InFurNation (01-1997)


– January, 1997

“The world was such a wholesome place until…

Getting close to the electric wire for ConFurence Eight, everyone!  In this issue of you’ll find a lot of important information regarding what to do (plus when, where, and how to do it) later in the ConFurence Progress Report.  But first, here’s some current stuff we think you’ll want to know about:

Disney’s live-action remake of their animated classic 101 Dalmatians (starring Glen Close and Jeff Daniels) opened over Thanksgiving weekend, and at more than 45 million dollars in box office over that five-day period now holds the record for a November release.  As is typical these days, the release of the film came with a massive merchandising campaign, from numerous spotted clothes available from The Disney Store, to collectable toys from McDonald’s.

Two weeks earlier, Warner Brothers new Feature Animation Division made its bid for the big-time with the release of Space Jam, starring Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls, Bugs Bunny, and just about every other classic Warner Brothers animated character you can think of.  (The Animaniacs and the Tiny Toons seem to be notably missing, though.)  Interestingly, a line of Space Jam toys and figures was also available from McDonald’s.  The soundtrack CD, featuring Quad City DJs, Seal, and others, is available from Warner Brothers Music.  Space Jam was number one at the box office for its premiere weekend, then slipped to number 2 with the release of the latest Star Trek feature the next weekend.

Upcoming from Walt Disney Pictures is a live-action version of Jay Ward’s ever-popular animated series, George of the Jungle.  Brendan Fraser (Encino Man, Mrs. Winterbourne) stars as the guy who should watch-out-for-that-tree (oo!).  No word yet on who will play the ape named Ape.

There’s a new upcoming film, Zeus and Roxanne, about a dog who befriends a wild dolphin.  We kid you not.  It stars Steve Guttenburg.  (Though he’s neither the dog nor the dolphin.)

Upcoming comics from MU Press is the long-awaited furries-in-the-ancient-sands adventure Fangs of K’aath by Paul Kidd, illustrated by Javier Ruiz.  Also, look for the new collection of adult and classy furry pin-ups by Terrie Smith, Little Paw II (with more than 100 pages of art).  And, Donna Barr presents the new Stinz graphic novel adventure, A Stranger to Our Kind.  All of these black-and-white titles should be available this month.

Over at Antarctic Press, Mitch Beiro again illustrates the cover of Genus #22, as well as a story inside by Paul Kidd.  Furrlough #49 features the continuing adventures of Ninjara the kitsune from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, presented by original creators Dean Clarrain and Chris Allan.

Available now from Vision Comics is the first issue of Tales of Beatrix Farmer, a full-color comic by Taral Wayne.  The series, created by Steve Gallacci, follows the adventures of a reluctant lady rabbit superhero and the indestructible super-suit she finds herself stuck in.  Also out now is the special 64-page full-color trade-paperback graphic novel of the Tank Vixens Remix by Paul Kidd and Mike Sagara.  Plus, look for Sweet Treats, perhaps the first cook book ever assembled by a furry, Marsha Redfox (with help from compiler and illustrator Margaret Carspecken).

A new comic book anthology series from Tapestry Comics is called Tapestry Anthology, appropriately enough.  Among the stories inside are the adventures of the small furry Wallas by Mary Hildebrandt (niece of Tim Hildebrandt, who helps out), and more adventures of Burrito the Little Burro by Carlos Saldana.  Black and white, and available this month.

In The Rabid Monkey, a new black-and-white comic by Joel Steudler and John Kozlowski, a pugnacious monkey decides he’s had enough of life in the jungle, and he instead moves into a more profitable way of life — bank robbing!  Odd stuff from D.B.I. Comics, available soon.

New from Gladstone Comics is the Penny Pincher series, a color ‘mini-comic’ series (16 pages) featuring new Disney stories and classic re-prints.  Issue #1 collects the stories of Donald Duck versus his next-door nemesis, Neighbor Jones.

From Nightowl Studios comes a new full-color comic series, Canus.  This story follows an ancient race of canine humanoids and their continuing battle with the overwhelming forces of humanity, right up to today.  Also look for the new black & white comic series Domain from Fry Vision.  Taking the opposite tack, Domain looks at a society of evolved canines in a far future setting.

New from Shanda Fantasy Arts is the black & white comic anthology New Horizons.  This collection of fantasy and romance stories features a plethora of modern anthropomorphic talent, including writers Mike Curtis, Mark Merlino, Richard Thatcher, and Brock Hoagland; and artists like Carla Speed MacNeil, Shauntae Howard, Jim Groat, Kishma Danielle, Ted Vollmer, Charles Ettinger, and Mary Hanson Roberts.   Many others too.

