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– July, 2000

“There is nothing more determined…

ConFurence Eleven has passed us by, back in the wilds of Orange County. You’ll find much more about our past and our future later in this issue. But first, here’s the newts…

This is important, so we’re putting it up front: Michael-Scot McMurry (creator of Zonie the Coyote) is currently battling stomach cancer (and, we’re happy to say, winning). As often happens in such cases, his medical bills are skyrocketing… and several prominent furry artists are trying to help him out. Check out the Shanda Fantasy Arts section below for more information…

Disney’s Dinosaur packed a largely expected wallop, debuting at #1 for the week of May 19 and earning a handsome $22.5 million at the box office for its first weekend (which was the highest-earning debut for the year, up to that point). It kept a healthy box office through its second weekend despite heavy competition from Mission Impossible 2. If you’ve not heard yet (where have you been?) the film is the first project from Disney’s new in-house computer animation division, dubbed ‘The Secret Lab’. So, this is also the first computer-animated film that Disney has completed without the assistance (in writing or rendering) of John Lasseter and the crew from PIXAR. As such, Dinosaur not only needs to cover its own production and advertising costs, but also the costs of initially setting up The Secret Lab – pegged, all together, at about $200 million. It faces an uphill battle in what’s turning out to be a very crowded, competitive, and difficult summer (especially for animated movies). Keep an eye out for Disney’s official Dinosaur magazine, each copy of which includes one of four reproduction cels from the movie.

Also opening well this summer was the very first feature-length film from (Wallace & Gromit creators) Aardman Animation, Chicken Run. Starring the voices of Julia Sawalha (from Absolutely Fabulous) and Mel Gibson (of so many things!), it’s the first in a four-picture deal that Aardman struck with Dreamworks, who are distributing Chicken Run. After this, creator/designer/director Nick Park and producer Peter Lord will take some time off while the second film is made, then return to create the first Wallace & Gromit feature. As usual with such films, look for several book tie-ins to hit the shelves as well. Those would include Chicken Run: Hatching the Movie (in hardcover), a behind-the-scenes look at making the film; and The Farm Fresh, Grade A, Extra Large Fun Book (trade paperback) which features fun and games with the chickens themselves.

Not doing well at all, it seems, is Titan AE from 20th Century Fox. The latest outing from directors Don Bluth and Gary Goldman (Secret of NIMH) features an impressive voice cast (Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, Bill Pullman, Nathan Lane, Janine Garafalo, and John Leguzamo, among others) and a heavy-rock soundtrack. Unfortunately, the film has thus far been unable to attract the male teenage audience it was loudly and proudly targeted for – it earned less than $10 million at the box office during its first weekend, and has been dropping ever since. Apparently, this was too much for Fox – word is out that they have closed down the Fox Feature Animation studio in Phoenix, Arizona, immediately before the film premiered. Thanks for the vote of confidence, guys…

Speaking of Don Bluth, he’s started up his own animation magazine, Don Bluth’s Toon Talk. The premier issue covered Titan A.E. and the new Dragon’s Lair comic story, while the second (current) issue looks in depth at the making of The Secret of NIMH. Lots of color photos and background art in both. A full year’s subscription (that’s six issues) can be had for $29.70 (plus $3.00 shipping in the US, or $8.00 shipping outside). For more information, write to: Toon Talk, 3416 S. 48th Street, Suite 2, Phoenix, AZ 85040.

It is, as we noted, a hard and competitive summer for movies. Disney’s Fantasia 2000 moved out of IMAX theaters and into regular 35-mm theaters for a one-month run. It is doing very poorly there. The rumors are that Disney will do a second IMAX release around Christmas time.

And yet more bad news: Despite the high concept of having an animated Rocky the Squirrel and Bullwinkle J. Moose go up against a live-action Jason Alexander, Rene Russo, and Robert Deniro, Universal’s The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle only managed to take in about $7 million at the box office during its first weekend of release. (Its total was about $11 million for the Fourth of July holiday period.) If you do go to see it, listen for Rocky’s original voice, June Foray, back in that very role. Rene Russo noted in an interview that it made her very nervous to be acting the part of the villainous Natasha when the original voice actress, Ms. Foray, was standing right there!

