InFurNation (10-1996)


– October, 1996

Pain is an illusion…

Fall has arrived! Read on for some helpful information on ConFurence Eight (and other furry stuff around the country), after a brief update from our intrepid reporters…

  • Expectations are running high for the upcoming live action/animated feature Space Jam, starring Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan as a basketball star (what else?), captured by aliens, who enlists the aid of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, and other Warner Brothers well-known toons to defeat an invading army of aliens. This will be the first feature released by Warner Brothers’ new Feature Animation division. Look for it in theaters this fall
  • Also coming to theaters, but probably receiving much less fanfare, is Frank & Ollie, a new biographical documentary about two of the more well-known members of Walt Disney’s original animation team (the ‘Nine Old Men’), that being Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. Again, look for it this fall.
  • Along that line, now on video from Gladstone is Duck Man: An Interview with Carl Barks. This 90-minute interview and duck-umentary from 1975 features the creative mind behind Disney’s Uncle Scrooge comics and many other favorites how and why he did what he did.
  • Word is out that comic Arsenio Hall will be starring in a new film version of Francis the Talking Mule. Meanwhile, Christina Ricci (Adams Family Values) and Doug E. Doug (Operation Dumbo Drop) star in a new film version of the classic Disney live action film That Darn Cat.
  • News from TV Land: Universal Cartoons is producing thirteen more episodes of Earthworm Jim for the WB Network. From the same creative team as EJ comes the new Saturday morning show Project Geeker. In it, we follow the futuristic adventures of Geeker, a super-powered mutant lifeform, as he tries to escape from his creator (a morphic mastodon) with the help of his friends, who include a talking tyrannosaurus rex. Got that? Also now on the Saturday morning scene is a new computer-animated series, Transformers: Beast Wars, which features robots who transform into various animal-forms to do battle with evil counterparts.
  • The Cartoon Network will be releasing another spin-off from Hanna-Barbera’s World Premiere Toons, Cow and Chicken, as well as a new cartoon mini-talkshow, featuring a computer-generated version of Top Cat as host. Other new cartoon shows of furry interest coming to cable include Wing Commander Academy (USA Network), Angry Beavers (Nickelodeon), Fantomcat, The Flying Little Bears, and Seadogs (unknown at this point).
  • Update on the Gargoyles feature: A recent article in Variety indicated that Independence Day writer and producer Dean Devlin has been given the go-ahead to create a script for a live-action feature film based on the Gargoyles animated series from Disney. The same article noted that director Roland Emmerich, Devlin’s frequent partner and the director of ID4 and Stargate, has been given the first option to direct.
  • New from Bardic Press is a quarterly black & white comic anthology, Mythography, featuring fantasy stories by Teri S. Wood (Rhudiprrt), Carla Speed McNeil, and others.
  • A new black & white comic from Canada is Mechanimals by Rakitic, Lane, and Halasz. A young boy, an old tinkerer, and four mechanical anthropomorphic pets search for the secret of the Mechanimals’ creation. Published by Nouvelle, Box 2, Station LaSalle, LaSalle, Quebec H8R 2X3.
  • If you’re into the legend of the sasquatch, or Bigfoot, check out The Bigfoot Book from Mojo Press. This black & white anthology looks at the bigfoot legend from a variety of angles, with stories and art by Philip Hester, Neal Barrett Jr., and many others.
  • If you’re into furries-as-villains, check out Human Heart, a new black & white by Steven Henry from Red Phoenix Comics. A teen boy fights to protect his new friend, a female mutant, from a group of human-animals sent to silence her.
  • New from Tapestry Comics is a black & white called Pakkins’ Land by Gary and Rhonda Shipman. A young boy named Paul finds himself transported to a magical land, where an eagle made of light introduces him to a group of talking animals, looking to find their lost king. Also from Tapestry look for Boondoggle by Stephen Stegelin. Shades of Bloom County: In the small town of Boondoggle, a young boy named Bump and his anthropomorphic friends must learn to deal with live, love, the world, and grown-ups.