Elsewhere creator Joseph Krejci has released his first full-sized black & white comic issue, from Starving Artist Press.  Butch the dog and Walter the walrus find themselves in all sorts of odd and funny situations as they begin life at college.

The black & white adventure comic Terrific Trio by Aston and Cacciatore features a back-up comic strip called Yorick, which follows the humorous adventures of a young and inquisitive turtle.

The Four Ferreteers is a new comic book from Little Paw Publishing, following the adventures of a group of time-travelling ferrets as they fight an evil sorceress.  Little Paw also prints several ferret-oriented t-shirt designs.  Information can be had from Little Paw Publishing & Production, P.O. Box 35, Califon, NJ 07830.  For other ferret products, check out the 1997 Ferret Calender [info from Calender, P.O. Box 7161, Redwood City, CA 94063-7161], and the unique carved-wood ferret ‘Welcome’ signs and paper-towel holders of Clara Rodriguez [P.O. Box 752, North Bergen, NJ 07047].

New from Warp Graphics is The Wolfrider’s Guide to the World of Elfquest, an extensive (hardcover) encyclopedic guide to Richard & Wendy Pini’s long-running comic book series, and an expansion on the earlier Big Elfquest Gatherum.  Illustrated throughout by Wendy Pini and others, with full-color covers by Wendy.

For fans of Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar series, Penguin Books presents Sword of Ice, a collection of short stories set in the Valdemar universe.  Contributors include Mickey Z. Reichert, Larry Dixon, and Tanya Huff, plus many others.  Also look for Mercedes’ latest book Firebird, a fantasy based on Russian folk tales.

From St. Martin’s Press comes Grimmy:  King of the Heap, a new collection of Mother Goose and Grimm by Pulitzer Prize winner Mike Peters.  Also included is a 16-page color section.

It’s a good season for dragon books.  First up is Dragoncharm by Graham Edwards, in which the last remaining dragons fight to save their magical land from an invading army of ‘Naturals’.  From Harper Prism.  From TSR comes The Doom Brigade by Margaret Weis and Don Perrin, a village of dragon engineers and a local band of dwarves battle over a treasure — only to discover they’re both being exploited by outside forces.  Also from TSR in paperback, look for Dragons Can Only Rust by Chris Cymri, a futuristic novel in which a mechanical dragon searches for its soul.

More dragon books, this time for kids.  Look for Matthew’s Dragon by well-known fantasy author Susan Cooper, illustrated by Jos. A. Smith and released by Alladin Paperbacks.  Also look for The Great Redwall Feast, illustrated by Christopher Denise.  It’s the first picture book based on the popular Redwall series by Brian Jacques.  From Philomel Books.

A pair of social satirists have new furry books out.  William Kotzwinkle, well known for his novel Dr. Rat, has now given us The Bear Went Over the Mountain from Doubleday Books.  A bear in Maine finds a business report, and submits it under his own assumed ‘name’ — only to find himself called to Wall Street as a new financial genius.  And, from Europe comes The Woman & The Ape by Peter Hoeg, published by Farrar-Straus-Giroux.  It seems that a certain lady has more than scientific interest in a newly discovered humanoid ape creature…

From Dancing Otter publications, look for a new guide to ‘animal medicine powers and qualities’:  Animal Energies by Gary Buffalo Horn Man and Sherry Firedancer.  The soul qualities of some 60 different mammal, reptile, bird, and insect spirit-guides are discussed.  Dancing Otter also publishes a newszine called The Sacred Circle, dedicated ‘to bringing two-leggers back into harmony and balance with our animal relatives and the Earth Mother’.  Information on these and other publications can be had from:  Dancing Otter, P.O. Box 122, Sadieville, KY 40370.

From JW Kennedy <[Removed Email]>:

New 24-page one-story digest from JW Kennedy called _Jenny Fur_  FANZINE issues 1 thru 7, plus Kennedy compilation _Raunchy Sex_ which is actually PG rated but loads of fun anyway, plus two homegrown 60-minute audio tapes of The Loud Toons, a genuine furry rock/jazz funk/variety band (a third tape coming soon).  Also commission rates, lots of prints.  ALSO tentatively accepting ads for the DIRECTORY:  Artists design their own full- or half-page ad, make it informative but cool enough the fans will want one.  Fingers crossed in hopes of a fat 8.5 x 11 DIRECTORY out in a month or two, depending on amount of interest and ads contributed.  The address for all of this:

[Removed Address], Richmond VA 23221. 

