Disney is The Goofy Movie, the loony canine’s first feature film appearance.  The story also features Goofy’s son Max and his pal P.J. from the TV show Goof Troop, though in slightly older teenage modes.  The film does not feature any other characters from the TV series, we’re told, though we do get to meet Max’s new girlfriend…

Over at Disney TV Animation, new series Gargoyles will return next season (this fall) with a full 65-episode daily syndication schedule.  The unexpected popularity of Gargoyles has pushed back production on the Disney Afternoon’s next entry, Duck Daze, which will feature the return of Donald and Daisy Duck and will be supervised by Jeff DeGrandis, head director of the current Schnookums & Meat Funny Cartoon Show.  Meanwhile, the first five ‘origin’ episodes of Gargoyles have been compiled (with some editing) onto a single video tape, available at most outlets.  In addition to the origin story, the tape includes a brief ‘making of’ segment hosted by Johnathan Frakes (voice of the character David Xanatos), as well as a ‘video board game’ based on the show.

Radio Aahs, the nationally syndicated children’s radio network (which is famous for having a goodly amount of grown-up listeners too!) has recently developed a new network advertising campaign, featuring R.A.’s two new mascots — Aahsie (a scrappy alley-cat) and Ka’zoo (a smarty-pants blackbird).  In addition to their on-air adventures, Aahsie and Ka’zoo can be found cavorting through the pages of the new Radio AAHS! Kid’s Magazine, which also features other lots of other stuff of interest to kids and fans of kids’ music.  Issue one boasts an interview with the Warner Brothers (and Sister) as well as their creator, Tom Ruegger.  Plus info on a line of Aahsie and Ka’zoo t-shirts and such.  The ‘zine is available for $4.98 monthly (which includes a free kids’ music CD each month) from:  Radio AAHS! Kids’ Magazine and CD, P.O. Box 30610, Tampa, FL 33630-0610.  By the way, the adventures of Aahsie and Ka’zoo are drawn by Dan Haskett, and inked by none other than Steven Martin.

Last year’s surprise hit vehicle Ace Ventura: Pet Detective has spawned (no pun intended) a Saturday morning TV series to premiere this fall, as well as a sequel film (Ace Goes To Africa) to be released around Thanksgiving.  Jim Carrey will again star in both.

Next holiday season (1995) be on the lookout for the theatrical release of Balto, a new animated feature from Steven Spielberg and Universal Studios Animation.  The story is based on the true-life tale of a half-wolf, half-husky who struggles to deliver vital medicine to a remote area of Alaska.  Vocal talents include Bob Hoskins and Phil Collins.

Several feature-length video tapes of furry interest are now available on the ‘Children’s Video’ shelves at your local video outlet.  Among them (all in English):  The Polar Bear King (Hemdale Home Video), a Swedish fairy tail about a prince transformed into the title creature by an evil witch, with a giant polar bear created by Jim Henson’s Muppet Studios.  Tammy and the T-Rex (Imperial Entertainment) is a live-action teen comedy about a high school girl whose jock boyfriend has his brain transplanted into a lab-bred tyrannosaurus by a mad scientist.  Captain of the Forest (Just for Kids Home Video) from Pannoinia Studios (who previously gave us Cat City) is an animated, mildly comic adventure of an aging police captain’s attempts to thwart a crime wave perpetrated by one DeadCat.  And MCA Universal’s new animation studio comes The Land Before Time Part 2, featuring further adventures of our five multi-species prehistoric friends — this time without input from Don Bluth Studios, however.

Speaking of Don Bluth, his studios’ release A Troll in Central Park is available now in general video release.  Coming soon to theaters from Bluth and MGM Animation is The Pebble and The Penguin (an adventure/fantasy with the voices of Martin Short, Jim Belushi, and (the seemingly ubiquitous!) Tim Curry.  Shortly thereafter, from the same team, expect the release of All Dogs Go To Heaven, Part 2.

“Coming to our world” in 1996 is Warriors of Virtue: An Epic Tale of the Kung-Fu Kangaroos.  This “All Digital 3-D Television Series” which follows the adventures of five warrior anthro-kangaroos is currently in production, with a live-action feature film slated to begin production in July of this year.  From IJL Creations and The Law Brothers Entertainment Group.

Now available from E.S. Productions:  The Amy the Squirrel Video Special and The (Nearly) Compleat Schwartz, two VHS compilation tapes of artwork and cartoons from computer animator Eric Schwartz.  Amy is a 15-minute collection of Amy the Squirrel cartoon animations, including the brand-new short A Walk in the Park, available only here.  It sells for $15.00 (U.S.) plus shipping.  (Nearly) Compleat is a 50-minute compilation of Eric’s animation and computer artwork from 1989-1994, including Aerotoons, Amy, Flip the Frog, and many other experimental and previously un-seen works.  It’s available for $20.00 plus shipping.  Both tapes are available in NTSC and PAL formats.  For compleat ordering and shipping information, send an SASE to:  E.S. Productions, P.O. Box 292684, Kettering, OH 45429-0684.  Also available:  A catalog of Eric Schwartz’ B&W and laser-color art prints, plus T-shirts, buttons, and more!

Out now from Bridge World, Inc. is the premiere issue of Super Tales, an adventure comic book aimed at preschoolers.  Featuring the adventures of the Star-Team, a super-powered anthropomorphic trio including a dog, a cat, and a mouse.

Tekno Boyz from Dynasty Comics, previously noted in In-Fur-Nation, has changed its name to T.E.C.H. Boyz Hyperactive Heroes for its second issue.  Features “a parallel war of men against men and nature versus mankind”.  Plus a lot of furries and hot motorcycles.

Bringing the world a brand new overweight cat in a brand new comic strip:  Hunt Emerson, in his brand new B&W collection, They Call Me Pusspuss.  Available from Knockabout Comics.