  • From Moonstone Comics comes Mr. Nightmare’s Wonderful World, a black & white horror/humor comic (humor/horror?) from Dave Ulanski. The guardian of nightmares and his hench-creatures, a manticore and two bats, attempt to keep the balance of the universe with their adversary, the Guardian of Reality. Yes that’s right. Info on Moonstone Comics can be found on the World Wide Web at
  • In color, from Homage Comics comes Leave It To Chance by James Robinson and Paul Smith. A girl named Chance Falconer is learning the family business, protecting a shadowy city called Devil’s Echo from an array of occult forces and monsters. In the second issue we meet St. George, Chance’s companion and “the bravest dragon in comics”. More fantasy from Homage is The Wizard’s Tale, a fully-painted graphic novel by Kurt Busiek and David Wenzel. Plenty of dragons, toads, and monsters in this one too.
  • More black & whites, this time from Cartoony Comics. Rumf Adventures #1 follows a feline funny-animal adventurer named Rumfus as he struggles through a jungle war. From Mark Palmer.
  • Hip TV magician Rudy Coby now has his own comic book adventure series (in full color) from Image Comics: Labman, the magical scientific superhero. One of the super-villains hounding Labman is a sequin-suited reptilian dandy known as ‘The Lounge Lizard’. You heard it right.
  • The creator of Space Bananas,Barry Kraus, has branched out. The Bananas and friends are now available in a full-color anthology from Karl Art Comics called Mighty Cartoon Heroes, along with back-up features Chameleon Kat and The Aquahounds.
  • In merchandized comics, we have Cyboars from Vintage Comics and Imaginary Limitz. In the premiere issue of the full-color comic, six interplanetary boars crash-land on Earth, where a secret scientific organization transforms them into cybernetic super-beings to battle the evil being they were escaping, who’s also landed on Earth. At the same time, a line of full-color action figures will be released to toy stores to supplement the comic book. Both should be available now.
  • Coconut Comics Group brings us Totally Horses! Comic Adventure Magazine, in full color. Issue #1 features “thrilling tales of English show jumping, western action with the classic Charlton character Black Fury, and horsey hijinx with the wacky Chomper!” [Previews].
  • What if humankind’s evolution was guided by super-intelligent primates from another world? Well, that’s just what four teens from New York discover is the truth in Urban Primates, a new full-color comic created by VanHook, Izquierdo, and Dixon and brought to you by Dark Star Studios.
  • Artist Dave Ross will be personally signing issue #1 of Thrax, a new full-color comic from Dynamic Forces. In it we follow the adventures of John Hancock, an unwilling subject in a genetic experiment who’s transformed into an 8-foot armor-plated harpy.
  • John Mueller’s dark anthropomorphic tale of Oink: Heaven’s Butcher will soon be available as a softcover graphic novel collection from Kitchen Sink Press. This collection features a new color cover, original sketches, and a preview of the new Oink series, Blood and Circuses, due out in early 1997. A limited edition signed and numbered hardcover version of Heaven’s Butcher will be available from Kitchen Sink in December.
  • More shades of Bloom County or Calvin & Hobbes:Frank Cho’sUniversity2: The Angry Years is an 80-page black & white comic strip collection from 12 Angry Monkeys Press. It featuring the adventures of a group of misplaced lab animals living in a college fraternity, and the charming love story of a shy duck and a beautiful brunette named Brandy. You read it here. In trade paperbacks, look for the new collection of Over The Hedge comic strips by M. Fry and T. Lewis. Watch as a sarcastic raccoon and a philosophical turtle attempt to coexist in modern suburbia. From Andrews & McMeel Publishers.
  • Over at Antarctic Press, the long-running furry anthology Furrlough celebrates its 5th anniversary with #47, a special 48-page issue featuring stories and art by Steve Murphy, Chris Allan, Ben Dunn, Shon Howell, Elin Winkler, Bryant Velez, Brian Sutton, and Jerry Collins. Star Trekker writer/artist Atelier Lana now brings us The Amazing Adventures of Professor Jones, a black & white anime-style adventure in which the intrepid archeologist must contend with “the cutest little demoness you’ve ever seen” [Previews], whom he unearths in an ancient city. Innovative packaging: Hepcats #0, 32 pages in full color, will be available in a special Radio Hepcats Soundtrack Edition, which includes a 70+ minute CD of alternative rock and “dreampop” selected by Hepcats creator Martin Wagner.
