InFurNation (04-1997)


– April, 1997

Now what kind of a Mickey Mouse operation…

The spring is bouncing, and it’s time for another ConFurence Aftermath Report!  ConFurence Eight brought us to a brand new hotel, and brought them the surprise of more than 1,000 furries showing up for a weekend of fun!  Read on for more details about the wonderful time had by all.  But first, here’s some recent news:

The new film from Turner Feature Animation (creators of 1994’s The Pagemaster) is Cats Don’t Dance, now in theaters.  The story follows a naive cat from Indiana who comes to Hollywood in hopes of being a movie star — only to find that animals aren’t allowed to do more than supporting roles.  Voices include Scott Bakula (from Quantum Leap), Natalie Cole, Kathy Najimy, Hal Holbrook, and Don Knotts.  A musical, Cats Don’t Dance features music by Randy Newman and choreography by none other than Gene Kelly.  The production team includes several people who worked on such Disney Features as Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid.  In front of the feature film, Warner Brothers is screening a brand new Foghorn Leghorn cartoon short, Pullet Surprise.

The very furry film Space Jam from Warner Brothers, and the less-furry but still interesting Hunchback of Notre Dame from Walt Disney Pictures, went on sale on video in March.  Also currently in release from Disney Home Video is the 55th-anniversary edition of Bambi, with a re-vamped soundtrack and a making-of special now included on the tape.

Also out now on video, just in time for the Special Edition re-release of the Star Wars trilogy, is a compilation feature of the animated Ewoks TV series from the 80’s.  Available from 20th Century Fox Home Video.

From the NATPE (National Association of Television Programming Executives) trade show in New Orleans this year, Animation Magazine presents the following list of new furry-sounding animated programs currently in production.  We don’t know much about any of them, but here they are:  The Adventures of Brer Rabbit; Billy the Cat; Cat Riders; Dinobabies; Donkey Kong Country; Happy Ness:  The Secret of the Loch; Insektors; Jamie the Mouse; Jerry’s Insane Fish; Little Hippo; Littlest Pet Shop; Mimi the Cow; The Moo Family Stall of Fame; Monty the Moose; Romuald the Reindeer; Scat the Stringalong Cat; Shelley T. Turtle Show; Sohine, The Zoo Manager; The Tale of Tillie’s Dragon; TerraTopia; Turtle Island; Turtle World; and The Untouchables of Elliot Mouse.  Whew!  If you know anything more about any of these shows, please let us know at In-Fur-Nation!

Two of the longest-running titles in furry comic books, Furrlough and Genus, have left Antarctic Press, along with editor Elin Winkler.  These titles will now be published by the new Radio Comix line.  Also coming soon from Radio Comix is The Art of Usagi Yojimbo, featuring many illustrations, sketches, and commissions from award-winning artist and writer Stan Sakai.  Note:  The Furry comics Hepcats and Gold Digger will still be published by Antarctic Press.

Available now from MU Press is Little Paw II, another perfect-bound collection features black and white versions of various pin-ups by Little Paw, aka popular furry artist Terrie Smith.  Premiering in May is Corus #1, a black & white comic series from Waverly Pierre III and Christina Hanson.  Also look for the latest issue of the popular furry anthology comic, Zu, and the latest issue of the comic book adaptation of Paul Kidd’s Fangs of K’aath.

Jeff Smith’s popular black & white comic Bone is back “on its own” again, having split from Image Comics back to its original Cartoon Books.  Issue #28 begins a new storyline, Rockjaw:  Master of the Eastern Border.

Premiering now from Bad Moon Rising Studios is Texasylum, a new black & white comic series.  In the violent, savage land that is the future independent nation of Texas, a war-bred virus has mutated much of society into beast/human hybrids.

Check out the adventures of Ringo the ant, Jojo the ladybug, Beebe the gnat, and many of their friends (and enemies) in Bugworld, a new full-color comic book series from Destiny Comics.

New from Hall of Heroes is Hall of Heroes Presents #0, also known as The Reunion Issue.  This special issue features new works (in black & white) from Ethan Van Sciver (creator of CyberFrog), Trent Kaniuga (creator of CreeD), and Matt Martin (creator of Snowman).

A new black & white comic series from Limelight Publishing is the premiere issue of Guardian Knights, the first story titled Demon’s Knight. This quarterly heroic dark fantasy series, concerning a brother and sister demon-fighting team, comes to us from the husband and wife team of Dean A. Graf and Tygger L. Graf.

From the Archie Comics Adventure Line, look for Sonic vs. Knuckles:  Battle Royal Special.  Actually, it’s Sonic and all of his freedom fighters versus Knuckles and all of the Chaotix.  And it’s 48 pages in full color.

Now from Full Impact Comics comes Punky #1, in full color.  Johnathan Moreno and Mat Nastos bring you the comical adventures of a young cat who drives his elder siblings to distraction.

How about a vegetarian freedom fighter (heir to a chain of hamburger stands) teaming up with an anthropomorphic bull?  That would be Greener Pastures, a new black & white comic series from Kronos Comics.