Hoping to better reflect the fact that the film is a comedy (and, some think, to distance it from Dreamwork’s previously released Road to El Dorado) Disney has changed the name of their 38th animated feature from Kingdom of the Sun to The Emperor’s New Groove. The story follows a greedy and selfish South American emperor (David Spade) who enlists the aid of a kind-hearted peasant (John Goodman) after an evil sorceress (Eartha Kitt) turns said emperor into a llama. It’s directed by Roger Allers (The Lion King) and Mark Dindal (Cats Don’t Dance), features songs by Sting, and is scheduled for release late this fall. A preview of the theatrical trailer can be found at

Word is out that the movie project to remake the live action/animation classic The Incredible Mr. Limpet is back on track once again. Jim Carrey is no longer involved with the project, but the film will be directed by Beavis & Butthead/King of the Hill creator Mike Judge.

Word is out from none other than Wendy and Richard Pini themselves that the long-awaited Elfquest animated film is finally in production, for real. It’s to be directed by Michael Coldeway and released by Sceneries International and European Animation Group; with a script by Marv Wolfman, Craig Miller, and Wendy Pini that’s based on the original (i.e. the first) Elfquest adventure. It’s currently slated for a Spring of 2002 release.

Also announced: Arthur Adams’ comic book series Monkeyman & O’Brien (from Dark Horse) has been optioned for a movie deal. More information as we get it.

Only peripherally furry, we admit, but… under weird-but-cool news, Josie & the Pussycats is being made as a live-action film by Universal. Stars include Rachael Leigh Cook, Tara Reid, and Rosario Dawson (as the band) with Parker Posey and Alan Cumming (as, we presume, Alexandra and Alexander).

A new animated series from Cosgrove-Hall in Britain is The Tales of the Little Grey Rabbit, based on a classic series of children’s books by Alison Uttley. While we’re on the subject of new British animation, check out Hit Entertainment at for more information on shows like Sheep and . A different sort of cartoon show is Dog and Dinosaur from Protozoa Entertainment: An ‘interview’ format wherein the computer-animated hosts (live, using motion-capture technology) speak with animated and live-action guests.

Crucial Comics, who publish Rat Bastard by the Huja Brothers, have announced a deal with Imagine Television and Disney’s Touchstone Pictures to turn Rat Bastard into an animated TV series for UPN. The story follows a recom rat detective in his battles against forces of crime and corruption in a dangerous future city. It’s set to premiere in January of 2001.

The popular anime series Vision of Eskaflowne has been released on DVD by Bandai Entertainment. The series, created by Shoji Kawamori, follows the adventures of a young high-school girl flung into an alternate universe and right into the middle of a vicious war. The show features numerous furry back-up characters – hence why it was recommended to us!

In 1973, famed anime directors Hayao Miyazaki (Princess Mononoke) and Isao Takahata (Pompoko) created a pair of animated shorts called Panda! Go Panda! The story follows the adventures of a young girl named Mimiko and her animal friends – a panda father and son, and a family of tigers – who try to keep from being returned to the local zoo. Now, both shorts have been released on VHS and DVD.

Fans of classic and early animation will be glad to hear of the release of the Retro Monochrome 1930’s Cartoon Fest video, from Midnight Marquee. It features many early black & white shorts starring Bosco, Warner Brothers’ very first cartoon star, and his friend – Betty Boop.

Dark Horse Comics now has exclusive rights to the comic book version of the popular animated series Digimon. Released monthly in full color, each issue introduces us to new transforming monsters and their young human companions. And, this fall, look for the first Digimon feature film to be released theatrically by Fox Kids.

Out now from Caliber Comics is Caliber Double Feature #2, which features two full-length black & white stories. The second story in this issue is the furry one: In “Prowl”, a man is put through a bizarre experiment which leaves him as a half-man half-panther.

The third and final act of the Bone saga began this June with issue #38 from Cartoon Books – a 48-page giant issue with alternate covers by Frank Miller, Alex Ross, and original creator Jeff Smith (getting some help from Charles Vess). Fans of the series have been looking forward to this issue since the big cliffhanger ending in issue #37. Speaking of Bone, newly available ‘stuff’ includes the Bone lunch pail, from Darkhorse Comics. This is the ‘classic’ metal variety, although it only has two illustrations (front and back).