  • From MU Press, look for the new issue (#3) of Beauty of the Beasts. This black & white collection features the theme ‘At The Movies’ this time, with familiar movie posters and stars done furry style by the likes of Mike Kazaleh, Terrie Smith, Richard Bartrop, Marc Schirmeister, Conrad Wong, and others. Issue #11 of Zu features a special preview of the upcoming Fangs of K’aath comic created by Paul Kidd, which will premiere in January.
  • Small-Press mini-comics with furries to look for include Solar Duck, a superhero spoof by Kenney McCulloch. Copies can be ordered from Kenney for $1.00 plus 50 cents postage at: 1021 Scandia Avenue, #97, Ventura, CA 93001.
  • A new magazine of note is Mythic Heroes: The Serialized Superhero Prose Alternative. Advertized as “a pulp magazine for the 90’s”, this zine features a continuing story called Werelocks by Peg Fisher, in which a werepanther attempts to find and rescue a kidnapped child. Issue #1 is out now.
  • If you found Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials a useful tool in starting out a life of reading science fiction, you’ll want to check out Barlowe’s Guide to Fantasy, available now from Harper Collins. Creatures illustrated by Barlowe this time include Peter S. Beagle’s unicorn and Clive Barker’s gek-a-gek. Available in both trade paperback and hardcover. While you’re at it, why not check out The Encyclopedia of Fantasy, a companion volume to the Hugo-winning Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. By John Clute and John Grant.
  • Several interesting trade books on animation topics are out now. Look for The Wallace & Gromit Postcard Book, featuring Nick Park’s characters from The Wrong Trousers et al. Also there’s The Rocky and Bullwinkle Book, a hardcover collection of memorabilia, behind-the-scenes stories, and illustrations from not only the moose and squirrel but Boris and Natasha, and the rest! Animator and film historian John Canemaker brings us no less than three illustrated cartoon history books, Felix: The Twisted Tale of the World’s Most Famous Cat, (trade paperback), Tex Avery (hardcover), and Before The Animation Begins: The Art and Lives of Disney Inspirational Sketch Artists (hardcover).
  • Two illustrated fantasy story-and-art books of note include The Discovery of Dragons by Australian artist Graeme Base (Animalia), and The Voyage of The Basset, illustrated by James Christiansen. This fantasy adventure, in the spirit of Dinotopia or Gulliver’s Travels, features text by Renwick St. James and Alan Dean Foster.
  • A slew of notable furry science fiction and fantasy books is on its way from Daw Books. Fire Margins is the third and newest novel in Lisanne Norman’s science fiction series about a human telepath in love with a cat-like alien. Anne McCaffrey brings us No One Noticed The Cat, in which a young prince in a fantasy realm is helped through a time of danger by his “remarkable four-legged friend”. Also look for Storm Breaking, the third and final volume in the “Mage Storms” series by ConFurence Four Guest of Honor Mercedes Lackey.
  • From Tor Books, look for Nadya — The Wolf Chronicles. Author Pat Murphy describes this lycanthropic adventure as a novel “for good girls who wanted to grow up and be bad girls — or wolves.”
  • From Dragonlance books, published through TSR, we have The Dragons by Douglas Niles. Two rival dragons ultimately face each other in a showdown that could determine the fate of their world.
  • A new subtitled anime video of furry interest: Ushio & Tora. A young boy accidentally frees a load of minor demons, and must enlist the aid of a major demon, the tiger-like being Tora, to hunt them all down.
  • In FRP games, look for a new game based on Stan Sakai’s well-known comic Usagi Yojimbo, from Gold Rush Games (reachable on the net via Also, Web Games has announced a new module based on its ‘Webs Basic Gaming System’, this time featuring the characters and world from Reed Waller and Kate Worley’s famous Omaha the Cat Dancer (the early days of the story).
  • A new and very furry computer game is TerraTopia from Virgin Sound and Vision. Players become Terra-Troopers, granted special totems which allow them to transform themselves into their animal totems. But other Terra-troopers are vanishing, and the villain seems to be a certain trickster spirit named Coyote… on CD-ROM, for Windows or Macintosh.