Currently on the shelves from Millennium Press:  Red Moon #1.  This B&W 2-issue miniseries follows the adventures of a burned-on detective, a rookie, and a fortune teller as they battle a gang of urban werewolves.  Art by Deodato Fiho and script by Faye Perozich.

Here’s something different, newly out from Cosmic Comics:  Bram Stoker’s Burial of the Rats.  It seems that Bram Stoker, a would-be writer, has fallen into the clutches of the Rat Women, who have declared war on all men.  Bram’s only hope for survival is to befriend the beautiful Rat Woman named Madeleine.  The release of this comic is set to coincide with the release of the new film from director/producer Roger Corman.

Dark Horse Comics has released Wolf & Red, featuring all-new adventures of the late Tex Avery’s famous animated characters Red Hot Riding Hood, her would-be suitor Wolf, Droopy, Screwy Squirrel, and many others from the famous MGM cannon — but not that cat and mouse!  Beginning a three-issue miniseries, in color.

Just in time for the release of the Tank Girl feature film comes Tank Girl: The Odyssey from DC Comics’ Vertigo line, a new four-issue miniseries in color.  Follow the adventures of Tank Girl as she circles the globe ‘to save the soul and career of Booga, her kangaroo-boyfriend’.  From the team of Milligan and Hewlett.

Event Comics has released (or let loose!) The Kid Death and Fluffy Spring Special (black & white), giving us the adventures of ‘the most dangerous kid on the block and his giant, cybernetically-enhanced dog’ as they invade Ft. Lauderdale.

GRU (Golden Realms Unlimited) introduces Revelations Saga #1, a black & white anthology featuring the premieres of four new titles soon to be released in their own mini-series.  Written by Jose Calderon, with art by Lage, Lunsford, Yee, and Lennieson.

A new manga title to look for from Antarctic Press is Magical Armed Dragon:  Stainless Steel Armadillo (whew!) by Hei Ryuki.  This black & white title boasts the slogan, ‘Sometimes dragons can be a girl’s best friend’.  Sounds right up our alley… Meanwhile, Antarctic has renewed Mike Curtis’ Shanda the Panda for six more issues.

And, over at MU Press, we have the new collected Hugo by Milton Knight Jr., a funny-animal ‘fairy tale for adults’ originally printed several years ago by Fantagraphics.  Definitely for mature audiences — with a sense of humor!  Also out from MU is the latest adventure of Donna Barr’s half-horses — Stinz: The Bobwar.  What’s a Bobwar?  A horrifying device that Stinz had thought he’d seen the last of… until now…  This will also be available as part of The Stinz Pack, a less-than-cover-price collection of three Stinz titles:  Family Values, Old Man Out, and The Bobwar.

Valeria, The She-Bat is new and in color from Acclaim Comics.  Valeria (less a bat, more a demon) was stolen from her parents and raised by the king of the Fire Bats to be his concubine.  Now Valeria, her brother, and their companions the Were-Breds, travel through the underworld and seek their revenge!  From Neal Adams, with some famous names helping out on the inking chores!

The Hy-Breed is a new black & white adventure comic from the team of Randy and Steve Simpson, collectively known as Legend In Our Mind.  In the future, a group of anthropomorphic heroes battle against a dictatorial cyborg through time and space.  Back issues and T-Shirts are also available from Division Publishing, 5145 N. 187th, Fremont, IN 46737.  In a similar vein, Image Comics has released a preview issue of a new furry adventure comic, The Others, written by Jim Valentino with art by Chance Wolf and Phil D’Moss.

How can you miss a title like Gizmo the Wonder Dog, eh?  Issue #1 of this new black & white humor title is out now from Super Crew Comics, along with issue #1 of Snap the Punk Turtle (both titles written and illustrated by Chris Crosby).  Included as a back-up in each issue is a new adventure with Milton Teruel’s Iron Panther, previously seen in the pages of Furrlough at Antarctic.

Speaking of black & white humor titles, Treasure Comics this month brings us Bearfax Funnies #1, written and illustrated by Samuel J. Galentree.

Gametek Software is working on a new 32X sequel to Brutal: Paws of Fury, to be titled Brutal: Above the Paw.  The sequel promises new characters, backgrounds, and animation.  Coming soon to a Sega Systems dealer near you.

Newly out from Ace/Berkeley Books is Regenesis by Julia Ecklar.  If follows the adventures of one Rahel Tovin, who saves endangered species by relocating them around the galaxy.

Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon have again collaborated on The White Gryphon for Tor Books (now out in hardcover).  Set in the early history of Mercedes’ magical land of Valdimar, this story is the sequel to The Black Gryphon and features his further adventures.

Born, Saturday January 14th at 9:30 pm Central Time, to Jim and Rebekah GroatJohn William Groat.  Born at St. Mary’s Hospital (Madison, WI), weighing in at 7 pounds, 5 ounces (and measuring 20 1/5 inches).  Yes, Jim was at ConFurence Six at the time, but he received the call and proceeded to levitate about the room.  A quick collection was organized to help cover the new family’s medical costs, which raised several hundred dollars.  ConFurence congratulates Mr. Groat, his wife, and his progeny!  Meanwhile, other new products from Jim (*snicker*) include Issue #8 of Red Shetland (from Graph-X-Press), and an upcoming series of RS animated short films from the talents of Eric Schwartz, Kjartan Arnorsson, and Jim Groat himself.

House Mouse Designs offers a huge collection of post cards, stationary, note pads, kitchen magnets and other stuff, all featuring the whimsical ‘House Mice’ and their adventures, drawn and colored by Ellen Perry.  For a well-stocked catalog of materials, just write to:  House Mouse Designs, P.O. Box 48, Williston, VT 05495-0048.