From David Bliss <[Removed Email]>:


ATTENTION CF8 VIDEO TAPERS.  Are you are planning to tape events at CF8?   We would love to be able to include your footage in next year’s highlights tape.  In order to prevent the long delays and possible postal mishaps encountered while collecting tapes in the past, duplicating equipment will be on paw at the con.  If you would like your tapes used please let us copy them BEFORE you leave the convention.  Full details will be available at the INFORMATION DESK, or ask David Bliss.

Also From David Bliss:


An 8 1/2″ x 11″ dark blue sketch book with a black spine disappeared from a dead dog party at ConFURence East.  It was last seen sitting on the corner of the bed in Room 482 sometime between 11:50 p.m. and 12:10 a.m. Sunday night.  The theme of the book, IN THE MOOD, is written on the first page in silver ink. The cover is blank but the corners are well worn.  The first picture in the book is by Terrie Smith and shows two RL foxes mating.  The last page of the book has a full color Steve Martin painting of a male wolf-morph with two female companions, a raccoon and a skunk.  The book is 70% – 80% full.  The following name and address of the owner is written inside the back cover: David Bliss, P.O. Box 70014, Riverside, CA 92513.  If you or anyone you know now have this book or saw it being taken from

 the party at CFE please let David know at the address above or

[Removed Email].  He would very much like to get his book back. 

From Steve Addlesee <[Removed Email]>:

As 1996 draws to a close, I’m busy inking and lettering “Big Decisions,” a seven-page ditty written by Mike Curtis and pencilled by Dann Phillips.  This should appear in Giant Shanda Animal #2.  Then (when the pages arrive) I’ll be inking and lettering the lead story of the landmark issue of Shanda the Panda #17, pencilled by Michele Light.  Recently I wrote an article about furry fandom that will appear in Cartoonist and Comic Artist #11 by Yendie Boox Publishing.  I’m slated to ink Chris Grant’s Empire series for Central Empire Productions, as well as Scotman & Icelad created by Scott Malcomson and Kjartan Arnorsson.

Furry editors and/or publishers: If you need an inker or illustrator, please look me up — Steven R. Addlesee, [Removed Address]     [Removed Phone]

From:  Major Matt Mason <[Removed Email]>: 

Hot on the heels of #4’s hit issue featuring Reed Waller, TaliVisions #5 is scheduled for a CF8 release.  Artists slated to appear include Dee Schiller, Peter Stoller, Sean Andersen/Scott Alston, Joseph Ny, Antti Remes, Mitch Beiro, Chris Grant, Dean Lee Norton, CF8 Guest of Honor Mel. White, Brian Miller (Sylverfox), Chris Berdoz, Mercy Van Vlack, Sue Mills, Zephery Hughes, Gahan Wilson, Kjartan Arnorsson, Tygger, Brigitte Sleiertin, Ed Zolna and more!  About 32 pages, about 7 bucks!  Don’t miss it!


Advertising in In-Fur-Nation:  As before, ads in In-Fur-Nation come in two sizes:  1/8-page “business card” size for $5.00 per issue, and 1/4-page size (4 1/2″ tall by 3 1/4″ wide) for $10.00 per issue.  We also offer full-page inclusions for $50.00 per issue.  Check should be made out to ConFurence.  Send camera-ready art and text to P.O. Box 1958, Garden Grove, CA 92642-1958.  Getting just a mention in In-Fur-Nation is easy:  Send us information, and we’ll reprint it in our blurbs section verbatim, with minor corrections for spelling and grammar.

(Information in this issue provided by Mark Merlino, Rod O’Riley.  Thanks again to our intrepid ‘field reporter’, Jed Martinez; all the folks in Rowrbrazzle; and the folks who sent in ads)

…Cruella, Cruella DeVil!” (101 Dalmatians)

ConFurence Eight Progress Report

ConFurence Eight — It’s furry, it’s funny, it’s Music and Mirth!  Here’s more important stuff about our guests, our show, our presentations, and lots of other reasons why you should be a part of ConFurence Eight — Whether returning, or for the very first time!

The Guests That You’ll See — And A Few You Won’t.