From the CF Mailbox

Clairyce Dolson <> is a trainer of prize golden retrievers in California. She is offering her services as a consultant in dog behavior and training for people who are currently working on stories, comics, scripts and etc that incorporate canines, real or imagined. If you’d like to find out more about canine body language and interactions for your story, why not e-mail her? Or, look at ConFurence Eight… Clairyce might be giving a presentation on writing about canines there!

From Major Matt Mason <>:

Lord willing and the crick don’t rise, TaliVisions #4 will be out by Philcon. Featured artists include Reed Waller, Gahan Wilson, Chris Berdoz, Susan Pfeiffer, Ted Sheppard, Zephery Hughes, Dean Lee Norton, Sean Wilkinson, Keith Wilson, Steve Corbett, Jimmy Chin, Brigitte Sleiertin, Genesis Eve Cook, Doug Winger, Jason Jensen, Simon Barber, Dutch, Arik and Mercy Van Vlack. The book will be able to be had from Yers Truly at Philcon, and from Mailbox Books shortly thereafter.

Speaking of Philcon, we WILL be having a furry panel as part of the regular programming and a furry party will be held. The Philcon info can be found under Other Conventions.:

From Matt J. McCullar <>:

I am still looking for contributions to the Anthropomorphic TV Commercial video collection that will be shown at ConFurence 8. If you’ve got something to add, please e-mail me!

From Steve Addlesee <>:

1996 has been another good year in my career with four published credits thus far. Two of the four are furry titles which are Katmandu #7 and Shanda The Panda #15 by Vision Comics. In Katmandu, I had inked the “A Private Place” episode pencilled by Dann Phillips. In Shanda The Panda, I had inked the lead story pencilled by Michele Light.

As far as I know, here are my next assignments in the furry genre: CENTRAL EMPIRE PRODUCTIONS — I’m slated to ink the Empires series. VISION COMICS — I’m slated to ink a story in Katmandu #9 and the lead story in Shanda The Panda #17.

I hope to attend ConFurence 8 and see you there. I’ve had a great time at the two previous gatherings.

Steven R. Addlesee


From Mark D. Ashworth <>:


Open to All Furry Artists!

A Contest in Rowrbrazzle #52, January 1997 — Winners to be published in MU Press’ BEAUTY OF THE BEASTS #4, Summer 1997!

Practically every Furry publication has a summer Beach/Swimsuit Issue. Rowrbrazzle’s will be a bit special. It is a contest, not just a theme issue, and it is open to all artists, not just Rowrbrazzle’s regular members. The contest’s theme is the traditional Summer Beach and/or Swimsuit art. It will be published in a special section of Rowrbrazzle #52, January 1997.

The categories are still being finalized, but there will be at least six, plus a Grand Prize. The winners will be announced in Rowrbrazzle #53, April 1997. The prizes are publication in MU Press’ Beauty of the Beasts #4 comic book, to be published in Summer 1997, at MU’s standard rates for full-page art for Beauty of the Beasts. The Grand Prize winner will be invited to draw/paint the full-color cover for that issue (at the standard rate for cover art for that title, as well). Beauty of the Beasts requires from 25 to 32 pages for each issue. The winners in each category will be assured of publication; further, MU will have the option of selecting additional good drawings among the runners-up. If Rowrbrazzle receives enough high-quality entries, Beauty of the Beasts #4 may be filled entirely with art from this contest. The entry fee for artists who are not Rowrbrazzle members is $5.00 per drawing. This will cover the costs of photocopying, and of mailing the contest to the artist. All entrants will receive a complete copy of Rowrbrazzle’s contest supplement. The deadline for submissions is SATURDAY 4, JANUARY 1997. Rowrbrazzle #52 will be published a week later. Rowrbrazzle’s members will be the judges, voting during the next couple of months. The winners will be announced in Rowrbrazzle #53, April 1997. Winners who are not Rowrbrazzle members will be notified by mail at that time. The masters of the winning drawings and others selected by MU’s editors will be turned over to MU Press. For the purposes of this contest, “Beach” shall include any scenario in which swimsuits or water sports are appropriate, including swimming pools, mountain lakes, or scuba diving. Categories of entry will be announced in Rowrbrazzle #51, October 1996, and published in the final announcement/entry form at that time.


