CF10 Video Schedule

Thursday, April 1


3:00  p.m.:        Animorphs – The Adventure Begins  A group of young humans are given the power to transform into animals.  Their mission – Help protect the earth from the invasion of the evil Yeerks!


4:30 p.m.:         The Chipmunk Adventure  In their first feature, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and the Chipettes are off on a globe-spanning adventure in search of missing diamonds.


5:45 p.m.:         Capricorn  Manga artist Johji Manabe created this tail of a boy from earth trapped on an alien world, helping the furry inhabitants and a half-dragon girl to defeat the schemes of an evil dictator.  [In Japanese; Subtitled in English]


6:30 p.m.:         The Stories of Rudyard Kipling  Chuck Jones animates the stories of Mowgli’s Brothers, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, and The White Seal.  With the voices of Roddy McDowell, Orson Wells, and June Foray.


7:45 p.m.:         Bambi  This young deer had a rabbit buddy that many thought should have won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor!  From Disney, of course.


9:00 p.m.:         Wolf It!  In addition to showing cartoons, these two puppet wolves (crafted by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop) eat people.  Lots of people.


10:00 p.m.:       A Passion in the Desert  During the wars of Napoleon, a soldier is lost in the Sahara… and saved by a mysterious female leopard, with whom he soon falls in love.  You heard it.


11:30 p.m.:       My Neighbor Totoro  English language version of Hiyao Miyazaki’s animated feature about a family that moves into a supposedly haunted house… and the furry spirits of the forest they meet.

Friday, April 2



1:00 a.m.:         The Aristocats  Eva Gabor is the richest cat in Paris.  Phil Harris is a rascally country-cat with his eye on her.  And Scatman Crothers plays that horn so well.


2:30 a.m.:         Space Jam  Bugs Bunny meets the girl of his dreams, and Michael Jordan learns that he really was meant to play basketball.


4:00 a.m.:         Small Soldiers  Robot toys go out of control, and a young boy tries to save the monster toys under his care.  Can you count the movie references?


6:00 a.m.:         Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  Live action feature film based on Eastman and Laird’s famous comic book series.  Turtles, rats, ninjas, babes!


7:30 a.m.:         A Rat’s Tale  Based on the juvenile novel by Tor Seidler, this story follows a young rat and his colony (as realized by the Augsburger Puppenkiste puppets of Germany) as they try to survive the onslaught of man’s development.


9:00 a.m.:         Transformers – Beast Wars  Lost on a primitive planet with a huge energy field, battling Maximal and Predacon robots must take on animal shapes in order to survive – if they don’t destroy each other!


10:40 a.m.:       Watership Down  Richard Adams’ classic story of power struggles, loyalty, exodus, and newfound hope among a colony of rabbits in the British countryside.


12:00 noon:      Babe  The little pig that could (at least the first time ‘round!).  On this fantasy farm, animals talk things over and a young pig can grow up to be a sheepdog.


1:30 p.m.:         Lady and the Tramp  More miss-matched pets from Disney.  This time it’s a well-to-do lady dog and the scruffy guy from the street she meets.  This will get you hungry for Italian food!


3:00 p.m.:         The Rescuers  Yes, that cel is there.  And no, we’re not going to stop and show it to you.  There are thousands of other cels in this Disney film that are much more interesting!  Especially those containing the lovely Miss Bianca.


4:15 p.m.:         K.O. Century 3 Beast Warriors  Long title eh?  It’s the far future; and the Earth has split in half.  One part belongs to humans, the other to the beast-people of the land, air, and sea.  [In Japanese; Subtitled in English]


5:30 p.m.:         Robin Hood  Disney’s well-known funny-animal take on the legend of the famous thief.  Robin and Marian are a pair of real foxes, but Little John just has to grin and bear it.  Sorry, sorry, sorry…


7:00 p.m.:         The Secret of NIMH  Before they were animating Russian princesses, Don Bluth and his crew started by adapting this famous story by Robert C. O’Brien.   A mother mouse must make a deal with mysterious rats to save her sick child.


8:30 p.m.:         Gargoyles – The Awakening  The first five episodes of this landmark Disney animated TV series, following a group of noble stone warriors catapulted into the 20th century by a power-mad New York millionaire.


10:30 p.m.:       The Lion King – ‘Rocky Horror’  Not satisfied with the dialog they were given by Disney, these fur fans get together and play MST3K with one of our favorite movies!  Scripts will be provided for those new to the experience.



Saturday, April 3



Midnight:         Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis helped to create a renaissance for animation in America with this little noir-ish comedy starring Bob Hoskins and a very jittery rabbit!


2:00 a.m.:         Fierce Creatures  John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline, and others try to save a small-town zoo in England in this weird comedy.  Check out the fursuits!


