InFurNation (01-1996)


– January, 1996

No dog can make this journey alone… “

  • The new animated furry film from Universal (Amblimation), Balto, premiered over the Christmas holiday weekend. Starring some well-known voice talents (including Kevin Bacon, Bridget Fonda, Bob Hoskins, and Phil Collins), this based-on-a-true-story adventure follows the story of a wolf/dog half-breed as he tries to help a sled team bring much-needed medicine to the town of Nome, Alaska. Despite good reviews, the film unfortunately didn’t do all that well over its release weekend, largely (it’s assumed by many) due to heavy competition from other ‘family’ films out this season, like Toy Story and Jumanji (which, by the way, have some interest to furry fans as well). Balto features a score by James Horner, with an end-credits song performed by Steve Winwood.
  • Bad News Department: The Texas home of Duncan & Mallory artist Mel. White was recently damaged by an arson fire. The family has since repaired and moved back in, but there are costs still remaining. Antarctic Press is donating all profits from sales of Furrlough #37 to the White family to help defray repair costs. Also, if you’re attending ConFurence 7, be on the lookout for special “Help Mel.” charity items to be put up for auction.
  • Word is out that Disney TV’s popular series Gargoyles has been picked up for a third season, with 13 more episodes to be aired on Saturday mornings on ABC.
  • Upcoming comics from MU Press, hitting the shelves in January, include Wild Kingdom #6; and issue #7 of the bi-monthly ZU, featuring part one of Frontiers by Adrian Kleinbergen. Also out is The Rhudiprrt Collection, which gathers the first six issues of this black-and-white furry SF/fantasy series (by Dwight Decker and Teri S. Wood) in a new 160-page graphic album with a new color cover by ConFurence 7 GOH Frank Kelly Freas. In February, look for Tales of Beatrix Farmer by Steve Gallacci and Taral Wayne, in which a young rabbit lady suddenly finds herself in possession of an invulnerable super-suit — which she can never remove. Speaking of suits, watch for The Suit Graphic Album by Mike Kazaleh (Captain Jack). A humanoid canine must prove himself not only to humans, but to his own people after he becomes ‘civilized’ by galactic travel and adventure.
  • Over at Antarctic Press, Roz Gibson’s series Escape to New York (featuring popular furry psycho Jack Salem) makes its premier in Furrlough #36, out now. Also just out is the Ninja High School Swimsuit Special (in December? Brrr!) with contributions by Ben Dunn, Fred Perry, Mike Sagara, and many others. Speaking of NHS, in January a popular character from that series will do battle with a popular character from Fred Perry’s Gold Digger in a new two- issue miniseries by Fred, Asrial vs. Cheetah. A full-color poster from this series will be available in February. Also in January, look for Furrlough #37 and be sure to buy it, as all profits will be donated to help artist Mel. White repair her home after fire damage (as noted above). Later in February, look for The Collected Gold Digger Trade Paperback Vol. 1, and the first issue of the new Dragon Flux miniseries by Tyrone Ford. DF is a prequel series to Roja Fusion by the artist of Small-Bodied Ninja High School.
  • On the comic book shelves now from Kitchen Sink Press: Oink: Heaven’s Butcher, a 3-issue bi-monthly miniseries by John Mueller (Swamp Thing). This violent color comic follows the adventures of Oink, member of a slave sub-class of genetically enhanced pigs, who rebels against the master class in a dying future city known as Heaven.
  • This month, look for The Legend of the Elder Dragons #1 by Art Holcomb and Doug Wheatley. This fantasy series, set in the Magic — The Gathering universe, is brought to you by Armada, who also put out The Legend of Jedit Ojanen comic series.
  • Out now from Entity Comics: Apathy Cat by animator and cartoonist Harold Bucholz. Watch our hero, leader of the local beatnik bunch, match wits with one Professor Straightlace.
  • Krankin’ Komix brings you Rabid Animal Komix #1 by Mike Hersh (creator of Sex Wad)