From Christopher V. Berdoz, Virginia:

If you’re interested in news for In‑Fur‑Nation, we’ve got a new thing out here called Fanzine, the unofficial Virginia Commonwealth U., School of Arts, Richmond, VA furry fanzine.  It’s your general- purpose (although more furry than anything else) fanzine. Just wanted to let you guys know that we’re out here, if my editor hasn’t mentioned it again on a.f.f [, Internet].

From Steven Whatley, Texas:

Realistic animal puppets found!  They are called “Country Critters”.  Below is the address to order the catalog and some info that was on the attached card.  I already had the raccoon so, I bought a skunk and a squirrel.  I do not work for Country Critters nor do I represent them in any way.  I am just a satisfied customer.  Most of them look very real.  TYPES:  Over 45 kinds of hand puppets are made including skunk, racoon, opossum, beaver, gopher, wolf, fox, squirrels, monkey, spider, bears, panda, leopard,  tiger, lion, penguin, seal, pigs, lambs, rabbits, puppies, kittens, duck, chicken, and others.

Address (USA):

Country Critters, Inc.

217 Neosho Street

Burlington, Kansas 66839

PHONE:  (316) 364‑8623

From Larry W. Virden, England:

International Reynard Society Homepage

Societe Internationale Renardienne, University of Hull, UK

Introduction to the International Reynard Society (a scholarly association specializing in the study of beast epic, fable, fabliau, comic, moralizing and allegorical texts and iconography). Details of the Society’s refereed annual journal, Reinardus, and of the biennial Reynard Colloquia.

From Dana Uehara, California:

Although Turner Entertainment has canceled SWAT Kats:  The Radical Squadron, a couple of furries are trying to start a Kats fan club to keep the series on the air.  While the club isn’t formal or official (at least not yet), it is looking for interested furries!  To join, or for more information, e-mail either ‘’ or ‘’.  If you don’t have e-mail access, send ‘snail-mail’ to Walter (“T‑Bone”) Koziol Jr. (511 Sheridan St., Chicopee, MA 01020) or Dana (“Razor”) Uehara (945 Hilgard Ave., #103, Los Angeles, CA  90024‑3043).  And be sure to mention that you heard about the club in In‑Fur‑Nation!

From Lynx, California:

PawPrints Fanzine now has issue #1 available for sale‑‑ 70 pages of stories and artwork by the like of Jordan Greywolf, Conrad “Lynx” Wong, Maggie deAlarcon, Robert and Margaret Carspecken, Genesis Eve Cook, Roy D. Pounds II, Karena Kliefoth, Stephanie Stone, and many others!  Send $5.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling to Conrad Wong ( at 101 First Street, Suite 554, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022.  (US/Canada/Mexico only; inquire first if you’re overseas ‑‑ try Martin Dudman in England)

We’re also interested in art and stories from contributors (nothing risque, please), please write us with a SASE for guidelines‑‑ we do hope to have a sample issue ready soon.  Deadline for issue #2 is end of May; we’re hoping to get issue #2 out by San Diego Comic Con (August).  Hope to hear from you!

From Chris Bradford:

A New furry RPG is coming soon!

Morphs: Furry Role‑Playing System is a brand new RPG that is making its debut during WesterCon 48 in Portland.  Morphs will be sold at Westercon 48 by MU Press (hopefully). If MU doesn’t have a table at Westercon this year; it will be available at the play-testing sessions in the gaming area, or at my room.  Morphs is written by Chris Bradford (me!) and Blake Nelson. It can be ordered by mail for $5.00 plus $1.00 shipping for the current play‑test edition (gamma3) or for $15.00 plus $0.50 shipping for the v1.0 edition, which will be available in Oct95‑CF7.

The address to write for orders, suggestions, and inquiries is:

(snail mail)    Kitsune Zaibatsu (Publishers)

PO Box 3783

Pasco, WA 99302‑3783


From, New Jersey:

This summer, Silk Purrs Press will release The Sophistikats Katch‑up Kollection.  This 48‑page, prestige format paperback will collect all the Sophistikats stories and pin‑ups which have appeared in Wild Life and Hit The Beach, plus the NEVER‑BEFORE‑PUBLISHED conclusion to Introducing The Sophistikats and a special bonus: the original pages, character designs and  plot from the first (and very different) draft of The Sophistikats!  For more info, please send a SASE to: The Sophistikats, c/o Silk Purrs Press, P.O. Box 165, Pompton Plains, NJ  07444‑0165.

From Daphne Lage, New York:

Daphne Lage’s Spring ’95 Catalog is now available!  Comics, Ashcans, Portfolios, Trading Cards, and other fun stuff specializing in what you love in anthropomorphic art!  Updated quarterly.  For your free catalog, send your request and snail-mail address to:



NEW YORK, NY 10150

or e‑mail at:

Don’t forget to list your snail-mail address!

Don’t wait for conventions! Send for your catalog today!

From Dusty Rhodes, Oklahoma:

Hywayman #3 is now available from Bio‑Hazzard Comics. This long-awaited Mini‑comic is drawn, inked, and written by Dusty Rhoades and is obtained by mail order.  Write to Dusty at Rt. 2 Box 877, Claremore, OK 74017.  The price is $1.75$ + $0.75 postage.  The issue includes art by Phil Moressey, Genesis Cook, Stephie Stone, Jeremy Kidd, Ken Sample, and a host of others.  Dusty can also give you info on back issues and other portfolios.  Prints and commissions also available.

