Confurence 5 Conbook

Welcome to ConFurence V!

Once again we gather to explore and create new worlds, to seek out new concepts and breath life into new characters, to boldly go were few Furries have gone before! This is our 6th year, and my, have we grown! As always, our art show has more artists represented, and more fine work to choose from then any convention of twice our attendance. This year, our Den of Dealers has expanded to twice the size of the room at ConFurence 3. There are more furry comics being published then ever before; there are more furry fanzines and art collections; fine furry statuary and stuffed toys are being crafted; and more artists are accepting commissions and have prints available of their work. ConFurence is the best place for all of us furry fans to satisfy our obsession as well as meet and support our friends, the creators of the genre.

The furry experience is intensely visual, and often the word-smiths who paint their images on the canvas of our minds feel neglected. Something new this year, which we hope will become a tradition, is our first Writer’s Workshop. Our guest of honor, author A.C. Crispin, will be holding one of her interactive workshops on all aspects of writing. She will be critiquing the work of some of our members, and holding a 3 hour seminar to discuss everything from proper presentation of a manuscript, technique and style, to the most important subject, how to get your work published! In keeping with another ConFurence tradition, Michael Capobianco, author of ———, and A.C. Crispin’s partner, will also be our guest. He will be discussing the cosmological aspects of universe creation, and astrological mythology in Special Interest Group meetings at ConFurence V.

Our convention is honored this year to have two fine Artist Guests of Honor. Alicia Austin’s fine fantasy art has made the difficult crossover from Fandom to the mundane world. Her beautiful Native American inspired cards and prints are sold in many fine galleries and gift shops all over the world. Jinx Beers, Alicia’s long-time agent and assistant, will be joining us as well. Sharing the spotlight with Ms Austin is our good friend, the incredibly prolific Terrie Smith. Her art has been well known in Fandom for many years, and her variety of fantastic art prints are highly prized in Furrydom. Terrie has graciously donated her talent to ConFurence many times, designing the T-shirt and theme poster for ConFurence 4 and providing illustrations for badge art and convention publications.  In addition to her graphic art, Terrie is an animator. She contributed her skills to the short film, “The Diner”, which is currently touring the US as part of the International Tourney of Animation. Glen Wooten, her husband and agent, will also be attending ConFurence. He will be giving interested members some good advice on running a successful small publishing business.

Our programming will offer popular Special Interest Group topics of the past, as well as some new ones. The species clubs will be open for business once again, and don’t miss the Ice Cream Social, or the Saturday night Pizza dinner. Our Fur le Dance Cabaret, which raises funds for important charities, will be an even more fantastic show them last year, with more performers offering a variety of dancing styles. Some new events on the program are the Life Drawing group and the FurRave dance. Be sure to check your program guide for details. You won’t want to miss out!

For those who have attended ConFurence before, Welcome Back! For our new members, thank you for giving visiting us, and we hope you will join us again for future “voyages of discovery”.