Confurence 7 Conbook

TenHUT! At ease…

Welcome to ConFuernce 7! After 8 years we have become sort of a tradition. In October of 1995 another convention dedicated exclusivly to everything furry shared our name and much of the same traditions that started at Furry Parties all over the U.S.. Similar gatherings were attended in the United Kingdom and some are being planned in Europe and Japan. It seems that our particular fascination knows no ethnic or geographic borders. Our challange will be to continue to keep ConFurence the example to everyone else interested in organizing a gathering for Furry folk. We want to be known not only as the first, but the best of the small and very special family of Furry conventions.

This year once again our main venue is the Atrium Hotel at Orange County Airport. Though their name keeps changing ( Airporter Inn, Airporter Garden Hotel, Atrium Marquee, and finally Atrium Hotel at O.C. Airport) their support and excellent service to ConFurence continues. Our population increase has demanded more and more function space and sleeping rooms. The Radisson Plaza Hotel, the Atrium’s next-door neighbor provides our much needed “growing space”. Our art show moves back into one larger room, and the Fur Le Dance Caberet show moves into a real nightclub environment, both at the Radisson. These moves allow the expansion of our den of dealers, a larger video theater, and a larger meeting room to handle the bigger events. More importantly, the two hotels will give us room to expand in the future, so ConFurence may never have to leave the Atrium, the hotel that over 3 years has become almost as furry as we are!

Furries in Force!

Our theme this year is one that is certainly obvious even to casual comic fans. Anthropomorphics seem to make better soldiers, space marines, cops, gumshoes, cow-persons, warriors, thugs, bandits and spys then boring, normal human types. Thoes who believe that genetic research may some day acutally create intellegent animals, recombinat human-animals or outright new sentient life forms have often speculated that the funding and impitus for such projects would mosy likely come from somewhere in the military industrial complex. Who can say if it will happen, or if it may already have… as long as we create Furries, some of them will always be “where the action is”!
Our Distingushied Guests

This year we are proud to welcome Frank-Kelly and Laura Freas as our artist guests of honor. Frank-Kelly is one of the pioneers in Scinece Fiction and Fantasy art and has been actively creating works of wonder and delight for over 60 years! He and his talented wife will provide an Artists Workshop for some of our interested attendees.
Author Swann has written several popular novels in a dark future universe populated my recombinat animals called “Moreaus”, one of which is a bengal tiger private investigator who graces the cover of this publication, thanks to the talent of Roz Gibson. His work has help define the new genre of Cyber-fur and his pinerring efforts will undoutedly lead to far more enjoyable fiction in the future.

It would be difficicult to find a Furry fan who dosen’t know Amy the Squirrel. (or who wouldn’t want the chance to get to know her, and her endearing friends) Fewer fans have met the genius behind this perky “icon” (pun intended), Eric Schwartz. His wonderfully clever and often hilarious computer animated cartoons have won many awards in the Amiga Computer user community. Additionally, his cartoon styled, cute and sexy art prints are some of the most saught-after in Furry fandom.

Michael Higgs, Eric Schwartz’s good friend and an excellent artist also ceated the Kendari, the handsome centaur-like fox species which helped fuel the interest in these uniquly styled creatures which are practically an exclusive in Furry fandom.

In addition to our Guests of Honor, we are proud to welcome our other guests, some who have been with us since the beginning and some who are first-timers this year. We hope you enjoy meeting our guests, and we hope they enjoy ConFurence 7, and will attend future ConFurences, where ever they might be.
And, Now a word from our sponsors…

It is unique to ConFurence that we have Sponsor and Super Sponsor memberships. These people donate additional money over their normal membership to help us put ConFurence on. ConFurence does not make a profit, and costs continue to increase every year. The need for more function space, increases in food service, guest travel and accomodation expenses would force us, like many other fan organizations, to raise the membership fees. Due to the generosity of our sponsors, Confurence membership rates have never been raised. We would like to thank every one of our sponsors listed below, as well as the people who will become sponsors after this publication has been sent to the printer. Hats off to you all!
Our staff.

Confurence could not happen without the valuable work of our Dirctors and Staff. Below is a list of many of them. If you happen to meet one of them, let them know you appriciate their efforts as much as we do!