ConFurence has stuff available!  That’s right, The General Store is open for mail-order business!  (And, maybe, coming to an SF con near you! )  We have copies of our Convention Souvenir Books (featuring black & white furry artwork, plus articles of furry interest) from both ConFurence Five and Six, available for a limited time for $5.00 each plus $2.00 shipping.  Also available are our colorful t-shirt from ConFurences Five and Six, with stunning artwork by Mitchell Biero and Daphne Lage (respectively).  Available for $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping, with sizes from small to XX-Large.  Also, we still have copies of the Five Fur color prints by Michele Light (along with the “TV show’s” background) for $5.00 a set, and Daphne Lage’s two full-color prints from CF6 for $5.00 a set.  And don’t forget the Furry Japan guide, first issue in a planned series of guides to furry-oriented manga — yours for only $5.00 plus $2.00 shipping.  Such deals!  Order yours today!

Advertising in In-Fur-Nation:  As before, ads in In-Fur-Nation come in two sizes:  1/8-page “business card” size for $5.00 per issue, and 1/4-page size (4 1/2″ tall by 3 1/4″ wide) for $10.00 per issue.  Check should be made out to ConFurence.  Send camera-ready art and text to P.O. Box 1958, Garden Grove, CA 92642-1958.  Getting just a mention in In-Fur-Nation is easy:  Send us information, and we’ll reprint it in our blurbs section verbatim, with minor corrections for spelling and grammar.

(Thanks to all the folks on Internet who contributed some of the information used in this issue!)

Boom Tomorrow!  There’s Always A Boom Tomorrow…

ConFurence Six — THE Aftermath Report

We returned to a hotel that really likes us, and roughly 770 furry fen and interested people joined us at the Atrium Marquis Hotel in Irvine for a weekend of fun, fur, and fancy freedom.

Once again this year our special charity was the Deal Whitley Scholarship Fund at the DuCret School of the Arts.  Our special thanks go out to the artists, dealers, dancers, entertainers, and fans who contributed materials and time toward this special effort in memory of a good friend to all the furries.  The DuCret School is ready to send us prospects for student cartoonists looking to get ahead with their education — and, give the world some new furries!

THE Special Guests

Our prolific literary guest Alan Dean Foster showed us that he’s got plenty to say to his fans too!  He got right to work with a rousing Meet The Guests SIG, then later hosted his own focus presentation and even gave tips to would-be writers at several SIGs on the topic.  Artist guest Elissa Mitchell was mostly seen about the Art Show (she insisted on helping, given her past experience running these things, and we’re very thankful for it!), but found time to give fellow artists some how-to tips from a self-taught illustrator like herself.  Ed Zolna from the east coast seemed to spend most of his time buried alive behind the incredible pile of ‘zines at his table in the Den of Dealers, but still found his way out to meet some of his friends at his own personal SIG.  Of course Confurence Six had many other SIGs, plus many discussions on our special convention theme:  Magic and Transformation — not to mention the numerous werewolves wandering the halls!

It seems like every year we have even more well-known types joining us at ConFurence, from a wealth of backgrounds in comics, science fiction novels, movies, computers, TV, and many other forms of media where furries can be found.  Among them this year were Steve Addlesee, Mitchell Biero, Jose Calderon, John Cawley, Jimmy Chin, Carol Curtis, Mike Curtis, Jeff Ferris, Bill Fitts, Steven Gallacci, Roz Gibson, Dean Graf, Tygger Graf, Jim Groat (yes, he made it!), Shon Howell, Pat Kelly, Paul Kidd (yes, he made it!), Robert C. King, Kris Kreutzman, Daphne Lage, Michele Light, Monika Livingstone, Jymn Magon, Steven Martin, Chuck Melville, S.E. Mills, Lex Nakashima, John Nunnemacher, Joseph Ny, Trish Ny, Fred Patten, Fred Perry, Michael Reaves, Brynne Chandler-Reaves, Dusty Rhodes, Joe Rosales, Lance Rund, Mike Sagara, Ted Sheppard, Terrie Smith, Brian Sutton, Jefferson P. Swycaffer, Edd Vick, Mel. White, and Tommy Yune.  Not to mention a host of artists, small-press publishers, and other folks whose names you know — or should.  Whew!  Turn around at ConFurence, see somebody famous.  Just remember though, the most important person we had at ConFurence Six was… you!

THE Den of Dealers

Our room-of-selling-stuff squeezed in just a few more tables this year, and once again we filled it to capacity!  This year’s selection of neat stuff included art, comics, books, fanzines, mementos, trinkets, statues, stand-ups, puppets, toys, costuming supplies, and computer games!  Once again, thanks go out to all who sold — and all who bought!

THE Fabulous ConFurence Art Show

This year’s art display room was split into two locations in the hotel, so we literally had art all over the place!  Again this year records were broken, in number of pieces put up, number sold, and prices bid — not to mention the total amount that the artists earned for their handiwork!  We still remain simply one of the largest annual SF/fantasy art shows on the west coast!  Lots of thanks go out to the folks who displayed art, and even more to the folks who bought it all!

The Best-of-Show award, voted by our members, went to Richard Bartrop for his airbrush piece Foxes.  Our congratulations to him — and to all the artists whose work graced our show!  Thanks again to Jazmyn Concolor for a organizing things — and to all her assistants for helping keep the ball rolling — including our Guest of Honor, Elissa Mitchell!

THE Costume Event

Furry costumes abounded in the hallways and foyers, and the much-awaited Costume SIG Presentation was our biggest yet — sixteen costumes and groups entered!  Best costume honors, once again voted on by our members themselves, went to Wolf Corlett for his truly impressive werewolf, Silvermane.  First runner-up went to another wolf, Furlup, designed and worn by — you guessed it, Furlup.  (Both winners received free merchandise from the Den of Dealers, courtesy of ConFurence.)  Several other excellent costumes were seen wandering about the hotel and convention areas too!  Our congratulations to everyone for their craftsmanship and imagination — and stamina!

THE Furry Filk Contest

Michael Payne — the furry filk contest’s only two-time winner, thus far — once again impressed us all, this time giving us an amusing piece called Sweet Invader, which was our runner-up for 1995.  First place, though, was reserved for a truly weird and inspired experience called I’m Going to ConFurence Five, Ha Ha! crafted by an equally weird and inspired Dr. Samuel Conway Jr.  Lord only knows what we’ll be in for next year!