All entries must be of master drawings 8 1/2″ x 11″, or reducible to that size. The entries should be of camera-ready copies which do not have to be returned. Dark but clear photocopies will do. It is recommended (but not required) that the art should have a border from the edge of the page of 1/2″ from the short sides with 1″ from the long sides. This will help your entry to fit on the final comic-sized page that much better. All entries must be of original artwork; that is, drawings which have not been previously published. Since the winners will be published in a commercial comic book, the submissions should not include copyrighted characters, especially those belonging to major corporations whose legal departments do not have a sense of humor. Beauty of the Beasts is not an Adults-Only title, so submissions should be no stronger than PG or mildly R-rated. See previous issues for examples. Each entry should be accompanied by a $5.00 entry fee. For three or more entries, the fee will drop to $3.00 for the third and subsequent entries, but the first two will still be $5.00 each. Make cheques or money orders payable to Fred Patten, not Rowrbrazzle. The editor reserves the right to reject entries of obviously poor quality. Similarly, when Rowrbrazzle’s members judge the contest, “No Award” will be an option in each category in case the members feel that none of the entries in a category is deserving of an award.

Send to:

Fred Patten
11863 West Jefferson Boulevard
Culver City, California
USA 90230-6322

For some–but not all–matters relating to this contest which may require a simple reply (that is, they don’t require thought or a decision) Mark “Th’ Mole” D. Ashworth can attempt an answer as the Internet Presence for Rowrbrazzle (, no web-page).

… an illusion that really, really hurts!(Mighty Ducks, The Animated Series)

Other Conventions

The Philadelphia Science Fiction Society presents — PHILCON ’96

November 22-24, 1996

Guests of Honor: Frederik Pohl, Tom Kidd, Joan Vinge, Terry Bisson

Please E-Mail us if you have any questions. Thanks!

Philcon Information:

Dealers Information:

Art Show Information:

For snail-mail information, write to:

Philcon Registration

P.O. Box 8303

Philadelphia, PA 19101-8303

You may also register by e-mail with Mastercard or Visa.

The WWW address for Philcon is


ConFurence East — The Second Go-Round!

Down-to-the-wire time for ConFurence East this November! Here, once again, are the pertinent facts you need to know:

The Guests of Honor
Susan Van Camp, Paul Kidd, and White Wolf Studios. Well-known furries attending or participating in programming include Mitchell Biero, Jeremy Bernal, Mike & Carole Curtis, Charles Davies, Steve Gallacci, Roz Gibson, Jim Groat, Michele Light, Steve Martin, Lex Nakashima, Eric Schwartz, Ted Sheppard, Terrie Smith, Taral Wayne, Wells & Clarke, Mel. White, Elin Winkler, Tommy Yune, Barry Needleman, Dave Burkhart, Brent Edwards, Glen Wooten, Mike Higgs, Mark Merlino, George Nemeyer, G. Raymond Eddy, and Gary L. Kyrouac.
When It All Is:
November 15, 16, and 17, 1996.
Where It All Is:
Holiday Inn Independence,6001 Rockside Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44131. Remember though, all reservations must be made through ConFurence East! At this point, any remaining rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis only.
Membership Rates:
For all three days of the con are $25.00 by mail until 10/30/96. After that and at-the-door, memberships are $35.00. Supporting memberships are available for $15.00, and convertible to full memberships at the door for $10.00 more. You can also become a Sponsor for $50.00 or more and receive full guest privileges! Make checks or money orders (U.S. funds only please!) out to Susan P. Ny. You can also order your membership by credit card — write to them for more details, quickly!
Sponsors and Special Sponsors:
Sponsors are furries willing to help ConFurence East cover its expenses by contributing $50.00 or more toward the con. In return they’re afforded guest privileges, including a deli luncheon on Sunday and other goodies. Special Sponsors help out even more by ear-marking contributions of $125.00 or more toward travel and housing expenses for specific guests of the convention (your check or money order must say ‘Special Sponsorship Program’ on it, and name a specific guest it’s for). Special Sponsors have their own program of incentives too! Guests who’ve requested Special Sponsorship help include Steve Corbett, Mike and Carole Curtis, Terrie Smith and Glen Wooten, Roz Gibson, and Richard Bartrop. Write to CF East for more information on Sponsorship today!

For more information about the con itself or any of the items mentioned above, write to: Trish Ny, ConFURence East, 11037 Henning Drive, Chardon, OH 44024. Or, send e-mail on InterNet to, or

ConFurence Eight — Music and Mirth!

ConFurence Eight — Music and Mirth! Lend us an ear… Right here and now we’ll tell you more about our guests, our show, our presentations, and lots of other reasons why you should be a part of ConFurence Eight — Furries old or new, all are welcome! And remember, that includes scalies too!