We really don’t know what to tell you about Dan Fraga’s new full-color adventure comic special, Santa the Barbarian vs. The Easter Bunny, except to tell you that it’s from Maximum Comics.  You heard it here.

Many well-known artistic talents (furry and otherwise) can be found in the new Giant Shanda Animal #2,  in black & white from Shanda Fantasy Arts.  Folks helping out writer Mike Curtis include Michele Light, Carla Speed McNeil, Ed Garcia, Terrie Smith, Carl Gafford, Kishma Danielle, Chris Berdoz, and more.

New from Acclaim Comics’ Young Readers Series is Disney’s Enchanting Stories.  The first issue of this digest-sized full color comic magazine features new stories with characters from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, 101 Dalmatians, Pocahontas, Snow White, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Dark Horse Comics presents a new trade paperback collection of Arthur Adams’ Monkeyman & O’Brien series.  The full-color comic includes both a special story and last year’s three-issue miniseries.

A new all-ages non-violent alternative comic is Tangle Oats from Comicosley Studios.  In issue #1 of this new black & white title, stars Tony and Monty (a horse and a worm) travel to a comic book convention — or try to.

John Mueller’s avenging pig-recom Oink returns in the new Oink:  Blood and Circus mini-series from Kitchen Sink Comics.  This time, Oink tries to survive as he travels about the post-apocalyptic world outside of Heaven.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Prehistoric Times, a magazine for fans and realistic modellers of dinosaurs.  Issue #23 features extensive coverage of raptors, from velociraptors to utahraptors and more, in models and the media.

Several science fiction books of furry interest hitting the shelves now at your local bookstore.  In Steve White’s In Death Ground from Pocket Books, humans and the cat-like Orions, formerly enemies, must now unite against an invasion of alien insects.  Horror writer Charles Grant brings us World of Darkness:  Werewolf — Watcher from Harper, wherein the 13 tribes of the Garou send a lone wolf known as the Silent Strider to stop a rogue human-killer.  From Alan Dean Foster comes the newest novel set in the Dinotopia universe, The Hand of Dinotopia from Turner Books.

In another vein, a new children’s book of furry note.  Back at the start of this century, Gleb Botkin was the son of the personal physician two Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.  To pass the time, Gleb would entertain the Romanov children with tales of courtly intrigue amongst various species of animals dressed up in human clothes.  He also illustrated many of these stories himself, with full color prints.  Now, many years later, these stories and illustrations have been restored and collected in Lost Tales:  Stories for the Tsar’s Children from Villard Books.  Available at Barnes & Noble Bookseller.

Obituary:  Tomoyuki Tanaka, the producer of more than 22 Godzilla features in Japan, as well as many other science fiction and fantasy films, passed away this month.  The chairman of Toho Studios was 86 years old.  Mr. Tanaka’s talents will be greatly missed by fans of science fiction and movie monsters the world over.  Now for something really different:  Howl, an import CD from Japan, features recordings of all the distinctive howls, grunts, and roars from the Toho Studio monsters, including Godzilla, Rodan, King Gidrah, and more.

From Richard Bartrop <>:

Zaibatsu Tears is Back.

For those of you who have been waiting since Furrlough #40 for Pi to land, your patience will be rewarded.  Limelight Publishing, the people who are doing Tygger’s GUARDIAN KNIGHTS, has picked up ZAIBATSU TEARS, and will be publishing it in it’s own quarterly comic book.   Issue #1 is scheduled for release in July and will collect the first ZT story, which appeared in Furrlough #21, #22, and #24, with additional artwork.  Issue #2, due in October, will feature ‘The Puppet Warriors’ in it’s entirety.  As for Furrlough, whatever problem I had was with Antarctic Press, and not with Elin Winkler, for whom I continue to have the highest respect, and I will be contributing new material to the new Furrlough.


From Byron Havranek <[Removed Email]>:

Hoi! FurryPhile magazine is looking fur submissions fur its #8 issue, to be released in early June. Deadline is May 1.  FP is a soft R maximum oriented ‘zine, so keep it clean, please?  Send hard copies of either art or text to:


Bryon L. Havranek

[Removed address]

San Diego, 92114

e-mail: [Removed Email]


From YARF! <[Removed Email]>:

YARF! 47 will be out the first week of April. Included in this issue are, Wingwarrior by Will Faust, Unforgiven pt 5 (The Jack Salem Story) by Roz Gibson, In Sheeps Clothing fiction by Clin Warlick with illos by Ken Pick, Katjara by Summer Jackson, Freefall by Mark Stanley, Reviews from Fred Patten, Ralph the Wonder Hampster by Jim Alves and Roy Pounds, various illos from: Kris Kreutzman, Freddy Ason, Amy Pronovost, Amara Telegemier(sp) <sorry>, Chuck Davies, Terrie Smith, Tygger Graf, Mike

DiCenso, Maggie DeAlarcon and more.  Available from;


PO Box 1299

Cupertino CA 95015-1299

$6.00 + $1.00 postage (in the US and Canada, $2.00 postage overseas)

From Steve Addlesee  <[Removed Email]>:

It took a couple years, but my artwork is making its rounds in furrydom.  I  inked  the centerfold in FURST #1 by Silverfox Publications; inked the lead story in SHANDA THE PANDA #15; and inked the first nine pages of SHANDA #17.  Currently, I’m inking and lettering the lead story for SHANDA #18; I’ve already inked and lettered the backfeature.  I’m slated to draw an illustration for Matt McCullar’s “Grasslands’  Tale”, ink Chris Grant’s EMPIRES series; ink and letter SCOTMAN & ICELAD by Scott Malcolmson and Kjartan Arnorsson, ink a Webmovie for Greg Fishbone; and my “Fawn” story will have a home in Shanda Fantasy Art’s NEW HORIZONS series.  The story is written by Michael Wolff and penciled by Dann Phillips, the rest of the mess is done by me.  For the gamers, as well as THE LEGEND OF YORE RPG, my artwork will be in THE LEGEND OF YORE Adventure Pack by Galileo Games.  For those of you who are interested in my assignments in mainstream comics, contact me via e-mail. That covers it for now.  ‘Til then.


Steven R. Addlesee AKA Tam Man

[Removed Email]

[Removed Address]

Sandy, UT 84093

[Removed Phone Number]


ConFurence has stuff available!  That’s right, The General Store is open for mail-order business!  (And, maybe, coming to an SF con near you! )  We have copies of our Convention Souvenir Books (featuring black & white furry artwork, plus articles of furry interest) from ConFurence One (“Coming Out of the Burrow”) or Three  (“Furries Around the World”) available for $3.00 each; and from ConFurence Six (“Magic and Transformation”), Seven (“Furries in Force”), and Eight (Music & Mirth/Scalies) available for $5.00 each.  Please include $1.00 for shipping with each book ordered.  Also, we still have copies of the following full-color prints from ConFurence:  The magical “Discovery” print by Terrie Smith for only $2.00 (11 x 17″, tube-shipped); the Five Fur color prints by Michele Light (along with the “TV show’s” background) for $5.00 a set; Daphne Lage’s two full-color prints from CF6 for $5.00 a set; plus the “Sydney Wants YOU” poster by David Bliss from CF7 and the “Dragon Song” print by Brian Harp from CF8, both available for $3.00 each.  And, don’t forget the Furry Japan guide, first issue in a planned series of guides to furry-oriented manga — yours for only $5.00 plus $2.00 shipping.  Such deals!  Order yours today!  T-SHIRTS AND STUFF!  ConFurence has our t-shirt designs from CF7 (by Eric Schwartz) and from CF8 (by Michele Light) available in sizes M – XXXL for $15.00 each.  Include $3.00 per shirt for domestic North American orders, or $5.00 U.S. for overseas post.

And Now — The ConFurence Seven Highlights Video!

Yes, it’s done!  Thanks to the skills of David Bliss and the rest of our highly skilled video crew, we’re proud to bring you our newest video, Highlights from ConFurence Seven, 1996 (Furries in Force).  See the Opening Ceremonies, christening Check Point Furry!  See interviews with our Guests of Honor S. Andrew Swann and Eric Schwartz!  See Jymn Magon receive the very first Golden Sydney Award!  See Jim Groat eat a Smurf!  See highlights from the Costume Presentation, the Pet Auction, Club Tekno-Fur, and the Cabaret Fur le Dance (tasteful, but tasty)!  See Gumbies invade ConFurence!  And much more!  All yours for only $12.00, plus $3.00 shipping and handling ($5.00 U.S. outside of North America).  Available in VHS Hi-Fi NTSC — write to us for information about other available formats.  Get yours today!

Advertising in In-Fur-Nation:  As before, ads in In-Fur-Nation come in two sizes:  1/8-page “business card” size for $5.00 per issue, and 1/4-page size (4 1/2″ tall by 3 1/4″ wide) for $10.00 per issue.  Check should be made out to ConFurence.  Send camera-ready art and text to P.O. Box 1958, Garden Grove, CA 92642-1958.  Write to us for information about full-page ads and inclusions.  Getting just a mention in In-Fur-Nation is easy:  Send us information, and we’ll reprint it in our blurbs section verbatim, with minor corrections for spelling and grammar.

(Thanks again to Previews magazine, and to all the folks on Internet, who contributed some of the information used in this issue!)

… would name their team ‘The Ducks’?  (Bugs Bunny, in Space Jam)

ConFurence Eight — Aftermath Report

We trotted off to a whole new place, but once again you managed to track us down! About 1,000 furry fen (and other interested people) did, joining us at the Buena Park Hotel and Convention Center in Buena Park for a weekend of fun, fur, and fortissimo.

Those Special Guests

Our award-winning literary guest Robert J. Sawyer and his wife had themselves a blast in California (must be a nice break from Toronto in the winter!) and tons of fun at ConFurence. Artistic guests Bill Holbrook and Mel. White spent much of their time at their respective tables in the Den of Dealers, but still managed to get out and push their new stuff around the rest of the con too.  Special filk guest Dr. Jane Robinson and her partner Cynthia McQuillin said they had a blast too — So much so, Cynthia asked if she could be invited back as a special guest sometime!  (Hey Cynthia, believe us, you’re on the short list!)  Of course ConFurence Eight had many other SIGs, plus many discussions on our special convention themes:  Music and Mirth and Scalies — complete with three dances, a pool-side costume party thrown by the Cawleys, and a special concert!