Anti-Ballistic Pixelations’ new comic book series Saiko & Lavender (by Diana Sprinkle and Mark Vega) has been labeled as “Certified Cool” by Previews comic catalog. The new black & white comic follows the story of Lavender, furry owner of a neighborhood magick potion shop.

As noted last issue, Linda Medley’s Castle Waiting Volume 2, #1 is out now from Cartoon Books (makers of Bone). The popular and Eisner-winning black & white fantasy comic went on hiatus after issue #7, so fans have been waiting for its return.

Now available from Radio Comix is the 2000 edition of the popular Hit the Beach collection, featuring some of your favorite furry artists trying their paws at swimsuit pin-ups. The artist roster this time includes: Terrie Smith, Daphne Lage, Shon Howell, Brian Sutton, Mark Moore, Joe Rosales, Dark Natasha, Richard Moore, Phil Morrissey, James Hardiman, Bryce Nakagawa, Yusaku Toyoshima, Trump, Thor Thorvaldson Jr., and many more. Also out now from Radio is Gold Digger: Edge Guard by John Barrett. This new spin-off mini-series, fully approved by Gold Digger creator Fred Perry, follows the adventures of the feline Northern Edge Guard as they battle with a renegade.

While we’re at it, we should mention Radio Comix’ new adult furry mini-series, Wild Zoo, featuring the art of Nakagita Matsurino. Also coming soon is The Luck of the Draw, an adult furry one-shot comic from well-known furry manga artist Trump.

As mentioned above, Shanda Fantasy Arts is trying to help out comic book artist Michael-Scot McMurry with his medical bills from fighting stomach cancer. They’ve done this by releasing In the Zone, a 64-page black & white benefit comic one-shot. Check out the line-up here: Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo), Lynn Johnston (For Better or Worse), Dan de Carlo (Josie and the Pussycats), Bill Hollbrook (Kevin & Kell), Roy Thomas (Alter Ego), Murray Ball (Footrot Flats), Stephanie Gladden (Hopster’s Tracks), Donna Barr (Stinz), Roberta Gregory (Winging It), Scott Shaw! (Captain Carrot), and many others. Also on sale now from Shanda Fantasy is the Here Comes a Candle trade paperback by Mary Hanson-Roberts. This black & white, family-friendly adventure collects all of the stories from Furrlough together in one 224-page edition. Other titles out this month from SFA include the second issues of Ride the Magic Carpet (a comics and puzzles anthology for younger readers) and Wild Frontier (foxes in space, brought to you by Starr and Sonada).

Well-known comic book (et al) artist Terrie Smith has released another collection book of commission and pin-up art through MU Press, Little Paw IV. Featuring over 95 pages of art, it’s available for $19.95 in the USA and $13.95 in Canada. For more information on this and other Terrie Smith stuff, check out her official web site at

New in the small-press department (from False Idol Studios) is a black & white super-hero spoof comic called The 7 Guys of Justice. The basic idea is this: None-too-bright superhero Lord Talon (a Hawkman-type) must assemble a group of super heroes to protect Big City from the evil plans of Dr. Jerque. Why should we care? Well, it seems one of the hero-team is a smart-mouthed college professor who’s had his consciousness switched into the body of a small ape – and who now goes by the code name of The Ugly Monkey. Turns out that the character is rapidly becoming one of the most popular in the series, so creators Brian Joines and Joshua C. Rowe commissioned a plushy model of The Ugly Monkey. No word yet on how they’re going to market it!

New from Felix Comics is Felix Summer Splash #1, featuring summer and beach-themed adventures for Felix the Cat, Poindexter, the Master Cylander, and all of their famous friends and adversaries. In black & white.

Issues #1 through #7 of the mythological furry comic Sheba by Walter Crane have been collected and released in a trade paperback, Volume I, which also features 10 pages of new artwork. Volume 2 is set to be released in the late fall of this year. Both can be ordered direct from Sick Mind Press, and soon will be available at Makes checks for $17.95 out to: Walter Crane, Sick Mind Press, PO BOX 400602, N. Cambridge, MA 02140

Steve Troop’s furries-and-aliens comic strip Mayberry Melonpool has been collected in a 220-page trade paperback, featuring over 100 strips and comic-book material. You can find it at, or check out Steve’s web site at for more information.