The Events!  The Events!

Friday night once again got started with The NitroCoon Radio Show, another hilarious readers’ theater send-up of super hero and anime adventure!  (Thanks again to Avi Melman and his cast and crew for all the hard work!)  After that, it was time to dance your cares away and beam on up to The Sci-Fi Dance!

On Saturday the Cabaret Fur le Dance brought in a capacity crowd, filling the house and raising important funds for the Deal Whitley Scholarship.  The show was, again, a smash!  A parade of talented dancers, a plethora of styles — with MC Trendane keeping it all flowing smoothly!  Once again our lighting and effects were provided us by Mark Iennaco and the entire crew from Padpaw — thanks guys!

Once again our heartfelt thanks go to all the show crew, all the instant help, and most especially to our dancers — Omaha, Spark and Flame, Kameo Kitsune, Aki, Master Thump’n’Tasty, Tashta, The Mink, and Shontar.  You’ve all given us another fond memory to treasure!  And extra special thanks to Mark Merlino and Omaha Sternberg for organizing the entire show, again!

Furries, Food, and Fun:  As ever, the Friday Night Ice Cream Social and the Saturday Night Pizza Fest proved to be as popular as in the past — the fans just inhaled the food as it came out!  Special thanks again go to the kitchens of the Atrium Marquis Hotel.  Throughout the convention, furry fen wandered, exploring the many eateries in the vicinity of ConFurence.  This time out the International House of Pancakes immediately north of our hotel was expecting us, as was the nearby Hoff’s Hut Restaurant.  More than happy to give them some business, we are!

Our video programming split in two this year!  First off was Video Theater One, which featured an eclectic collection of furry-themed films, cartoons, anime, and short subjects all grouped into various video ‘SIGs’ like Furries in Love and Furries in Song.  A great collection of new, old, and hard-to-find material.  Video Theater Two provided our main anime and TV animation programming, featuring old favorites like Baghi and Devilman alongside new finds like Gargoyles, Swat Cats, and Cat Girl Nuku Nuku.  Our thanks go out to John Cawley, Shawn Keller, and Larry Adams for Video One, and thanks to Jim Lomax, Henry Brown Jr., and Jerry Shaw for setting up and running Video Two (and providing translations).  Extra special thanks again to Sherbert Productions for their great dubbing!

There were Sponsors…

Our sponsors are the special folks who help us see that ConFurence takes place, that it has special guests, and that it has a place to be!  They do this just by contributing a bit extra above their membership fees, which we apply to transporting, housing, and feeding our special guests.  Our Sponsors this year included — Waylon Adams, Suzanne Barth, Josua Carpman, Kevin Charlesworth, Michael T. Danaher, Jeremy S. Daugherty, Bernard Doove, Lanny Fields, Don Fitch, Bartholomew Fox, Steve Gatusso, William A. Green, Rich Griffin, Michael Hackett, Johnathan Hammar, William Haskell, Rob Hershey, Russell Hockins, Jeffrey S. Jonas, Jo Ellen Kellner, Robert C. King, Dale Kuykendall, Sandy Liberato, James B. Littlejohn, John Lundin Jr., John G. Lussmeyer, David Meacham, Karl Meyer, Raymond Minchong, Eric Miyoda, Barry Needleman, Ken Nielsen, Paul Osze, David Ouillette, John Overall, David Reiss, Thomas Riccardi, David Solbes, B.J. Staehlin, Dana Uehara, John Van Stry, Scott Whitmore, and Leonard Zubkoff.  Thank you!

… and there were Super Sponsors!

These extra-special folks gave some real extra help for our guests’ needs by contributing more than $100.00 each for the care and keeping of our big-name furries.  Super Sponsors for ConFurence Six included Craig Aoki, David Bliss, Thomas G. Brady, Gary Breuckman, Cody Buchmann, Samuel Conway Jr., Jeffrey A. Costa, Derrick Dasenbrock, Brian Delaney, Jason V. Edralin, David Ewell, Norman Fabian, Mark Farey, John R. Gardner, Pete Glaskowski, Michael P. Grodeman, Jimmy M. Hines, Ron Johnson, Don Kerr, Juan F. Lara, Richard Lewis, Walter A. Lyzohub Jr., Sean Malloy, Jeff Mancebo, Matthew R. Muench, George Nemeyer, David Orth, Carol Ann Osman, Ray Parrish, Richard Penner, John D. Pennington III, Dennis R. Peterson, Dennis W. Province, Robert Repas, Bruce G. Rowe, Mike Selewski, Scott Shannon, Richard F. Thatcher, Phil Thompson, David J. Van Deusen, Don Weatherwax, and Bruce Wilhite.  Extra special thank yous all around!

The ConFurence Six Staff

They put up with it all through the year, then during the con itself, and they make it all happen!  ConFurence salutes our staff and helpers for ConFurence Six, 1995 (in no particular order):  Mark Merlino, Jazmyn Concolor, Rod O’Riley, John Stanley, Shayn Raney, Darren Hanson, Jim Lomax, Henry Brown Jr., Avi Melman, Jerry Shaw, Steve Gattuso, David Bliss, Waverly Pierre, John Cawley, Shawn Keller, Larry Adams, Kay Shapero, Tom McDaniel, Brandy McDaniel, Vicky Levitin, Kelly O’Guinn, Ken Nielsen, David & Zha’nene Klinkler, Granite Wolf, Frisbee, Joelle Vara, Kurt Miller, Charles Gray, Mark & Lisa Iennaco, Arlon, Dean Hellerud, Charles Nezzer, Kelvandor, Mario D’Anna Jr., Dewayne Stewart, Karl Maurer, Stephanie DaSilva, James P. Callicott, Michael Underwood, Dave Bryant, John and Amanda Geyer, Robert Hanz, Kurt Miller, Porsupah, Richard Taliaferro, Derrick Dasenbrock, and Taylor Wilson.  (There are other folks whose names we’re liable to forget — plus some non-staff people who stepped in when things go hairy.  Thank you to all of you too!)