Every year more well-known types decide to join us at ConFurence, from a wealth of backgrounds in comics, science fiction novels, movies, computers, TV, and many other forms of media where furries can be found.  Among them this year were Steve Addlesee, Darrel Benvenuto, Mitchell Biero, E.T. and Elizabeth Bryan, Jose Calderon, Ben Camacho, John Cawley, Richard Chandler, Jimmy Chin, Carol and Mike Curtis, Kishma Daniele, Pat Duke, Jeff Ferris, Leslie Fish, Kelly and Laura B. Freas, Steven Gallacci, Roz Gibson, Jim Groat (and family), Shon Howell, Pat Kelly, Robert C. King, Ed Kline, Kris Kreutzman, Daphne Lage, Michele Light, Monika Livingstone, Jymn Magon, Julie Mammano, Steven Martin, Chuck Melville, Lex Nakashima, John Nunnemacher, Fred Patten, Michael Payne, Steve Plunkett, Mike Raabe, Joe Rosales, Lance Rund, Dan Seneres, Ted Sheppard, Terrie Smith, Ken Southworth, Brian Sutton, Diana Vick, Edd Vick, Elin Winkler, Joe Yakovetic, Tommy Yune, and Ed Zolna.  Not to mention a host of artists, small-press publishers, and other folks whose names you know — or should, sometime soon!

That Costume Event

This year the Furry costumes were out in force at several events throughout the con.  Favorite costume honors, once again voted on by our members themselves, went to Larry Adams, Andrea Adams, and Lance Ikegawa for a trio right from the movies, Balto, Jenna, and Steel.  First runner-up went to a bouncy fellow named Yippy the Coyote, designed and worn by Jimmy Chin. (Both winners received free merchandise from the Den of Dealers, courtesy of ConFurence.)  Several other excellent costumers were on hand to discuss how they do what they do also — so many that next year we need more room for the Costuming How-To SIGs!


That Furry Filk Contest

Folks at this year’s furry filk-song contest had no less than 21 entries to choose from!  With so many good songs, it’s not a great surprise that we wound up with a tie:  Loot by Lee Gold, and Cotillion by Michael Payne.  So, here we’ll present you with our first winner — the second we’ll print up in July!



lyrics by Lee Gold, Copyright 1996

to Leslie Fish’s tune for Rudyard Kipling’s “Boots”

written for ConFurence 1997

I’ve got scales; they’d glitter in the sunlight but

I stay in my cave and guard my precious hoard.


Loot! – Loot!  Loot! – Loot!  Here and there and under me!

I must keep all of my hoard.

Sacks of coins of silver, gold and platinum.

Merchants never come to sell me anything.


Armrings, bracelets, crowns and pendant necklaces.

But none of them comes even close to fitting me.


Golden harps whose strings break when I’m clawing them.

A capella has to be the way I sing.


Rubies, opals, sapphires and amethysts

Grind to shards and powder as I crawl on them.


There’s a dozen ancient jeweled magic swords.

Six have scabbards; the other six keep scratching me.


A princess once came to my cave to visit me.

Pallets piled high didn’t stop her feeling lumps of


A wizard robbed me, stole all of my treasured things.

Soon I’ll find him.  Now I fly admiring


How my wing scales glitter in the shining sun

As I fly in search of my hoard.

I found the wizard hiding in a cavern dark.

He’d turned into another dragon just like me.


Loot! – Loot!  Loot! – Loot!  Here and there and under him!

I made him a gift of my hoard.


Freedom!  Sunlight!  Rainbows are much fairer jewels

Than those I had…

Those I had…

Than those I had in my hoard!

[Plug:  Those interested in seeing more filksongs might want to investigate Lee’s bimonthly filkzine XENOFILKIA:  $1 plus postage (78 cents in the US, 88 cents to Canada, $1 to elsewhere) per issue (with 20 pages of songs per issue); free to anyone with a song in that issue.  It’s been going for over eight years, and all back issues are still in print.  The indexes are on  Send inquiries to Lee at [Email Removed].  Send checks (made out to Lee Gold) to Lee Gold, 3965 Alla Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90066.


We Had Events!

Our Thursday night kick-off featured no less than two dances; our ever-popular Club Techno-Fur, followed by the brand-new gothic dance happening, Nevermore. Friday night after the Furry Filk Contest, it was time for our first ever filk concert, starring well-known filkers Dr. Jane Robinson, Cynthia McQuillin, and Leslie Fish, along with the exotic ethno-acoustic jazz trio Thoth.  After that came the popular charity Pet Auction, then it was time to dance till the walls came down at The Purple Nurple Live.  Many thanks to the tech crew, dj’s, and volunteers for all of our night-time events.  (Special thanks go to Cargo and Judas!)