The Guests
These folks you’ve heard about! In addition to our Guests of Honor Robert J. Sawyer, Mel. White, and Dr. Jane Robinson, you’ll be seeing such well-known names as Leslie Fish, Steve Gallacci, Daphne Lage, Jose Calderon, Mike and Carole Curtis, Mike Sagara, Jim Groat, Brian Sutton, Mitchell Beiro, Ed Kline, Steven Martin, Ted Sheppard, Chuck Melville, Edd Vick, Fred Patten, Tygger and Dean Graf, Mike Raabe, Diana Vick, Tommy Yune, Michelle Light, Monika Livingstone, Tim Fay, Trump, Yuusaka Toyoshima, John Cawley, Terrie Smith, Lex Nakashima, Jefferson Swycaffer, Roz Gibson, Jimmy Chin, John Nunnemacher, Jane Mailander, Cynthia McQuillan, KellyandLaura Freas, and the crew from Yarf!. Whew!
Now, as to our fourth Guest of Honor… we’ve had a switch! On the one hand, we’re sorry to announce that, due to scheduling conflicts, comic artist and creator Ricardo Delgado will not be able to join us at ConFurence Eight as announced last issue. However, we’re pleased as anything to announce that we will be joined by none other than Bill Holbrook. Who? Bill is well-known in comic strip circles for his ‘Far Side’ style strip Life in the Fast Lane, but he is also well known for his very furry comic strip on the World Wide Web, Kevin and Kell. Bill is very excited about joining us at his first furry con… and we’re more than excited about having him out! (If you’re on the Web, you can check out K & K at
The NEW Hotel
ConFurence has settled down for 1997 in new digs — namely, the Buena Park Hotel, right in the parking lot of Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. The great news is that we’ve made a deal for you: Rooms are only $64.00 a night for single, double, triple, or quad! Suites are also available (and wait until you see what we have in store for our sponsors and super sponsors!). For reservations, call (800) 422-4444, or the local number (714) 995-1111.Important: Make sure to call during business hours (M-F 9 am – 5 pm, pacific time), and make sure to mention ConFurence! Reservations are coming in steadily, so think about getting yours in soon!
Other Accommodations
For those fans of less means, we’re happy to report that we have three less expensive facilities (less than $50.00 a night!) for you to stay in, right across the street from our host hotel! They are, in order of closeness:
  • The Colony Inn — (800) 98-COLONY
  • The Covered Wagon Motel — (714) 995-0033
  • The Crescent Motel — (714) 828-3483

Call the individual motels for room reservations, and be sure to mention both ConFurence and the Buena Park Hotel, as they’ve made arrangements for special room blocks at each hotel.

Your Den or Mine?
Between our main hotel and the smaller motels, ConFurence has some of the lowest per-night room rates for an SF/media convention… but, if you find that room costs are still crimping your budget, why not split them? If you are interested in sharing a room at any of the ConFurence facilities, please write us as soon as possible! Include which hotel you’ll be staying at (or would like to), the dates you’ll be in town, your arrival and departure times, and those all-important preferences (non-smoker, non-snorer, party/no party, etc). Please write Room Share on the envelope, and remember to include a phone number or e-mail! Then we’ll pass along the information to other interested furries.

The Den of Dealers:
As of last month the Den of Dealers is sold out for ConFurence Eight! Remember, if you’re on our waiting list, please, bring your stuff! We’ll find room for you in our Artists’ Alley, or perhaps in the Den of Dealers itself — cancellations do happen, sometimes at the last minute!

The Artists’ Alley:
Remains one of the most popular features of any ConFurence! Tables on the mezzanine at the Buena Park Hotel are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis, with sign-ups each morning. Once again, by special request, the Artists’ Alley will also feature Publishers’ Row, where comic book, video, and other production houses can show you their wares and scout out new talent. Publishers’ Row tables may be reserved via special arrangement with ConFurence — but there’s not many left! Write to Rod O’Riley at the ConFurence address for any information.
The Art Show:
Believe us, if you do art of funny animals, furries, monsters, toons, or even real animals, you want to be in this art show — on of the largest SF/fantasy art shows on the West Coast! But our show will fill up, and soon — so get in your reservations right away! Your first art show space (4 ft. by 4 ft.) is still available free with your paid supporting or attending membership — all you have to do is claim it in writing. Additional art show spaces are available for a low $5.00 each. Get yours reserved today! What, can’t make it to ConFurence? No problem! Reserve your space, then mail us your art before the con — we’ll set it up, send you back any unsold items, and get you off a check for what does sell, soon as we can! Write to Jazmyn at the ConFurence address for any and all information — right away we’ll send you a detailed mailer with lots of advice and hints on mailing, paperwork, the all-important matting, and other stuff that will make our job that much easier — and your art sell that much better!