So what’s up next?  Lots of stuff over the year — Just listen!


June 2‑4, 1995 in Chicagoland! (Lisle Hyatt, Lisle IL)

Rooms $68.00 ‑ Call 800‑233‑1234 for reservations before 5/15/95

Artist Guest of Honor: SUSAN VAN CAMP ‑‑ Fantasy artist, contributor to the Magic the Gathering card game, and creator of Varcel’s Vixens.

Furry Guests of Honor:

* PAUL DEFENBAUGH ‑‑ Artist and Zen Master!

* JIMMY CHIN ‑‑ Artist and Toonatic!

* JOHN NUNNEMACHER ‑‑ Artist and Creator of Buffalo Wings!  And

* TYGGER ‑‑ Artist and hyperkinetic bouncer!

PLUS Steve Plunkett returns as our guest for an encore performance with his puppets Fifi, Odie, and a new friend to debut at Duckon!

We’re doing even more this year!


+ Furry artists sales room

+ Furry lounge and video spot


+ Animation Art

+ Plush Panel

+ Furry Costuming SIG

+ Artist technique panel

+ many others!

* a midnight BARNEY BALL game (with Jim Groat presiding)




+ A FURRY VARIETY SHOW! All performers in costume!



* DUCKadent Con Suite

* INTERNET Room With E.L.V.I.S. !


Other con events:


MOEBIUS ‑ SF Comedy Performing Troupe

Klingon Love Poetry with Heavy Objects

Mad Scientist Track

Technology Exposition

Mainstream SF Video room

Furry Huxtering:

The Dealers’ floor is full, but we will have space available in the furry artists sales room: Space is limited, so first come, first serve, 1/2 table per creator.  You may ONLY sell items which are your own creation or items for which you have a signed agent’s form.  (Next year we’ll have a full size dealers’ room, but this year ‑- we squeeze in where we can)


Duckon expects to have an attendance of around 750 this year, and our Art Show has always been a big success.  If you want Artists Info mailed to you, send e-mail with your mailing address to D.A.C. Crowell via (or read it right off of our WWW page via: )

Registration: $25 until 5/1/95, $35 at the door.  Make out checks to Duckon.

Gophers needed ‑‑ This means you!  Write us for more information if interested.

SPONSORSHIP:  YES!  I want to help less fortunate furries enjoy this con!  In return I get all the privileges of being a sponsor, including a listing in the Furry program book, a warm feeling of self worth and our deepest gratitude.  Funds will be used to help cover travel expenses of our guests.  To become a sponsor, include a SECOND check made out to “Robert King” (not Duckon) for $25 or more.  (We still haven’t covered the full cost of Tygger’s return ticket ‑ and she does want to get back home somehow)

Snail-Mail to: DucKon Registration, PO Box 4843, Wheaton IL 60189

And, in October:

ConFurence East (formerly Furtasticon)

We’re proud to announce the following Guests of Honor:  Vicky Wyman (comic book artist and writer, Xanadu), S. Andrew Swann (author of Forests of the Night),  and The E.L.V.I.S. Road Crew (your InterNet specialists).

Plus dealer tables, an art show, artists’ alley, costuming, programming, and lots of special guests!

When:  October 13, 14, and 15, 1995.

Where:  Holiday Inn Jetport, 1000 Spring Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07201-2183.  For Reservations: (908) 355-1700 (Event code:  AFF Association).  Be sure to mention the ‘party floor’ if you plan to have a party or want to be near the action.  All reservations must be made by 9/15/95.  Rooms are $74.00/night for single, double, triple, or quad.

Memberships:  For all three days of the con are $20.00 by mail until 9/1/95.  After that they’re $25.00 until 10/1/95, and $30.00 at-the-door.  Supporting memberships are available for $10.00, and convertible to full memberships at the door for $15.00 more.  You can also become a Sponsor for $50.00 or more and receive full guest privileges!  Make checks or money orders (U.S. funds only please!) out to Susan P. Ny.

For more information about the con itself, the art show and panel reservations, dealer table reservations, artists’ alley tables, or costuming and other events, write to:  Trish Ny, ConFURence East, 11037 Henning Drive, Chardon, OH 44024.  Or, send e-mail on InterNet to

And finally, back to where it began…

ConFurence Seven — Furries in Force!

Furries who have to fight — for a living, or, for survival.  Anthropomorphics in military, Old West, and classic detective and crime-drama genres.  That’s our theme for ConFurence Seven.

The Guests

Two special Guests of Honor have been confirmed for ConFurence Seven, and a third is on the way, Real Soon Now (more on him next issue!).

Science fiction author S. Andrew Swann (nom de plume of one Steven Swiniarski) burst onto the scene just recently with a trilogy (all from DAW Books) comprised of Forests of the Night, Emperors of the Twilight, and Spectres of the Dawn — and, quite frankly, turned the furry world on its ear!  His not-to-distant-future world pictures a time when ‘Moreaus’, animals genetically altered to share various human traits, struggle to escape their second-class citizen status and make a place for themselves in the world of humans.  This is the kind of science fiction that furry fandom has been waiting for!  And now, it’s creator will join us to talk about it — at ConFurence Seven!