Manga fans may rejoice with the return of What’s Michael? by Makoto Kobayashi. The (admittedly strange) full-color adventures of a cat in Japan are featured (with new English dialogue) in Super Manga Blast! by Studio Proteus (released by Dark Horse Comics).

More favorite manga: Brand new from Paradox Press comes Gon on Safari by Masashi Tanaka, a new collection of black & white adventures featuring that dangerous-yet-lovable miniature dinosaur, Gon. Stories this time include “Gon and the Bird Nest” and “Gon and the Elephants”, plus others.

Jamie Cosley’s Big Honkin’ Bugnut. Now how could you miss a title like that? What is it? A brand new (and, say the ads, very crazy) black & white comic book title for young children, created and edited by Jamie Cosley (and released by Comic Library International). Featuring the likes of Tony Pony, Thimble T. Hamster, Paul B. Onion, and a feature called Boy & Dog.

While you’re at it, you might look for the new self-published Gertie the Dinosaur comic book created by Earl Kisluk, Marci Bockner, Jorge Pacheo, and Brad Woods. This wild full-color comic for young kids follows the adventures of several recurring characters, all lead by the dinosaur named Gertie herself. It also features games and puzzles in the mix. Find out more at

Coming soon from Studio Aries is the premier of SEALS, a new black & white comic by Carl Braun and Wayde Gardner. “SEALS” stands for Surveillance, Extraction, and Live-capture Specialists. What they are, it seems, is a crack team of humanoid seals employed by the military for especially hazardous duty at sea.

Coming soon (this fall) from Penny-Farthing Press is Loch, a new full-color fantasy graphic novel written by Marlaine Maddux and illustrated by Courtney Huddleston. In it, a young Loch Ness monster named Nessandra, a mermaid, a young kraken, and others must survive together on a long and dangerous journey of discovery. Find out more about their adventures at

In the “okay, yes, it is furry” department: Be on the lookout for Martin, the Satanic Racoon. No, that’s not misspelled. And no, we’re not kidding. This mini-comic by Gabe Martinez boasts some of the grossest, oddest humor you’re going to find – and we know that’s just what some of you are looking for. If so, just send $1.00 and an SASE to: Gabe Martinez, 1212 No. Cole Avenue #4, Hollywood, CA 90038.

Bugtown creator Steve Lafler has a new website to display is Flash animation at And remember, Steve’s publisher, Top Shelf Comics, is also the home of Monkey vs. Robot by James Kochalka. Both of them have new trade paperback collections out. More info can be found at

If it’s not yet come to your attention, make sure to check out Plan 9 Publishing at It’s the home of numerous furry (and other) on-line comics and comic strips, including Kevin & Kell by Bill Holbrook, Sluggy Freelance by Pete Abrams, Newshounds by Thomas K. Dye, Ozy & Millie by David Simpson, and Suburban Jungle by John Robey. Most of their titles are also available ‘on dead trees’, as they say.

If you’re looking to complete your collection of old (or new) FRP gaming manuals, you might check out Smith & Company Books of Reno, Nevada at They specialize in “Books that delight the eye and games that challenge the mind” [from their brochure].

Coming this November is the brand new Star Wars Role-Playing Game, from Lucas Books and Wizards of the Coast. The game allows players to interact in various adventures as any number of alien species and professions featured in the Star Wars movies, novels, and comics; and even features its own line of sculpted miniatures. To help players get through the game, Lucas Books will be publishing a bimonthly magazine called Star Wars Game Force. On-line subscriptions can be found at

New on the World Wide Web for fans of all things Disney is, run by several long-time Disneyland fans and Disneyana collectors. It includes links to hundreds of other Disney-related sites, and a Disney search service. If you’re planning a trip to one or more of the Disney resorts, you might also check out, a fan site that specializes in Disney travel.

A writer of novels for children and young people who goes only by the name of Avi has several books of interest to furry fans under his belt. Among his books are: Poppy and its sequel Poppy & Rye (the adventures of a mouse couple with several other forest animals); Tom, Babbette & Simon (a trio of tales about children transformed into animals); and Perloo the Bold (an adventure story of anthropomorphic rabbits and coyotes). His serialized stories about a young raccoon, seen in newspapers throughout the U.S., have been collected in Keep Your Eyes on Amanda and Amanda Joins the Circus.