t’ll Be Events Heaven In 1997!
Hey, look what’s on the horizon. It’s our ever-expanding line-up of events! Including some old favorites, some new ideas, and some new twists! Back again are the Cabaret Fur le Dance, The Friday Dance Party (Club Tekno-Fur), The Saturday Night Furry Feed, The Ice Cream Social, The Filk-Writing Contest, The Costume Presentation and How-To Discussion, the Species SIGs — More of what you’ve come to know and love! Keep watching this space for more details, and be on the lookout for some special presentations and lectures. And more! How about a Filk Concert with several of our Guests of Honor, not to mention extra special guests? How about another charity ‘Pet Auction’? How about meeting with the creators of some of your favorite furry TV shows? You see all that and more!
Farther, Faster, Furrier!
What’s to be going on at ConFurence Eight? Meetings and round-tables (Special Interest Groups or ‘SIGs’) on dozens of furry topics, from art and writing to animation, computers, games, or even meeting other fans of your favorite animal species. Plus workshops, how-to’s, networking, and tons of valuable ideas. Videos from around the world, both animated and live-action — the beautiful, the new, the controversial, the strange, and even the truly awful! The Saturday afternoon Costume Presentation, with voting for the best costume — and a parade of costumes in the hall! Computer art, animation, and attitude — with how-to tips from real experts. Games, on the table, on the screen, and with the cards. Filking through the night, including our popular Furry Filksong Contest and a special Filk Concert. Sketching by dozens of furry artists of every description and style. And so much more! The rest? That’s up to you and your enthusiasm to see to!

Keep Your Claws Sheathed In Public, Please!
A word about our Weapons Policy at ConFurence. For the length of the convention and seminar (Thursday through Sunday) we are requiring that all realistic or simulated weapons be piece-bonded, by yourselves or a member of our Con Security team. That includes anything that looks like guns, swords, knives, whips and cat-o-nine-tails, etc. Let’s make this a safe and happy con for all who’d like to come, furries! [Note: For special items that need to be displayed as part of the Costume SIG or the Cabaret, write to us!]

The Price
Registration to ConFurence Eight is on a sliding scale — All memberships are $20.00 for a full three-days Attending, from now until December 1st, 1996. From December 2nd, 1996 until January 10th, 1997, three-day Attending memberships are available for $30.00, and after that, at-the-door for $30.00 also. Plus, a full year of In-Fur-Nation, and our special annual ConFurence Souvenir Collection Book, are all included in the price of your membership! A single art show display space is also included free with your membership — if you write us and claim it!

And remember, we’d love to have you join us, but if you cannot make it out to our neck of the woods, feel free to join ConFurence as a Supporting member! Supporting members get a full year’s subscription to In-Fur-Nation, the Souvenir Collection Book, and one free art show display space for the taking, all for the low price of just $12.00! And, if your fortunes change, you can convert your supporting to a full attending membership at the door for only $15.00. Such a deal, dinos and dragons!

We heartily recommend that you get your memberships now. That provides us with the best means to keep you in touch with ConFurence over the whole year — and if past history holds true, we’ll have a lot of exciting stuff to tell you between now and the con itself!

We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends…

And Now A Word About Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors
Sponsors are the excellent people who help keep ConFurence going by giving just a little extra bit (or a lot extra bit!) of financial help. This is money for transporting, lodging, and feeding our special guests, as well as off-setting complimentary memberships. To become a sponsor, contribute a minimum of $50.00 (up to $99.00), which includes your initial membership fee. Remember: Indicate which of our special guests this money is to help toward, or just mark it “general fund” — we’ll split it among all of them. And what do you get for being a sponsor? Sponsors are the only folks (besides staff and guests) allowed in the Guest Lounge, a special place set aside where folks can relax away from the hubbub of the con. Guests and sponsors can attend a free sandwich-feast on Sunday evening, after the con. And, sponsors get some special prices on materials from the ConFurence store. And, sponsors get — our unending gratitude! (And, recognition by name in the souvenir book!)