After many years of people asking and pleading, we’re pleased to announce that we’re bringing computer animator and fan favorite Eric W. Schwartz to ConFurence Seven as a special guest!  Yup, the creator of Amy the Squirrel (not to mention the ‘Amy’ Awards for Amiga Computer software!) and animator of the famed Aerotoons.  Not to mention a diverse line of humorous and (often) very sexy illustrations!  He’ll be on hand to talk about how he got started, where it’s taken him, and what he’s doing next!

Wow!  And that’s just the GOH line-up!  We’re certain to have a parade of former guests-of-honor, well-known furry creators and publishers, and up-and-coming new talent on hand at ConFurence Seven.  Make sure that your name is among the list!

The Hotel

ConFurence returns once again to the beautiful Atrium Marquis Hotel (mostly — read on!) in Irvine, California — why?  Because they like us!  Still across the street from John Wayne Orange County Airport.  Once again we filled the hotel with furries in ’95, and we’re certain to do the same in ’96.  Rooms at the Atrium begin at just $59.00 a night for up to four furries in a room!  With prices still that great, we once again recommend you get your reservations in now  — before the den gets crowded!  You can call our hotel toll-free at (800) 854-3012, or write them for prices on suites or other information at the Atrium Marquis Hotel, 18700 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, CA 92715.  And be sure to mention ConFurence 96 — our special event code is ‘CONF’.

Don’t look now, but we blew out the walls at the Atrium Marquis!  We’ve got too much con to fit in our favorite hotel!  What to do??  Why, expand, of course!  ConFurence Seven will be officially taking place at two hotels, the Atrium Marquis and the adjacent Radisson Plaza Hotel.  The Radisson will be home to the Art Show, the Cabaret (and some other special events) and the quiet rooms.  The Atrium remains the home of the Den of Dealers, Con Registration, the video programming, the lounges, and the parties!  Rooms at the Radisson are available for $65.00 per night for single, double, triple, or quad.  NOTE:  All reservations should be made by contacting the Atrium Marquis; specify ‘the quiet hotel’ if you wish to be placed in the Radisson.  To get in touch with the Reservations Department at the Atrium, you must call during business hours on a weekday!  Remember, that toll-free number is (800) 854-3012.

The Dealers’ Den

We’re going to expand the Den of Dealers again in 1996, to make for even more leg room, and more dealers!  Trust us though, the Den of Dealers will  sell out again, and it won’t take much time at all!  So reserve your space right now and find out what all the excitement is about.  We have 8′ x 2.5′ and 6′ x 2.5′ tables (tell us your needs) in both the Den of Dealers and Publishers’ Row, which sits out in front of the Den.  Remember, Publishers’ Row tables need to be cleaned off at the end of each day — but they’re reserved in your name for the entire con, unlike Artists’ Alley tables.  Full 6 ft. or 8 ft. table spaces are only $60.00, which includes two full memberships and one free art show space (if you write us and claim it!).  Additional full tables, up to 3 per dealer, are $20.00 each, but don’t include memberships or art show spaces.  All that more than you need?  We also have half-tables (3′ x 2.5′) available for $30.00 each, with one full membership and one free art show panel included.  Get it?  Good!  Now don’t miss out!

The Artists’ Alley is one of the most popular and populated features of any ConFurence, and ConFurence Seven is going to carry on the tradition!  These tables in the pre-convene area are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis at the con itself, and need to be signed up for each morning.  Write to Rod O’Riley at the ConFurence address for any information on table space.

The Art Show

Past experience leads us to believe that the ConFurence Seven Art Show will break all our previous records — again!  Trust us, if you do art of funny animals, furries, monsters, aliens, toons, or even real animals, you want to be in this art show!  But our show will fill up — so get in your reservations as soon as you can!  Your first art show space (4 ft. by 4 ft., horizontal or vertical) is still available free with your paid supporting or attending membership — all you have to do is claim it.  Additional art show spaces are available for a low $5.00 each.  We also have an extensive Print Shop available for selling copies of your work.  So get your reservations in today!  What, you can’t make it to ConFurence?  No problem!  Reserve your space, and mail us your art before the con — we’ll set it up, send you back what may not sell, and get you off a check for your sold items!  We have an extensive registration ‘instruction sheet’ available that explains all the ins and outs of displaying and selling art, sculpture, prints, or whatever at ConFurence, so write to Jazmyn Concolor at the ConFurence address (or e-mail her at and we’ll send it off to you right away!  Don’t delay!  Write today!

Video Room One offers Furries in Force!

Next year’s main video room (Video Room One) will once again be brought to you by John Cawley (aka TopFox).  He’s promising another two days of unique furry video fun.  Due to the crowds found this year, CF7’s main video room will be moved down to larger quarters.  For CF7, the fox is promising even more of the popular video SIGs.  Keeping the theme of Furries in Force in mind, he’s working on “Law EnFURcement”, “Furries Go to War”, and “Furry-ous Fights”.  Attendees will see more SIGs based on species, such as wolves, kangaroos, and dragons.  New editions of “Furries in Love”, “3D Furries” and “The Furry Sing-A-Long” are also being worked on.  John is currently looking for suggestions and donations for Video Room One.  He’s especially looking for convention costume footage, home made animation, and anything truly unique.


Meanwhile, Video Room Two will move back to its old haunts for CF7 — to where Video One was for CF6!  Two will feature our anime program, as well as other unique animated features and shows from around the world!  Write to the Video crews for Room One or Room two at the ConFurence address for more information or to make suggestions — we’ll route it to the right people!

In 1996, It Can Happen Here…

The Cabaret Fur le Dance

Once again we shall bring you another truly magical evening of furry entertainment at our famous charity stage show.  What kind of entertainment?  The kind to make your fur stand up!  And maybe you have an idea for an act yourself?  Why not try it out on the ConFurence staff — you just might find yourself on stage in front of a few hundred screaming friends!  Write to Mark Merlino at the ConFurence address for all the de-tails!  (Remember, all performers in the Cabaret must be able to first attend a special pre-planning meeting on Friday night, January 12, at ConFurence!)