Saturday night again featured the Cabaret Fur le Dance, bringing in another capacity crowd, filling the show hall and raising important funds for the Deal Whitley Scholarship.  The show was, yet again, amazing!  A parade of talented dancers, a plethora of styles, from the beautiful to the dangerous to the hilarious — and once again our oh-so-cool host Pony Sparks and his lovely assistant Omaha kept it all moving!  Once again this year our lighting and effects were provided us by John and Amanda Geyer and their helpers.  Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the show crew, all the instant help, and most especially to our dancers — Spark and Flame, Kameo Kitsune, Shontar, The Lady in Black, Xao, Silfur, and Fox Jeffworthy.  You’ve all given us another fond memory to treasure!  And extra special thanks to Mark Merlino and Omaha Sternberg for organizing the entire show, again — and to the tireless stage crew and extra help!


We Had Our Sponsors…

Our sponsors are the special folks who help us see that ConFurence takes place, that it has special guests, and that it has a place to be!  They do this just by contributing a bit extra above their membership fees, which we apply to transporting, housing, and feeding our special guests.  Our Sponsors this year included — Christopher Armstrong, Earl P. Bacon, Douglas L. Baker, Walt Bakes, Terrell Blackmon, Steven Bornstein, Thomas G. Brady, Anthony C. Brewer, Gary Bridges, David Buttenshaw, Justin Carpenter, Jerry Case, L. Grant Cleveland, Lara Connally, Andy Cullen, Michael T. Danaher, Ron Dippold, Kevin Duane, Romano Eberwein, Marc Edwards, Paul Floriani, Andrew French, Guy Garnett, David Green, Marcus Hamilton, Zixalus Hand, Eli Harvey, Gerrit Heitsch, Ed Holdwell, Karl Jorgensen, Brian Kimmes, Robert C. King, Eric Kremsreiter, Steven Lang, Juan F. Lara, James B. Littlejohn, Daniel Markey, Eric Miyoda, Brian Myers, Robert Parrish, John W. Pharr, Andrew Pidcock, Colleen Polak, Paul Polak, Freddy Praul, Nick Radonich, Jim Rauscher, Thomas Riccardi, Charles E. Roe, William Sandborn, Robert E. Sanders, Jason Short, Sylvain St. Pierre, Shawn Strobel, Aaron Swersky, Chris Torek, Dana Uehara, Robert Whiteman, Richard Williams, and Jeff Wood.  Thank you!

… and We Had Our Super Sponsors!

These extra-special folks gave some real extra help for our guests’ needs by contributing more than $100.00 each for the care and keeping of our big-name furries.  Super Sponsors for ConFurence Eight included Lawrence Adams, Gary Akins Jr., Corey Alambar, Brian W. Antoine, Christian A. Arbeen, Veronica Asrouch, Mark Atwood, Ralph Atwood, James W. Birdsall, Kayotae Blackwolf, David Bliss, Gary Breukman, Jennifer Brozek, Rex Chamberlain, Alan B. Coe, Charles E. Corprew, Brian Delaney, Bernard Doove, Rick Duffy, Johnson M. Earls, Daniel C. Eloff, Darrel Exline, Norman Fabian, Marko Frommer, D. Patrick Garvey Jr., Gabriel Gentile, Amanda Geyer, John Geyer, Jeff Glover, Marcus Graffe, Casey Grimm, William Haas, Michael Hackett, Johnathan Hammar, V.T. Hangartner, William Haskell, Brock Hoagland, John R. Johns II, Ron Johnson, James P. Kelley, Boyce G. Kline Jr., Robert Larson, Chad Laubach, Charlie Lee, James Lenigk, Brian McGroarty, James McMechan, Paul P. McNutt, Martin Meier, Karl Meyer, Craig Moore, Craig Mucket, Matthew Muench, Michael J. Murphy, Charles Nezzer, Paul Osze, Robert Parrish, Richard Penner, Christopher Pesl, Dennis R. Peterson, Wayne Quick, Troy D. Risher, Stephen M. Russo, Jonah E. Safar, Andreas Schulmayer, Mark L. Severson, Steve Stadnicki, Richard F. Thatcher, Lyn Thomson, T.H. Traubitz, Marc S. Tucker, Alwin Waterlander, Stacey Wenkel, Sarah Wheeler, Bruce Wilhite, John C. Williams, Paul Williams, and Justin Wind.  Extra special thanks to all of you!