Super Sponsors!
Super Sponsors are the awesomely excellent furry folk who really want to help out ConFurence — and who think they deserve something special in return. Super Sponsors are crazy, er, wonderful people willing to contribute $100.00 or more (which includes their initial memberships) toward a special guest of their choice, or just toward the guests in general. Super Sponsors get all the same neat stuff as other Sponsors, plus an added bonus of a chance to obtain a customized art piece from a famous furry artist! (Write for a list of participating artists.) Don’t have $100.00 sitting around handy? Make installments! That’s right, we’ll take two payments of $50.00, or four payments of $25.00 — it still counts you as a Super Sponsor, as long as it totals $100.00 by the time of the con itself.
Once again at ConFurence Eight for Sponsors and Supers: We’re setting up a special ‘Express Registration’ just for our pre-registered sponsors and super -sponsors. You can bi-pass the line-up at Con Reg, get your badges and other con stuff right away, and get out there first to get those sketches in your books started!
Keep It, It’s Right In Tune!
The ConFurence Eight Souvenir Book collection is now accepting! We need black & white art, and short articles, in a furry frame of mind to give our members and supporters. Subjects should reflect our main con theme this year (music and comedy), our sub-theme (reptiles; real, ancient, or mythical), or the works of one of our Guests of Honor. No pay, and the rights return to you immediately after the con, but here’s a chance to get your visions or ideas out in front of a thousand or more furry fen! Interested? Write or call for more information, or send your articles (up to 500 words) or copies only of your black-and-white artwork to the ConFurence P.O. Box, Attn: Souvenir Book. Remember — The deadline for submissions to the Souvenir Book is October 31st, 1994 — so get your scaley tails a’moving!
Our Gophers Are REALLY Gophers!
Conventions like ours cannot be pulled off without a dedicated team of volunteers. Trust us, we can always use more help! What’s it take? Twelve hours (minimum) of your time over the length of the con (though more is always appreciated!) helping out with Registration, Art Show shuffling and paperwork, sound and lighting, and all kinds of stuff it takes to do this. What do you get for your efforts? Well first and foremost, a free space to crash in and cheap (if not free) munchies for the length of the con! Plus a chance for a free membership to the following ConFurence, transferable to certain ‘stuff’ at the ConFurence General Store. Want more info on ConFurence volunteering? Just send a note to Rod O’Riley at the ConFurence address (or his e-mail address) and he’ll send you out a Volunteer Information Packet right away! If you’d like to volunteer at the Con itself, just head up to the desk with the sign in nice big friendly letters that says Volunteers.

urries on the Wing — We Can’t Get You A Dragon, But…
ConFurence’s own official travel agency is Ladera Travel of Southern California. They’ve specialized for years in getting good rates for travel to and from SF cons, including ours! Contact Rick Foss or Robin (his trusty assistant) at (800) 624-6679 from outside California, or (310) 640-0527 inside California.

Okay I’ve Landed. Now How Far Do I Have to Waddle?

The Buena Park Hotel has shuttle-bus services available from both Los Angeles International and John Wayne / Orange County Airports. Round-Trip Prices are: $32.00 for adults and $16.00 for children 12 and under from LAX. $16.00 for adults and $12.00 for children from OC/JW. For more information, call (800) 772-5299. Group rates are available if you’re arriving with a herd, but they need at least 24 hours notice, so best to call soon!

The Great Furry Migration of Mid-Winter

Road Trip! Looking for an easier way to get to ConFurence Eight? How about a carpool or caravan! Get to spend some ‘quality time’ with some old or brand new friends! ConFurence will assist furries interested in ride-sharing to CF8. Write to us with your schedule, whether or not you have a vehicle or can help drive, and other pertinent info (like where you’re coming from!). We’ll pass the info along to others in your area (or path) who’d like to ride share. Put Ride Share on the envelope, and make sure to include a phone number!

Coming in the next In-Fur-Nation (early January 1997) will be some vital information for dealers, artists, and just plain furries who will be joining us. Happy Holidays, everyone! Don’t be left in the burrow! Keep in touch with the world of Anthropomorphics! Join ConFurence Eight Today! K-O-O-L!

Last Minute Note: Due to scheduling conflicts, we are sorry to announce that Last Unicorn author Peter S. Beagle will not be able to join us at ConFurence Eight.