Club Techno-Fur!

Swirling lights!  Magical sounds!  Fractals and videos galore!  And above it all, the driving beat that moves your feet!  It’s Club Techno-Fur, and it’s here for you on Friday night at ConFurence Seven — included free with the price of your membership!

The Food

By now a tradition, once again we’ll bring you the Friday night Ice Cream Social, our annual frozen-food indulgence feast!  Next night, it’s the return of the Saturday Night Pizza Feed, where you can stuff your furry face with Italian delight — and it’s cheaper by the slice!  (Oh yes, we’ll sell you drinks too!)

Speaking of food and drink, we’re happy to announce the return of the Pearl Possum, our popular ‘members lounge’ and ‘con suite’ in the Atrium Marquis’ comfortable Sunset Lounge upstairs.  And, for 1996, the Possum will feature all non-alcoholic drinks — so furries of all ages can come in and partake!

More Furries, More Films, More Bang For Your… oh, you know!

ConFurence Seven!  What’s happening?  More of what we’re famous for, that’s what:  Meetings, discussions, rap sessions and round-tables on dozens of furry topics, from art and writing to animation, computers, games, and even meeting other fans of your favorite animal species.  Presentations, lectures, and how-to sessions on writing, art, publishing, and other aspects of the creative furry.  And yes, more life-drawing workshops!  The Saturday afternoon Costume Presentation, with voting for the best costume — and a helpful how-to session with the costume makers and designers.  Computer networking, art, animation, and technical innovations.  Games, both paper and electronic, cards and role-playing, and everywhere in-between.  Filking through the night, including our popular Furry Filksong Contest — and, possibly, a recording of a furry filksong tape.  Sketching by literally dozens of artists of every size, shape, and style.  And a whole lot more!  All the rest, as always, is what you bring to the con!

The Price

Registration to ConFurence Five is on a sliding scale — All memberships are $20.00 for a full three-days Attending, from now until December 31st, 1995.  From January 1st, 1996 until January 5th, 1996, three-day Attending memberships are available for $30.00, and after that, at-the-door for $30.00 also.  Plus, a full year of In-Fur-Nation, and our special annual ConFurence Souvenir Collection Book, are all included in the price of your membership!  A single art show display space is also included free with your membership — if you write us and claim it!

And remember, we’d love to have you join us, but if you cannot make it out to our environs, feel free to join ConFurence as a Supporting member!  Supporting members get a full year’s subscription to In-Fur-Nation, the Souvenir Collection Book, and one free art show display space for the taking, all for the low price of just $12.00!  And, if your fortunes change, you can convert your supporting to a full attending membership at the door for only $13.00.  Such a deal, dudes and dudettes!

We heartily recommend that you get your memberships now.  That provides us with the best means to keep you in touch with ConFurence over the whole year — and if past history holds true, we’ll have a lot of exciting stuff to tell you between now and the con itself!

THE Needs of ConFurence…

Our Sponsors

Sponsors are the excellent people who help keep ConFurence going by giving just a little extra bit (or a lot extra bit!) of financial help.  This is money for transporting, lodging, and feeding our special guests, as well as off-setting complimentary memberships.  To become a sponsor, contribute a minimum of $50.00 (up to $99.00), which includes your initial membership fee.  Remember:  Indicate which of our special guests this money is to help toward, or just mark it “general fund” — we’ll split it among all of them.  And what do you get for being a sponsor?  Sponsors are the only folks (besides staff and guests) allowed in the Guest Lounge, a special place set aside where folks can relax away from the hubbub of the con.  Guests and sponsors can attend a free sandwich-feast on Sunday evening, after the con.  And, sponsors get some special prices on materials from the ConFurence store.  And, sponsors get — our unending gratitude!  (And, recognition by name in the souvenir book!)

Super Sponsors!

Super Sponsors are the awesomely excellent furry folk who really want to help out ConFurence — and who think they deserve something special in return.  Super Sponsors are crazy, er, wonderful people willing to contribute $100.00 or more (which includes their initial memberships) toward a special guest of their choice, or just toward the guests in general.  Super Sponsors get all the same neat stuff as other Sponsors, plus an added bonus of a chance to obtain a customized art piece from a famous furry artist!  (Write for a list of participating artists.)  Don’t have $100.00 sitting around handy?  Make installments!  That’s right, we’ll take two payments of $50.00, or four payments of $25.00 — it still counts you as a Super Sponsor, as long as it totals $100.00 by the time of the con itself.

NEW at ConFurence Seven for Sponsors and Supers:  We’re setting up a special ‘Express Registration’ just for our pre-registered sponsors and super-sponsors.  You can bi-pass the line-up at Con Reg, get your badges and other con stuff right away, and get out there first to get those sketches in your books started!

ConFurence Wants YOU…

… to join our staff and help put on one of the fastest growing fannish conventions on the West Coast!  Join our team!  We need volunteers to help out with all areas of the convention, from registration to art show to helping keep the fans well-fed!  No experience necessary — we will train!  For as little as 12 hours of work over the length of CF7, you can get access to our exclusive Staff Lounge, as well as use of our available crash space — plus, some other special goodies, and the knowledge that you’ve helped us pull this thing off for another year!  Write to Volunteers care of the ConFurence address, or send e-mail to Rod O’Riley at, and we’ll send you our staff sign-up sheet and information right away!

Furries on the Wing!

ConFurence has its own official travel agency, Ladera Travel of Southern California.  They’ve specialized for years in getting good rates for travel to and from SF cons, including ours!  Contact Rick Foss or Robin (his trusty assistant) at (800) 624-6679 from outside California, or (310) 640-0527 inside California.

Don’t be left in the burrow!  Keep in touch with the world of Anthropomorphics!  Join ConFurence Today!  Chirp!