Confurence 9 Conbook

Welcome to ConFurence 9! This is the 10th anniversary of our annual gathering of furry folk from all over the world. It hardly seems that long ago when 67 of us came together in 1989 at the Bristol Plaza hotel in Costa Mesa for Confurence 0, our “prototype” Furry Convention. For four years prior to CF0 Furry Parties served as meeting points for many of us, taking place at several Science Fiction and Comic Conventions in the US and the UK. Our own convention seemed the next logical step, though we often had our doubts about our sanity considering the effort and resources involved in such a project. ConFurence has grown each year, with more Furries discovering that they aren’t alone in their interests and dreams. Even the main-stream media is curious about our family and have produced several magazine articles (New York Times Magazine and the UK version of Marie Claire) and television reports (Sci-Fi Channel, KARE TV Minneapolis, and FOX TV in Florida) examining the “growing sub-culture” of Furries.