The ConFurence Eight Staff

They put up with it all through the year, then during the con itself, and they put up with even more to make it all happen!  ConFurence salutes our staff and helpers for ConFurence Eight, 1997 (in alphabetical order):  Margo Alenikov, Nick Alenikov, Jason Ballew, Raymond F. Benson III, Greg Bilan, Eric-Alexander Bitten, David Bliss, Steven Bornstein, Dawn Britt, James P. Callicott, Ryan Campbell, Neil Carolan, Changa Lion, John Cawley, Rachel Cawley, Chris Champlin, George E. Chaney III, Andrew Clark, L. Grant Cleveland, Raymond Collazo, Jazmyn Concolor,  Darrel Exline, Norman Fabian,  Tim Fitelson, Jacqeline Fleming, Mark Freid, Edward Fuhr, Kim Gardner, Steve Gattuso, John & Amanda Geyer, Michael Hall, Patrick Hall, Jonathan Hartman, Dean Hellerud, Tim Helphrey, Brian Henderson, Lori Henderson, Carol Higuchi, Lisa Iennaco, Brandon Johnson, Zsanene Klinkler, Lynn Kurtz, Alan Lavallee, Vicky Levitin, Karl Maurer, Brandy McDaniel, Thom McDaniel, David Meacham, Mark Merlino, James Miles, Kurt Miller, Sheri Mount, James P. Mullen, Charles Nezzer, Ken Nielsen, Rod O’Riley, David T. Parenteau, Stephanie Peterman, Brian C. Pierce, Paul Polak, Rob Powell, Steven J. Prince, Gary Renaud, Rachel Rosentsweig, Mike Ruppel, Ryan Saenz, Kay Shapero, Debbie Sternberg, DeWayne Stewart, Shawn Strobel, Aaron Swersky, Scott Teel, Brian Tieman, Daniel Torres, James Trietsch, Michael Underwood, Tank Winters, Karl R. Wolff Jr., and Addison Yeaman.  (There are other folks whose names we’re liable to forget — plus some non-staff people who stepped in when things got ‘hairy’.  Thank you to all of you too!)

So what’s up next?  Lots of stuff over the year — Take a look see!


Returning to Chicagoland this June is Duckon, the science fiction convention with a full-fledged furry track!

Duckon takes place on June 6th – June 8th, 1997, at the Oakbrook Hyatt Regency near Chicago.  (Rooms are $75.00 per night.  Call (800) 233-1234 for Reservations, during weekdays.)  Memberships to Duckon are $30.00 for regular Attending, and $55.00 for Sponsorship.  For more information about the con, send an SASE to:  Duckon, P.O. Box 4843, Wheaton, IL


Albany Anthrocon

The newest convention for furry fandom to hit the east coast is Albany Anthrocon, coming this July to, where else, Albany, New York.

Special Guests include Daphne Lage (co-creator of Tall Tales and illustrator for Iczer III) and David Pulver (designer for GURPS, TSR, and West End Games).  Also featured are an Art Show, Dealers’ Room, Costume Show, Video and Animation Room, and many other activities for furry fans.

Albany Anthrocon will take place July 3rd – July 6th, 1997 at the Desmond Hotel, 660 Albany-Shaker Road, Albany, New York.  Rooms are $75.00 per night, single/double.  Call (518) 869-8110 for more Reservations, during business hours.

Regular Attending Memberships for Albany Anthrocon are currently $25.00, with Supporting Memberships available for only $5.00.  Higher level memberships work like this:  $40.00 – $74.99 makes you a Contributor, $75.00 – $124.99 makes you a Sponsor, and $125.00 or more makes you a Super Sponsor — each with their own perks involved.  Write to the con for more details about registration, the art show, programming, and etc.  You can contact Albany Anthrocon c/o Thornwood Enterprises, P.O. Box 1563, Troy, NY, 12182-1563.  Their e-mail address is [Email Removed], or visit their web site at

And finally, you gotta get right back where you started from…

ConFurence Nine — Furries in Love!

ConFurence Nine marks the return of another double-themed furry con.  Our primary theme (Furries in Love) salutes the most cuddly and affectionate aspects of our favorite characters, from Mickey and Minnie to Omaha and Chuck!  Our secondary theme (Furries Down Under) gives us a chance to recognize the many fascinating furries from Australia, be they bouncy, spiky, or just plain strange!  What’s the connection?  Think of it as Furries Down Under, Mate!

The Guests

Some of our special Guests of Honor have already been confirmed for ConFurence Nine, and more are on the way, Real Soon Now (find out next issue!).

Comic book creators Mike and Carol Curtis seem to be involved in an ever-growing list of furry titles as writers and editors… starting with Mike’s Shanda the Panda, later adding Carol’s Katmandu, and lately working on one of the most recent furry anthologies, New Horizons.  Not only that, but they’re both well-known in the world of collecting — him for all things Superman ™, her for all things Barbie ™!  Almost all of Mike and Carol’s stories involve important issues of relationships between (often quite dissimilar) furries… which fits them right in with our major theme next year, quite nicely!

Illustrator and comic book artist Michele Light moved up through the ranks of anime fandom, drawing many well-known manga-style characters and creating her own.  Then she discovered furry art, and she’s been at it ever since!  You’ve seen her work grace the page of Shanda, Katmandu, and other furry comics.  Heck, she was even kind enough to illustrate our musical t-shirt for ConFurence Eight!

And now for something truly different… one of our Guest of Honor is a group!  ConFurence Nine proudly welcomes FurryMUCK Wizards:  Shaterri, Centaur, Drew, Revar, and Ashtoreth.  These are folks who were there at the beginning of this on-line interactive furry environment… and ever since, they’ve been there to help keep it up and flowing smoothly as it’s grown into one of the largest and best-known MUD’s on Earth!  Come hear their story…

Okay!  That’s the GOH line-up — so far!  We’re likely to add a few more names to our Guests of Honor list, in addition to the usual parade of former guests-of-honor, well-known furry creators and publishers, media rep’s, and up-and-coming new talent on hand at ConFurence Nine.  Make sure that your name is among those present!


