ConFurence 11 ConOps FAQ

ConFurence 11 ConOps Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.            What is ConOps?  ConOps is Convention Operations.  We provide a central contact point for staff and convention-goers, and other support services.  Andrew Clark is Lead for Convention Operations.  ConOps is the Xample Room at extension x2xxx.

2.            Is ConOps a party?  No.  ConOps is a working area and duty staff need to monitor radios, answer telephones, talk to convention-goers, and do various administrative tasks.  If you want to hang out, please do so at the Hospitality Suite or downstairs in the lobby.  We’re friendly but we’re busy people so please understand if we excuse ourselves to get back to work.

3.            Who is in charge?  Darryl Exline and Zsa’nene Klinkler are the CF 11 Co-Chairs.  Glen Wooten is Darryl’s assistant and can speak for him.  Other lead staff are in charge only of their departments.

4.            What is CFAC?  CFAC is an acronym for ConFurence Animal Control. CFAC is a medical and safety group of the type used by sci-fi cons, for example F.L.A.R.E. and Klingon Assault Corps. CFACers wear a distinctive T-shirt and are authorized to act on medical and safety issues, including convention policies.  CFAC is in the Xample Room at x2xxx.

5.            What is The Confurence Group™?  The Confurence Group is a California sole proprietorship.  The proprietor is Darryl Exline, co-chair of ConFurence 11.  His Web site is

6.            What is CF’s policy towards adult and/or erotic material?  From the Behavior Policy: “All of our behavior policies are designed to be inclusive of the entire group’s needs, but with discretion as the key underlying theme.”  The Art Show has an Adult Only area.  Dealers sell adult and/or erotic material.  Adult material is OK in appropriate places.  The Cabaret, for example, is a private event NOT a CF 11 event.

7.            What about ConFurence 12?  CF 12 will be at the Burbank Airport Hilton on April 19 through April 22, 2001 and will be themed “At The Movies.”

8.            I consider myself to be “X.”  Are “X’s” welcome at ConFurence this year?  Absolutely without exception.

9.            Has ConFurence been taken over by Burned Furs?  No.  Darryl Exline resigned from the Burned Furs movement after becoming chair.

10.         Where do I make comments or voice my concerns about ConFurence?  Go to ConOps and talk to the duty staff.  Your comments will be communicated to the Co-Chairs.  And thank you for caring!