Recently discovered: The “Dragon Charm” series by British fantasy author Graham Edwards (published by Voyager Books). It seems that the dragons in Mr. Edwards universe used to come equipped with powerful magic, which they referred to as ‘charm’. But that power left them centuries ago – and a young dragon named Fortune takes it upon himself to find out why. The three books in the series are Dragon charm, Dragon Storm, and Dragon Flame.

Fantasy author Eve Forward returns with The Animist, new in hardcover from Tor Books. A young magician searches for his Anim, that animal companion with whom he will share a psychic bond and together learn to fight the forces of darkness. Critics have noted that the book contains several interesting human and animal characters.

New from fantasy author Roberta Gellis is Bull God (published by Baen Books). In this re-telling of ancient Greek myths, the minotaur is a half-bull, half-human born on the island of Knossos… but is he to be a god, as decreed by his father Poseidon, or is he a monster destined to destroy the island’s civilization? Only the bull-man’s human sister seems to know – or to care enough to try and help him.

Author Gayle Greeno got herself some notices with her SF/fantasy trilogy “The Ghatti’s Tale”. The story follows a planet where the human colonists survive only through their telepathic links with the Ghatti, a cat-like race native to the planet. The Farthest Seeking, the first volume in a new Ghatti series, is now available in paperback from DAW Books.

Fans of Lisanne Norman’s Sholan Alliance series will be happy to know that the latest book in the series has been released in paperback by DAW. In Stronghold Rising the Primes, a group of pacifist Valtegans (the reptilian villains of the series) wish to form an alliance with the Sholans and the Humans. It falls upon our heroes, Carrie, Kusac, and Kaid, to make the arrangements.

Baen Books have released author L. Neil Smith’s controversial trilogy “The Forge of the Gods” together in hardcover. In the future, the Earth and solar system are run by the anti-capitalist coalition known as the American Soviet Socialist Republic. Trying to claim a large asteroid for its mineral riches, they stumble across an alien race already living on it – they’re giant mollusks, and they’re capitalists!

The comic strip Mutts by Patrick McDonnell has been collected into its third and fourth trade paperbacks, Mutts III, More Shtuff and Yesh Mutts IV, respectively. They’re both available from Andrews & McMeel Publishers.

People think ahead: It’s that time of year when next year’s calendars begin to hit the shelves. Look for new wall calendars featuring (take a deep breath here): Dinosaur (Disney’s film), Disney’s Photomosaics, Mickey Mouse & Friends – Precious Pals, Disneyana (collections), Curious George, Digimon, Hello Kitty, Monster Rancher, Pokemon (16 month), Taz (the Tasmanian Devil, also 16 month), Where the Wild Things Are, and Wallace & Gromit at the Movies.

Internationally renowned artists Michael Parkes is well-known for two things in his paintings: Beautiful women, and big cats. Now you can check out his web site, Meanwhile, animation background artist Ron Dias has a new web site for his fine-art paintings at

Out now from Walter Foster Books (makers of many many art instruction titles for many many years) is Animating the Looney Tunes Way with Tony Cervone, Director for Warner Brothers Animation. It features model sheets and break-downs for many classic Warner Brothers characters, including some new and seldom-seen characters like Marvin the Martian, Pepe le Pew, and Lola Bunny. Available at your local art store.

New in animation software is Retas! Pro from Trimedia. It claims to be the world’s first anime software. It premiered in Japan in 1993 and is now, according to the advertisements, used in over 250 studios. More information about the software (which is available for Windows or Macintosh) can be found at

From the CF Mailbox

From: (David Cooksey): >

FC2001: a furry odyssey
January 25-28, 2001
San Mateo Marriott, San Mateo, California
GOH’s include: Diane Duane and Peter Morwood (award winning authors), Dr. Cat and Talzehemir
(Creators of Furcadia), Christine “Smudge” Hanson (of BackBreakers Studios), and more to come.

Further Confusion is one of the largest conventions in the world dedicated to celebrating
anthropomorphics, whether in film, art, philosophy, writing, puppetry, costuming, or simple
socializing. FC is dedicated to building the community that has an interest in these works. The first two years got rave reviews – join us in the third for a journey of wonder and learning… a furry odyssey.