As we hastily hand-wrote on the last issue, just before mailing, we’re sorry to announce that Last Unicorn author Peter S. Beagle has informed us that he has family commitments this January, and will not be able to join us at ConFurence 8.  We were very sorry to hear that… but, losing no time, we decided to fill the gap with one of our own!  So, ConFurence 8 is pleased and proud to welcome our new 4th Guest of Honor, none other than illustrator Mel. White.  You know her:  As artists of the Duncan & Mallory series of graphic novels, as creator of her own line of mini-comics, as writer and illustrator of the Sam Siam in FurryMuck Land series of MUD instruction booklets, and as a long-time staple on the scene at the Dallas Brawl fanzine.  Mel. joins Robert J. Sawyer, Dr. Jane Robinson, and Bill Holbrook for what’s sure to be a fun and informative time for all!  Also joining them, of course, are some of the finest in anthropomorphic artists, writers, publishers, producers, and just plain big-name fans.  All this plus plenty of familiar furry faces, and a slew of new muzzles to meet!  Many of our Guests will be available for autographs in our fan lounge/open bar, as well as at our special Meet The Guests gathering on Friday afternoon.  Once again each of our Guests of Honor will have their own special session to discuss what they’re up to, and numerous guests and well-known people will be on hand at various SIGs and events throughout the con — listings will be posted in the main convention area.  Be on the lookout for them!  [Recently added guests:  Julie Mammano and Joseph Yakovetic, both published local illustrators, will lead the ‘Creating Picture Books for Children’ workshop on Saturday.]

Our New Hotel

We’re all settled in for our first ConFurence at the Buena Park Hotel, right in the parking lot of Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California.  We keep hearing word that the main hotel may have sold out for ConFurence 8, but we can’t be sure — so you’d better call!  Remember, rooms are only $64.00 a night for single, double, triple, or quad!  To check on reservations, call (800) 422-4444, or the local number (714) 995-1111.  Important:  Make sure to call during business hours (M-F 9 am – 5 pm, pacific time), and make sure to mention ConFurence!  This may be your last chance!

Other Accommodations

For those fans of less means, we’re happy to report that we have three less expensive facilities (less than $50.00 a night!) for you to stay in, right across the street from our main hotel!  They are, in order of closeness:

The Colony Inn — (800) 98-COLONY

The Covered Wagon Motel — (714) 995-0033

The Crescent Motel — (714) 828-3483

Call the individual motels for room reservations, and be sure to mention both ConFurence and the Buena Park Hotel, as they’ve made arrangements for special room blocks at each hotel.

Once more, a Hotel Reminder!  Paying Attention?  Good for You!

If you’re going to be more than a couple of hours late in arriving to the Buena Park Hotel, or if you change your plans and aren’t going to be staying with us for the first night of the con, make sure to phone the Hotel and let them know to hold your reservation for you — or it will not be there when you arrive!

Getting TO The Hotel

The Buena Park Hotel is located at the south end of Knotts Berry Farm, on Crescent Avenue, just west of Beach Boulevard.  From either the 405 or 22 Freeways (from the south) or the 5 or 91 Freeways (from the north), proceed to Knotts Berry Farm on Beach Boulevard.  Turn west on Crescent — that’s right if heading south or left if heading north.  From the north you can also cut right through the Knott’s parking lot and shopping area.  The hotel is right there on your right.  The Colony Inn, Covered Wagon Motel, and Crescent Motel are all across Crescent, on the south side, just east of our main Hotel.  What, still confused??  Why, just use the handy-dandy maps included in this issue!

A Word Or Two About Parking…

Parking in the Hotel lot at the Buena Park Hotel is primarily reserved for folks actually staying in rooms at the hotel.  If you’re coming to ConFurence from a local town and not staying overnight, please consider parking in one of the adjacent Knott’s Berry Farm lots — they’re not expensive; in fact one of them is free for up to 4 hours!

Let’s Den Up!

If you’re coming to ConFurence on a tight budget, why not split the room costs?  (And meet some nice people in the bargain!)  If you are interested in sharing a room, or if you have a room and could use some extra bodies, please give us a call at the ConFurence phone number.  (Or, if you can, e-mail  We’ll ask you some pertinent questions, and pass along the information to other interested furries.  Also look for the Room Sharing info on the Scent Post bulletin boards at the convention.

A Furry’s Gotta Eat!

The Buena Park Hotel comes equipped with its own deluxe coffee shop, a fancy steak house, and a 50’s-themed bar!  But there are plenty of other places to feed your muzzle or beak in the environs of ConFurence!  Immediately to the north of the main hotel are several eateries just outside of Knott’s Berry Farm, and Goodie’s Coffee Shop is located at Beach and Crescent.  Plus, numerous eating places of all sorts are found up and down along Beach Boulevard in the area.  Maps and lists (with hours) will be available at ConFurence Information, or else, look to any hotel staff person with that hungry look in your eyes!

Welcome Back To — The Pearl Possum!