Where?  The Buena Park Hotel and Convention Center

We warned them we’d be back, and this time, they’ll be ready for us!  ConFurence returns to the Buena Park Hotel, right in the parking lot of Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park.  They know we’re coming — and once again they’re asking only $64.00 a night for single, double, triple, or quad rooms!  Suites are also available (and once again we’ve got some special treats in store for our sponsors and super sponsors!).  For reservations, call (800) 422-4444, or the local number (714) 995-1111.  Important:  Make sure to call during business hours (M-F 9 am – 5 pm, pacific time), and make sure to mention ConFurence!  Reservations are already coming in, so you should think about getting yours in soon!  For those furs of less means, remember:  There’s also a trio of cheaper motels right across the street from our host hotel — but more about them as we get closer to the con.

Note:  Local fun-places-to-go near ConFurence include Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Medieval Times, Movieland Wax Museum, Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, and Wild Bill’s Western Show.  Please let us know which of these you might be interested in getting group discount tickets for!

The Den of Dealers

Can you believe it?  As of this writing, the Den of Dealers for ConFurence Nine is once again Sold Out!  Now, we might be able to fudge some space in here and there, so we may have some more tables open up in the near future — or we might not.  Thing is, we need to know if you want them!  Please write us and let us know if you want to be placed on the Waiting List for the Den of Dealers 1997.  Otherwise, just show up, and be prepared to be blown away by the variety of comics, books, music tapes, portfolios, fanzines, prints, puppets, t-shirts, and other just-plain-neat-stuff you’ll find at our furry trade show!  If you’ve already reserved a Den of Dealers table, keep your eyes on the mail — An information packet, asking you questions about your specific needs at your table(s), will be coming around soon.

The Artists’ Alley remains one of the most popular and populated features of any ConFurence, and ConFurence Nine will carry on that tradition!  These tables in the pre-convene area are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis at the con itself, and need to be signed up for each morning. Trust us — they will fill up, and when they do, that’s it!  Write to Rod O’Riley at the ConFurence address (or e-mail to for more information about table space.


The Art Show

Past experience leads us to believe that the ConFurence Nine Art Show will break all our previous records — they always do!  Trust us, if you do art of funny animals, furries, monsters, aliens, toons, or even real animals, you want to be in this art show!  But our show will fill up — so get in your reservations as soon as you can!  Your first art show space (4 ft. by 4 ft., horizontal or vertical) is still available free with your paid supporting or attending membership — all you have to do is claim it.  Additional art show spaces are available for a low $5.00 each.  We also have an extensive Print Shop available for selling copies of your work.  So get your reservations in today!  What, you can’t make it to ConFurence?  No problem!  Reserve your space, and mail us your art before the con — we’ll set it up, send you back what may not sell, and get you off a check for your sold items!  Important — We have an extensive Art Show Registration ‘instruction sheet’ available that explains all the ins and outs of displaying and selling art, sculpture, prints, or whatever at ConFurence, so write to Jazmyn Concolor at the ConFurence address (or e-mail her at and we’ll send it off to you right away!  Don’t delay!  Write today!

In 1998, Hearts Begin To Flutter…

The Cabaret Fur le Dance

Once again we shall bring you another truly magical evening of furry entertainment at our famous charity stage show.  What kind of entertainment?  The kind to make your fur stand up!  Dancers, costumes, comedians, magicians — we’ve seen them all, and we want to see more!  Maybe you have an idea for an act yourself?  Why not try it out on the ConFurence staff — you just might find yourself on stage in front of a few hundred screaming friends!  Write to Mark Merlino at the ConFurence address for all the de-tails!  (Remember, all performers in the Cabaret must be able to first attend a special pre-planning meeting on Friday night, January 17, at ConFurence!)  Mark (aka Sy Sable) can be e-mailed at

Once More, We’ve Got All The Dances!

Swirling lights!  Magical sounds!  Fractals and videos galore!  And above it all, the driving beat that moves your feet!  Every kind of music you want to move you — will be there!  It’s the return of Club Tekno-Fur, Nevermore, and the Purple Nurple live… something for every furry taste.  And they’re here for you all through ConFurence Nine — each one included free with the price of your membership!

The Food

By now a tradition, once again we’ll bring you the Friday night Ice Cream Social, our annual frozen-food indulgence feast!  Next night, it’s the Saturday Night Furry Feed, where for a small price, you can indulge in some well-crafted lasagna — at venue which, appropriately enough, we call Garfield’s.  Not to mention the other tasty fixin’s to go with the main course!  Speaking of food, the Buena Park Hotel features a full-service coffee shop, a fancy bar with a 50’s theme, and a fancy steak house restaurant — all under one roof!

More Furries, More Films, More Bang For Your… oh, you know!