3:30 a.m.:         The Leopard Son  Live-action documentary following the adventures of a young male leopard as he grows up amidst the wildlife and harsh environment of the African veldt.


5:00 a.m.:         Doctor Doolitle  In this successful remake from last year, Eddie Murphy can talk to the animals.  And he can make a lot of butt jokes on the way, too!


6:30 a.m.:         Mulan  It’s an Eddie Murphy double-feature!  This time he plays a sassy mini-dragon named Mushu, out to help a young woman in China sneak her way into the all-male army of the Emperor.


8:00 a.m.:         Monkey Magic  A brand-new animated series based on the legendary adventures of the Monkey King, using both traditional and computer –aided animation styles.


10:00 a.m.:       Lionhearts  When he’s not roaring in front of films, Leo the MGM lion is a family man with a brood of kids to handle in this animated sit-com.


12:00 noon:      Animalympics  One of furry fandom’s most enduring favorites.  Can you recite all the dialog yet?  Men!  Dis is de face of de en-e-my!  Come find out what all the excitement has been about for the past 20 years.


1:30 p.m.:         Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III – Turtles in Time  The second film no one liked, but the third time they clicked again.  The turtles are zapped back in time to feudal Japan, where they battle war lords and a conniving English sea captain.


3:00 p.m.:         Road Rovers  Don’t be weird boy!  Watch these five episodes of this truly whacked-out adventure series from Warner Brothers.  Scientifically uplifted mutts battle against evil wherever it be found!


5:00 p.m.:         Balto  From Steven Spielberg and friends comes this animated feature about a half-dog/half-wolf outcast, determined to become a sled-dog… and to help when sickness invades his snowed-in home town.


6:30 p.m.:         The Lion King  Okay, this time just sit still and watch the movie, please!  Then you’ll remember why it’s one of our all-time favorites.  It did rather well for Disney too, we hear…


8:00 p.m.:         A Salute to Minerva Mink  One of the most popular characters to emerge from the Animaniacs show gets her own spot on the program!  Featuring all of Minerva’s shorts (short films!) and some fannish animation too.


10:00 p.m.:       The Furry Commercial Show  Collected from all around North America (and still further!) comes this sampler reel of funny animals popping up in advertisements as diverse as cars, shoes, and real estate.


11:30 p.m.:       Cats Don’t Dance  One of the most pleasant surprises of recent years was this animated (and how!) musical about animal actors trying to break into the movies in the golden years of Hollywood.  With the music of Randy Newman to help.



Sunday, April 4



1:00 a.m.:         Antz  Woody Allen is a kvetching worker ant, Sharon Stone is the beautiful ant princess, and Sylvester Stallone is (like, yo) a great big soldier ant in this first-ever computer animated feature from Dreamworks SKG and the folks at PDI.


2:30 a.m.:         Dragonheart  Sean Connery provides the voice, and Dennis Quaid the muscle in this tale of a noble knight and the last of dragon-kind, out to stop an evil king.


4:30 a.m.:         A Goofy Movie  Jymn Magon and the Disney TV animation team brought to the theaters the story of Max… Goofy’s only son, forced to go on fishing trip with his so-uncool dad instead of dating his first girlfriend.


6:00 a.m.:         Oliver & Company  The story of Oliver Twist is given a modern Disney… twist.  Now Oliver is a young kitten, trying to survive in New York with the help of cool dog Dodger and his canine compadres.


7:30 a.m.:         The Great Mouse Detective  One of the first signs that Disney Animation was coming back with gusto was this rollicking adventure film.  Follow Basil, a mouse in Sherlock Holmes’ basement, as he battles the evil Professor Ratigan.


9:00 a.m.:         Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys  You gotta notice a title like that, eh?  The captain and his ape companions have far too much fun on their way to battle an evil force bent on destroying the universe – and re-making it as his own.


11:00 a.m.;       Cats  The longest-running musical in the history of Broadway comes to the small screen.  Are you blind when you’re born?  Can you see in the dark?  Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music and T.S. Elliot’s poetry will help you find out.


1:00 p.m.:         Lion King 2:  Simba’s Pride  In this OAV sequel, Simba’s daughter Kiara needs to learn a thing or two about surviving… especially when Scar’s step-son, Kovu, has his eyes on her!  But what for?


2:30 p.m.:         The Vision of Escaflowne  A young athlete is transported to a magical land.  There she finds humans, animal-people, and steam-powered robots locked in battle!  [In Japanese; subtitled in English]


4:10 p.m.:         Gophers  Amazing live-action TV show from Britain, in which rabbits and gophers and wombats try to get along and an evil badger tries to steal a magic crystal.  Got that?  Probably the most fursuits ever put on television in one place.