Modelled after the local Lynchbany tavern in the first book of Alan Dean Foster’s Spellsinger series, ConFurence Eight proudly presents the return of our own continuous juice bar and fan lounge, available to ConFurence members!  In addition to a full line of (non-alcoholic) drinks, The Pearl Possum will once again feature events such as book signings, story readings, and filk singing at night.  Be sure to check it out!

The Den of Dealers

As of this time, the Den of Dealer’s is sold out for ConFurence Eight.  If you’ve called us and you’re on our waiting list, please, bring your stuff!  We’ll try our best to find room for you in our Artists’ Alley, or perhaps in the Den of Dealers itself — cancellations do happen, sometimes at the last minute!

The Artists’ Alley remains one of the most popular features of any ConFurence!  Tables in the pre-convene area are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis, with sign-ups each morning at 9:45 am — sharp!  The tables along Publisher’s Row are assigned through previous arrangements with ConFurence — and currently, they’re all filled up!

Important Information for Dealers:  We recommend you bring up materials for the Den of Dealers through the freight elevator on the east side of the Hotel (facing towards Beach Boulevard), through the service corridor, and in the back door of the Den of Dealers.  We’ll have ConFurence staff on hand to help you out.  Once you arrive, a Dealer’s Den Map will be available to show you the way to your table.  Dealers do not have to register their memberships and receive their badges prior to setting up their tables — but they must do so immediately after setting up!

The Art Show

Guess what?  We’ve done it!  We’ve filled up our huge ConFurence Eight Art Show to the very walls. From this point, at-the-door sales of art show space will be allowed only if there is space remaining, and only on Thursday and Friday (the 16th and 17th).  Our thanks to the many artists, print-makers and sculptors who are participating in our show this year.  If you’ve registered and you’re bringing art to hang/display/sell, please note that Art Show set-up will be taking place starting Thursday morning, with the show to open early Friday. The Art Show and all of its business will take place on the 9th floor, in the City Lights Room.  Once again this year the ConFurence art show will feature two voice-auctions, with the first taking place Saturday evening (in addition to the traditional Sunday afternoon voice auction) for those piece which have already received enough bids for auction.  We want everyone who wants art to have a chance to get in on the bidding!  Further information will be available at the con.  (We highly recommend that artists displaying in the show attend the Matting Workshop on Thursday at 7:00 pm, if you can!)

And Here’s A Look At Some Of The Events We’ll Be Bringing You…

More of your favorites at ConFurence Eight!  As always there’ll be plenty of our popular round-robin SIGs, covering diverse topics like computers, animation, drawing, writing, publishing, personal furries, role-playing games, furry anime, universe design, and more!  Also returning are the ever-popular species meetings, where you can seek out and talk to folks who likewise favor your favorite animal type!  And also returning this year is the ‘third track’ in our Lecture Hall — special presentations by furries who have $tuff they really wanna $how you, plus some extra special events!  It’s all in your handy dandy pocket program, available at Con Registration!

A quick overview of daily stuff:  Thursday is mostly a set-up and meet-and-greet day, though Artists’ Alley, the Lounges, and the Video Theater will all be up and running.  Also on Thursday this time is the Matting Workshop, to help artists keep their stuff looking good as long as possible!  Late Thursday Night, it’s time for the return of Club Tekno-Fur, presenting the hottest dance sounds in the galaxy, direct to you!  Friday will start off with the Meet The Guests reception/meeting for our GOH’s and other guests, as well as the first Life Drawing Workshop for artists who’d like to learn a bit more about drawing furries based on real bodies!  Friday night, furry puppeteer Steve Plunkett returns with his singing femme-fatale skunk (and more new friends), and also look for the return of the Pet Auction (just for fun).  Friday night it’s the Ice Cream Social (included in the price of your admission!); our annual Filk Song Contest, where you the listener get to vote on the best new song with a furry theme; and finally our first ever Filk Concert.  Ending up Friday night is a new dance, Purple Nurple Live, direct from FurryMuck to you!  Saturday brings another Life Drawing Workshop, not to mention our famous Costume SIG/Presentation and how-to session.  Saturday night things really get moving:  Munch on lasagna at Garfield’s (a separate ticket item), see the first art auction, and come to the famous Cabaret Fur le Dance (also a separate ticket item — for adults!).  Sunday morning it’s time for another Dog & Pony Show (where producers of new comics, TV shows, and other goodies get to strut there stuff).  Later Sunday it’s time for some rest, but only so you can get up for the second art auction, and some other special events — to be announced!  See The ConFurence General Store (near Artists’ Alley) for information on prices and availability of separate ticket items, and check out our Information station to find out more about our fabulous events!