With everything you have come to expect from FC, along with a few new surprises, such as:

· Field Trips, Social Gatherings & Dances, Masquerade
· Catered Events Art & Dealer Exhibitions. Unique Guests of Honor
· Instructional Classes, Live Animal Viewing, Variety & Puppet Shows

Registration is $30 until Nov. 1, 2000.

Quick Hotel Info

Once again, FC is being held at the San Mateo Marriott. For reservations, call 1-800-228-9290, using
the event code FurCon.

Room Rates:
Standard Room Regency Suite
Single/Double $95 $124
Triple/Quad $105 $134

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… than Poultry with a Plan! [Chicken Run]

And here’s a look at Coming Attractions…

More Furry Conventions All Around!

Here’s a quick look at some of the many furry gatherings popping up around the country, and around the world… hopefully, we’ll meet YOU at some of them ourselves!
Other Conventions

Feral! 2000

August 16 – 20, 2000, at the Kinark Outdoor Centre, Ontario, Canada. Welcome to Camp Feral! – the first and only furry summer camp. Four days of sun, workshops and activities sure to leave you wiped out, but begging for more.

Those with net access can visit the new Feral! web site ( for the latest details. You can also send email to, or write to: Feral!, Box 47008, Sheridan Mall P.O., Mississauga ON, L5K 1T9, Canada. Note – Pre-registration is required.

Mephit Furmeet

September 1st through 4th, Memphis, Tennessee. Our Special Guest is Plonq.

Welcome to Mephit Furmeet 2000! This 4th annual event for furry fans, lifestylers and costumers will be the biggest and best ever. MFM 99 broke attendance records with almost DOUBLE the numbers from 1998’s furmeet. Don’t miss out on what promises to be a furmeet to remember!

Once again at the Holiday Inn – Memphis East, 5795 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38119. The direct phone number is (901) 682-7881.

Room Rates are: $ 80 per night (Single), $ 90 per night (Double), and $ 100 per night (Quad). To reserve your room, call 1-800-HOLIDAY and mention “Mephit Furmeet”.

REGISTRATION: By now you’ve missed the June 1st deadline for the earlybird pre-registration discount, but you can still get pre-registered for $30. Your membership includes a free t-shirt and conbook and helps support Mephit Furmeet. If you can’t attend Mephit furmeet but would like offer your support we have a support membership for $15 that includes a t-shirt. To register, send an SASE to: Mephit Furmeet, P.O. Box 444, Urbana, IL 61803. Make check or money order payable to Mephit Furmeet. To register on-line, or to e-mail any of the staff, just go to their web site at

ZonieConWhat is ZonieCon? ZonieCon is Arizona’s resident furry convention. ZonieCon is a non-profit organization celebrating diversity in independent comics, particularity those involving anthropomorphism.

ZonieCon returns to the southwest for another year, October 6th – 8th at the Best Western Executive Inn (333 W. Drachman) in Tucson, Arizona.

Among the attractions of this year’s con are a Fanzine Library of unusual zines and comics, an amateur rocketry event, a chili cook-off, and special drawing and inking workshops. Oh, and don’t forget Guests of Honor Michael-Scot McMurry (creator of Zonie the Coyote) and Steve Addlesee (inker on… well, an awful lot of comic book titles!).

HOTEL ROOMS are $42.00/night for single rooms, and $44.00 a night for double/triple/quad. Call the Hotel direct (during business hours please!) at (520) 791-7551.

MEMBERSHIPS are $20.00 for the whole con for those registering before the mail-in deadline (that’s September 1, 2000) and $25.00 at the door. For more information, or to register, write to: ZonieCon, 2000 E. Roger, #F-25, Tucson, AZ 85719.

ConiFur NorthwestFurries in Seattle! ConiFur Northwest 2000 will be held November 3rd — 5th at the Best Western Executive Inn in Fife, Washington. The Guest of Honor is Roy D. Pounds II, artist and creator of The Shapechanger’s Guide to Survival.