ConFurence Eight!  What’s happening?  More of what we’re famous for, that’s what:  Meetings, discussions, rap sessions and round-tables on dozens of furry topics, from art and writing to animation, computers, games, and even meeting other fans of your favorite animal species.  Presentations, lectures, and how-to workshops on writing, art, publishing, and other aspects of the creative furry.  And yes, more art workshops!  The Saturday afternoon Costume Presentation, with everyone voting for the best costumes — and more helpful how-to sessions with the costume makers and designers.  Plus, new for CF9, some special awards to be voted on by the costume designers themselves!  Also look for our new Fursuit Lounge, where costumers can stretch out their paws with plenty of room!  Computer networking, art, animation, and technical innovations on display, plus the return of the Internet Room.  Games, both paper and electronic, cards and role-playing, and everywhere in-between.  Filking through the night, including our popular Furry Filksong Contest, and another special filk/folk concert.  Sketching by literally dozens of artists of every size, shape, and style.  And a whole lot more!  All the rest, as always, is what you bring to the con!

What’s The Price?

Registration to ConFurence Nine is on a sliding scale — All memberships are $25.00 for a full three-days Attending, from now until December 1st, 1997.  From December 2nd, 1997 until January 8th, 1996, three-day Attending memberships are available for $30.00, and after that, at-the-door for $30.00 also.  Plus, a full year of In-Fur-Nation, and our special annual ConFurence Souvenir Collection Book, are all included in the price of your membership!  A single art show display space is also included free with your membership — if you write us and claim it!

And remember, we’d love to have you join us, but if you cannot make it out to our nest, please feel free to join ConFurence as a Supporting member!  Supporting members get a full year’s subscription to In-Fur-Nation, the Souvenir Collection Book, and one free art show display space for the taking, all for the low price of just $15.00!  And, if your fortunes change, you can convert your supporting to a full attending membership at the door for only $15.00 more.  Such a deal, hobbes and jills!

We heartily recommend that you get your memberships now.  That provides us with the best means to keep you in touch with ConFurence over the whole year — and if past history holds true, we’ll have a lot of exciting stuff to tell you between now and the con itself!


THE Needs of ConFurence…

Our Sponsors

Sponsors are the excellent people who help keep ConFurence going by giving just a little extra bit (or a lot extra bit!) of financial help.  This is money for transporting, lodging, and feeding our special guests, as well as off-setting complimentary memberships.  To become a sponsor, contribute a minimum of $50.00 (up to $99.00), which includes your initial membership fee.  Remember:  Indicate which of our special guests this money is to help toward, or just mark it “general fund” — we’ll split it among all of them.  And what do you get for being a sponsor?  Sponsors are the only folks (besides staff and guests) allowed in the Guest Lounge, a special place set aside where folks can relax away from the hubbub of the con.  Guests and sponsors can attend a free sandwich-feast on Sunday evening, after the con.  And, sponsors get some special prices on materials from the ConFurence store.  And, sponsors get — our unending gratitude!  (And, recognition by name in the souvenir book!)

Super Sponsors!

Super Sponsors are the awesomely excellent furry folk who really want to help out ConFurence — and who think they deserve something special in return.  Super Sponsors are crazy, er, wonderful people willing to contribute $100.00 or more (which includes their initial memberships) toward a special guest of their choice, or just toward the guests in general.  Super Sponsors get all the same neat stuff as other Sponsors, plus an added bonus of a special VIP Lounge at ConFurence, preferred seating at several events (with ticket purchase), and other special perks.  Don’t have $100.00 sitting around handy?  Make installments!  That’s right, we’ll take two payments of $50.00, or four payments of $25.00 — it still counts you as a Super Sponsor, as long as it totals $100.00 by the time of the con itself.

Once again at ConFurence Nine for Sponsors and Supers:  We’re setting up a special ‘Express Registration’ just for our pre-registered sponsors and super-sponsors.  You can bi-pass the line-up at Con Reg, get your badges and other con stuff right away, and get out there first to get those sketches in your books started!

ConFurence Needs YOU…

… to join our staff and help put on one of the fastest growing fannish conventions on the West Coast!  Join our winning team!  We need volunteers to help out with all areas of the convention, from registration to art show to helping keep the fans well-fed!  No experience necessary — we will train!  For as little as 16 hours of work over the length of CF8 (though we won’t stop you from helping more!), you can get access to our exclusive Staff and Sponsor Lounge, as well as use of our available crash space — plus, some other special goodies, and the knowledge that you’ve helped us pull this thing off for another year!  Write to Volunteers care of the ConFurence address, or send e-mail to Rod O’Riley at, and we’ll send you our staff sign-up sheet and information right away!

Hearts Take Flight…

ConFurence has its own official travel agency, Ladera Travel of Southern California.  They’ve specialized for years in getting good rates for travel to and from SF cons, including ours!  Contact Rick Foss or Robin (his trusty assistant) at (800) 624-6679 from outside California, or (310) 640-0527 inside California.

Don’t be left in the burrow!  Keep in touch with the world of Anthropomorphics!  Join ConFurence Today!  Golly Jeepers…