More Information On Special Events

— The Costume SIG

Your opportunity to show off what you can do with costuming for your own furry creation — not to mention the creation itself — comes on Saturday afternoon at our Costume SIG, where the two-hour program starts off with a presentation of the handiwork of costumers and furry constructors from throughout furrydom (with photo opportunities), followed later in the day by a popular vote for the two best costumes (at the presentation, or wandering the halls).  After the presentation, costumers from around the country will be on hand and available to discuss the materials and methods they use to bring us their creations!  Sign-up sheets for the presentation portion of the Costume SIG will be available at ConFurence Information.  Keep your eyes open — several costumers have asked about having individual how-to sessions on various aspects of their art.  Check out the daily schedule, and watch the newsletter!

— Dinner at Garfield’s

Another ConFurence tradition — stuffing yourself on Saturday!  This year Garfield’s will feature lots of lasagna (appropriate name, right?), plus lots of other goodies to fit all tastes and needs (including special diets) available buffet-style.  Tickets are available from the General Store, and include and a drink for only $10.00 per person.  Eating times are staggered to keep the crowd down — so make sure and check your ticket!

— The Cabaret Fur le Dance

By now a ConFurence tradition, the Saturday night Cabaret show features lively music and hot dancing by skillful male and female dancers, plus costumes and skits — yes, there’s adult-oriented material here (at least in some parts of the show!), so the show is for over-18’s, sorry!  Proceeds from the Cabaret benefit various charities, including the Deal Whitley / Du Cret Art School scholarship fund and animal rescue and educational institutions like the Wildlife Waystation .  Tickets can again be purchased at the General Store for $10.00.

— Filking

ConFurence strives to be a filk-friendly con.  The Pearl Possum will again be set aside on Friday and Saturday night for fans who want to get together and sing about their favorite furries.  This time on Friday night it’s time for the annual furry filk lyric contest, with the winner picked by a popular vote.  What?  You don’t sing or play?  Why, just bring your lyrics along — we’ll have someone perform them for you!  And hey, do you play a guitar or other instrument?  Bring it along!  We can always use accompanists!  And, Friday night, make sure to check out our first ever Filk Concert, starring Dr. Jane Robinson, Cynthia McQuillin, Thoth, and Leslie Fish!  And remember, admission is free with your membership!  After the contest and concert, and all night Saturday, it’s circle the chairs and sing the night away in the Pearl Possum.

— The Video Theater — Back Together Again!

Once again, ConFurence video is back in one spot.  Our Video Theater, running 24 hours a day from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, will feature many animated features and TV shows, anime originals, translations (serious and otherwise!), short films, furry commercials, and other nifty stuff.  Find the Video Guide Books at Registration or Information, follow the signs, and head toward the flickering lights!

— Gaming

Always a popular pastime with lots of furries, whether the game is Albedo, Other Suns, TMNT, Werewolf, or Teenagers From Outer Space!  Gaming space will be available at ConFurence downstairs, on the first floor — just follow the signs!  Sign-ups for games and game masters will be kept right outside the gaming room, and a schedule can be found near Con Information.  Be on the lookout for special tournament announcements, including a special Rage Tourney!

— The InterNet Comes to ConFurence

About time, we hear you say!  This year our members will be able to check e-mail and news groups,  MUD, IRC and whatever !  Look for the InterNet Terminal Room downstairs, next door to Gaming.

A Few Important Policy Notes for ConFurence

— Weapons

For the length of ConFurence Eight, all real, realistic, or simulated weapons must be peace-bonded with ribbon.  This includes any sort of gun, knife (above 4″ total), sword, whip, or other such item which could cause damage.  ConFurence security will be enforcing this!

— Some Words on Dress and Behavior

We’ve said it before, but it’s time to ask it again:  Hey folks, all sorts of people from all over the world, from many walks of life, come to a ConFurence.  And we really want to make a good impression on as many of them as we can.  Since not everyone who shows up is going to be into or not into the same things, please try to be discreet with things like leather shock-gear, okay?  At very least in the Lobby and main Convention Area, try to think about how you’re dressed, and try to make sure that you are dressed!  Secondly, be careful about getting over-energetic with horseplay!  If a bit of fooling around damages hotel property, it’s gone way too far.  Okay?  Thank you from all of us.