ConiFur Northwest 2000 is taking place at the Best Western Executive Inn, 5700 Pacific Highway East,
Tacoma / Fife, WA 98424. Near I-5 exit 137. Phone 1-800-938-8500. Rooms are $85 a night for a single, $90 for a double. Be sure to mention ConiFur NorthWest when reserving. This 1-800 number is just for the convention hotel so there won’t be any confusion about which city you’re in. Fife is about 15 miles south of SEA-TAC International Airport and the hotel has a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel. The Best Western Executive Inn web site is a wonderful one at Note: As of right now, we have been unable to get the group rate ($85/90) extended to Sunday night. We are still trying!

Standard membership to ConiFur Northwest will get you access to the Dealer’s Den, Art Show, Panels, Video Room, Art Auction, Masquerade and any other activities for the general public. In addition, a convention book will also be part of the package. More details as they make themselves clear will be presented for the standard memberships. The standard membership price through the mail is $20, or $25 after July 1st, or $30 for those that register at the door. ALL mail in memberships must be postmarked by October 20th, 2000. Any memberships postmarked after that date will be refunded after the event. If you don’t get a confirmation card in the mail, then check with us at the door of the event itself. We keep full records on site.

Also available are Sponsor and Non-Attending Memberships. To find out more, or to purchase your membership, visit their web site at or write to: ConiFur Northwest, 2406 SW 308TH PL, Federal Way, WA 98023. If you wish to pay by credit card, please contact us directly at or fax your information to (253) 838-1453.

And remember, ConiFur Northwest is decidedly ferret friendly!

Midwest FurFestHere’s the Nitty-Gritty: The Midwest FurFest will take place November 17th-19th, 2000, at The Sheraton Arlington Park in Arlington Heights, Illinois, a nearby suburb of Chicago. (Same hotel as before, under new ownership.)

The Guests of Honor are Robert & Margaret Carspecken, Derrick Dasenbrock, and Richard Concepcion. Other Notable Attendees include Bill Holbrook (creator of Kevin & Kell), Ken Fletcher (Famed Funny Animal Founder), Steve Gallacci (creator of Albedo), Dr. Samuel “Kagemushi” Conway (Tell us a story, Uncle Kage!) and Jeff Eddy (publisher and writer).

The Sheraton Arlington Park is located at: 3400 West Euclid Avenue, Arlington Heights, IL 60005.
Tel: (847) 394-2000, and Fax: (847) 394-2095. Room Rates are $66.00/night for rooms and $100.00/night for suites.

Pre-Registration is $30.00 for Regular Memberships through September 30th, 2000. At The Door Memberships are $40.00, and Sponsors are $65.00 always. To find out more, write them at Midwest Furry Fandom, P.O. Box 2574, Glen Ellyn, IL 60138-2574. Or, check out their web site at for more information on guests, events, activities, and more!

Further Confusion 2001 – A Furry OdysseyWhere? The San Mateo Marriott, San Mateo, California. When? January 25th – 28th, 2001

To find out more about the very first Furry Convention of the REAL new millenium, check out David Cooksey’s blurb in the News section above!

ConFurence Eleven – Back to the Roots

ConFurence Eleven (held last April) brought more than 700 furry fans from around the globe back to Southern California – Irvine, to be precise. The Irvine Hilton Hotel was our gracious host, and once again Orange County’s John Wayne Airport the entry point of choice. So much familiar… and so much new. This was, of course, the very first ConFurence “Under New Management”, namely co-chairs Darrel Exline and Zsanene Klinkler. They’ll be carrying on as Co-Chairs for ConFurence 12 (At The Movies), but for now let’s take a look at some of the cool happenings last April.

There were Special Guests…

Science fiction and fantasy author (in that order!) Christopher Rowley and his wife were on hand, enjoying their first California convention in many years (and Christopher’s first as a Guest of Honor). Mr. Rowley spent much of his time not only joining in on our many SIGs and discussion groups, but also hanging around the Hospitality Suite and the hotel’s lounge, meeting and chatting amicably with the furry fans. Art GOH Mitch Beiro was a busy guy, selling stuff at a Den of Dealers table, leading and helping out with discussion groups, and playing art teacher at some of our workshops. (His foamcore-carving workshop was a highlight, said several fans. Now they know how he makes those sculptures he’s famous for!) Meanwhile publisher guest Ben Dunn spent most of his time at his Den of Dealers table, signing autographs and discussing the various furry (and non-furry) comic titles he’s been involved with over the years. Word is, he’s looking to be involved with some more of them.