The Price

Registration to ConFurence Eight is on a sliding scale.  From now until January 10th, 1995, three-day Attending memberships are available by mail for $30.00.  After that, three-day memberships will sell at the door for the same $30.00.  And a full year of In-Fur-Nation, plus our special annual ConFurence Souvenir Collection Book, are all included in the price of your membership!

And remember, if you cannot migrate to this part of the world at that time, feel free to join ConFurence as a Supporting member!  Supporting members get a full year’s subscription to In-Fur-Nation, the Souvenir Collection Book, and one free art show display space for the taking, all for the low price of just $12.00!  Got it? 🙂

Planning on buying your membership at ConFurence?  The prices at-the-door will be:  $15.00 for Friday, $20.00 for Saturday, $15.00 for Sunday, $25.00 for Saturday and Sunday, and $30.00 for all three days.  Converting your membership at the door works like this:  Supporting to Attending:  $13.00.  Attending to Sponsor:  $30.00 – $79.00.  Sponsor to Super Sponsor:  Whatever brings your total up to $100.00 or more.  Attending to Super Sponsor:  $80.00 or more.

Registering at the Convention

ConFurence Registration will be divided into three parts:  Pre-registered members with last names between A-L, Pre-registered members with last names between M-Z, and new At-The-Door registration.  For Pre-Registered Members, sign your name next to the name and address in the Reg Book, and check your name spelling and address for correctness.  (If anything is not correct, please write in the correct information next to your name!)  For At The Door Registration, fill out a new member form (press hard, it’s carbon!), hand over your money (cash, check, or money order only, please), and make sure to get your receipt copy!  For any and all Converting Memberships, go to At The Door Registration, point out what you wish to upgrade from and to, sign next to your name if asked to, and hand over the appropriate amount of money.  At Registration you’ll be handed a packet with your con badge, your souvenir book, your pocket program, your video schedule, and other neat stuff!  Remember, special membership badges are handed out to furries who’re under 18 years of age — so be prepared to show ID at Registration if you fur isn’t quite dragging the ground yet!  Another important thing:  We must have a real name associated with a real face for each and every badge handed out.  We have to know who your ‘guests’ are before we’ll give them (or you) their badge!

Important Note on Registration, for Special Guests and Pre-Paid Sponsors and Super Sponsors Only:

As an added bonus, our special guests of ConFurence, Sponsors and Super Sponsors (pre-paid, not converting) can bi-pass the Registration lines all together!  If you’re a Special Guest, Sponsor or a Super Sponsor, please follow the signs to the Sponsor Lounge (take the elevators to the 8th floor, and follow the signs).  Your badges, packets, and ribbons will be waiting for you there.  Not certain if you’re a Sponsor, Super, or Guest?  Check the lists at Information!

ConFurence’s Little Helpers…

Our Sponsors

Sponsors are the special furries who help keep ConFurence going by giving a little bit (or a lot bit!) of extra financial help.  That’s money for transporting, lodging, and feeding our special guests, as well as off-setting complimentary memberships.  To become a sponsor, just contribute a minimum of $30.00 over and above your membership fee.  Indicate which of our special guests this money is to help toward; or if you can’t decide, just mark it “general fund” — we’ll split it among all of them.  What do you get for being a sponsor?  Besides being mentioned by name in the Souvenir Book, sponsors are the only folks (besides staff and guests) allowed in the Guest Lounge, a special place set aside where folks can relax away from the hubbub of the con.  The food is good and the company is lively.  And sponsors get special seating at the Fur le Dance Cabaret (with the purchase of a regular ticket — after all, it’s for charity!).  Plus, sponsors get — our unending gratitude!

Super Sponsors!  (The Animated Series!)

Super Sponsors are people who really want to help out the convention — and think they deserve something special in return.  Supers sponsors are those crazy, er, wonderful people willing to contribute $100.00 or more toward our special guests.  Super Sponsors get all the same neat stuff as other Sponsors, plus some extra snazzy foodstuffs in the VIP Lounge (Guests and Super-Sponsors only allowed!).  Other neat perks include front-row seats at the Fur le Dance Cabaret!  (Again, that’s with the charity purchase of your ticket for the FLD show.)  What, you don’t have $100.00 sitting around?  Why, make installments!  That’s right, we’ll take two payments of $50.00, or four payments of $25.00 — it still counts you as a Super Sponsor! [Important Note:  Keep in mind, you’re not actually a Sponsor until we get the actual $50.00 or more, and not a Super until we get the full $100.00 or more.  So, if you’re making installments, you might not get your name in the Souvenir Book, say, if you take a while to get yourself paid up!  But, we promise — we’ll acknowledge you as soon as you do!]

ANOTHER Special Note for Sponsors and Supers…

We’ve had several people who have actively requested help from ConFurence to get out here, so they might join us and be part of the program.  It would be very helpful to us if any Sponsors or Super Sponsors willing to would ear-mark some or all of their contributions (already made) toward helping out specific well-known furs.  Besides our four guests of honor (Robert J. Sawyer, Dr. Jane Robinson, Bill Holbrook, and Mel. White) whom we can always use help for, the folks asking about Sponsorship include:  Thoth (jazz/ethnic group, performing at the filk concert), Steve Addlesee (inker/artist on Shanda and other comics), Freddy Anderson (comic book artist), Major Matt Mason (3-D artist and creator of Talivisions), Steve Plunkett (furry puppeteer), Cobalt (fan artist), and Wookie (fan artist).  Several of the artistic folks here have already said they’d be will to maybe do up some special print runs just for their sponsors… so, if you’d like to ear-mark some of your funds to some of the needy, why not give the ConFurence phone number a call, or e-mail

Our Staff

We can always use more staff to help keep things running smoothly at ConFurence!  What’s it take?  Twelve hours (minimum) of your time over the length of the con (though more is always appreciated!) helping out with Registration, Art Show shuffling and paperwork, sound and lighting for the shows and dances, and all kinds of stuff it takes to pull off a con like this one?  What do you get for all this?  Well first and foremost, a free space to crash in and cheap (if not free) munchies for the length of the con!  Plus a chance for a free membership to the following ConFurence, transferable to certain ‘stuff’ at the ConFurence General Store.  [Remember though, you do have to buy a membership first, do the work, then you’ll be credited for your membership!]  Want more info on ConFurence volunteering?  Just send a note to Rod O’Riley at the ConFurence address (or his e-mail address) and he’ll send you out a Volunteer Information Packet right away!  If you’d like to volunteer at the Con itself, or if you have signed up for staff and need to check in, just head up to the desk with the sign in nice big friendly letters that says Volunteers (it’s upstairs, next to Information).

Furries on the Wing — Follow That Ultralight!

ConFurence has its own official travel agency, Ladera Travel of Southern California.  They’ve specialized for years in getting good rates for travel to and from SF cons, including ours!  Contact Rick Foss or Robin (his trusty assistant) at (800) 624-6679 from outside California, or (310) 640-0527 inside California.

The Great Furry Migration

Looking for adventure?  And a way to get to ConFurence Eight, too?  How about a carpool or caravan!  Get to spend some ‘quality time’ with some old or brand new friends!  ConFurence will assist furries interested in ride-sharing to CF8.  Give us a call on the ConFurence phone and give us some pertinent information about what you need or what you’re offering.  We’ll pass the info along to others in your area (or path) who’d like to ride share.

The Times, They Are A’Changin’… Maybe!

(Note:  These times are tentative!  Check at the con itself to make sure!)  ConFurence Eight opens officially at 5:00 pm on Thursday the 16th.  That means the Lounges, the main SIG Room, and the Video Theater will be open — Art Show and Den of Dealers will be setting up still, after 12:00 noon.  [Artists’ Alley will be open for anyone who wants to sit down; no sign-up required.]  The other three days, things get started at 10:00 am each morning — that is, Con Registration and the Artists’ Alley.  Dealers can get access to the Dealers’ Den starting at 9:00 am each morning, and sign-ups for Artists’ Alley take place promptly at 9:45 am each morning.  Con Registration will close at 8:00 pm on Friday, 7:00 pm on Saturday, and at 1:00 pm on Sunday (to make way for Registration for ConFurence Nine).  The Den of Dealers will be open from 10:30 am – 7:00 pm on Friday, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm on Saturday, and 10:00 am – 5:00 pm on Sunday.  Information regarding viewing and bidding times for the Art Show, the auctions, and other such information will be posted on the door of the Art Show, and published in the newsletter when possible.  The Video Theater Schedule will be available in separate booklets at Con Registration.  The whole sheboom closes down at 5:00 pm on Sunday.

Keep Ahead of the Game!

How do you stay on top of the latest schedule changes, additions, deletions, and other need-to-know items at ConFurence Eight?  Simple!  Just pick up the latest issue of The Scratching Post, our half-daily newsletter of events and information.  And for getting your questions answered by a human being, just stop by our handy Information Table, located next to Artists’ Alley, right atop the big spiral staircase.

Happy New Year, everyone!  Be one of the pack!  Keep in touch with the world of Anthropomorphics!  Join ConFurence Eight Today!  Catch Those Puppiiiiies!