There were WorkShops…

Besides the normal selection of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and panel discussions at ConFurence 11, this year’s con also boasted a good selection of WorkShops in subjects as diverse as drawing and inking, sculpture, puppetry, fur-suit making, and even web page design. ConFurence wants to sincerely thank all the folks who helped out as leaders and teachers at the workshops. It’s nice to be pushing the ‘seminar’ part of ‘The International Anthropomorphic Convention and Seminar’ once again!

FurSuits were Presented…

ConFurence Eleven once again brought us the return of the FurSuit Lounge, where costume makers and their helpers could relax for a time – and, take in some fur-suiting how-to workshops while they were there. Also returning, of course, were both our Popular Vote and Peer Vote costume awards… in other words, the fursuits the fans liked and the fursuits the costume makers liked. Both types of awards were divided up into the Intro Division (those who’ve never won a costuming award before, here or elsewhere) and the Advanced Division (those with more experience and awards under their fur). Here then is a complete list of all the costumes honored at ConFurence Eleven (with our congratulations to each and every one of them):

Popular Vote

Best Presentation – “Battle of Hastings”, performed by Jalin
Runner-up – “Want You Here”, performed by Falstaff

Most Popular Costume – Falstaff
Runner-up – Terraluna

Peer Vote

Best Novice Costume – Falstaff
Runner-up – Hug E. Bear

Best Advanced Costume(s) – Spaz and Jazz Jackrabbit
Runner-up – Terraluna
There was another Furry Filk Contest…

Another well-known filksong writer entered the ConFurence contest this time, and won. Lee Gold is one of the most well-known filk lyricists, and her song The Flat Cat Was Cute won the popular prize after Kay Shapero performed it for the contest crowd. Here then is Lee’s winning song, based on a story by Robert A. Heinlein:

The Flat Cat Was Cute
Words by Lee Gold
Tune: The Cat Came Back, with the chorus tune that ends with “The very next day it was home sweet home”

Roger Stone took his family to see the sights of Mars.
The twins fixed up bicycles to pedal near and far.
His mother wrote adventure shows – while she babysat,
And his little boy Buster got a pet flat cat.

[Chorus:] And the flat cat was cute as a Martian could be
Though it didn’t have one leg, let alone three
It was purry and furry and warm to the touch
But be careful not to feed it – at least not too much!

Now the rolling Stones went back aboard their ship
With the asteroid belt as their very next trip.
They took along trade goods, to set up a store
And the flat cat nibbled – and begged for more.


Captain Stone was dozing in the comfy pilot’s chair
When he had a nightmare he was suffocating there.
He woke up full of horror and found upon his face
A very comfy flat cat – purring happily in place.


He shouted out orders, and warnings of doom;
They screened all the ducts and examined ev’ry room.
They found that their edible trade goods were half-gone
And the flat cat population was five hundred and some.

[Chorus 2:] And the flat cats were cute as a Martian could be
Though they didn’t have one leg, let alone three
They were purry and furry and warm to the touch
But be careful not to feed them – at least not too much!

Now this depressing situation didn’t last too long:
They advertised the flat cats – with purrs and with song.
The asteroid miners were so lonely and so blue
They each had to buy a flat cat – better make that two.

[Chorus 2]

That is the story that Mr. Heinlein scribbled.
Some say it inspired The Trouble With Tribbles.
But Heinlein told Gerrold, “Don’t be sorry, don’t be glum,
Pigs is Pigs is where I borrowed it from.”

[Chorus 2:] And the flat cats were cute though they didn’t have much brain
And so were the guinea pigs that came on the train
And so were the tribbles in the quadrotriti grain.
The Snowballing Pet is in the public domain.

[If you didn’t know, Pigs is Pigs is a very funny short story written in 1905 by Englishman Ellis Parker Butler which was later made into a Disney cartoon short. See? A little history in each and every issue!]

Keep your eyes on this space for more information about Further Confusion 2001, the Furry Spring Break (March 1st – 4th in Orlando, Florida) and of course ConFurence 12 (April 19th – 22nd in Burbank, California). And hey, speaking of ConFurence… take it away, Darrel!