InFurNation (07-1993)

Summer Breeze…

ConFurence keeps a’rollin’, with more guests, more projects, and more neat stuff to look forward to — not to mention, more neat stuff to buy! But before all that, here’s the up-to-dates:

The third Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, Turtles In Time, should be available on home video as of this mailing. The movie tie-in comic is still available from Archie Comics.

Remember the monster thrillers of the 1950’s? You know, the stories dealing with what “man was never meant to interfere with…” The ones you see on the Late LATE Show? (or on MST3K?) Did you ever wonder what that sort of film would be like with a REAL budget, directed by the likes of Steven Speilberg? Well that is precisly what Jurassic Park is all about. It’s one thrilling experience, with something extra. Using combinations of all “live-action” animation techniques, and the latest advanced computer scene-simulation, the Dinosaurs live again! This film, more then any other, proves that it is now possible to do ANYTHING in “live action” that can be imagined. What’s next? Maybe some of our members will be the ones to bring Furries to life on the big screen!

Riding on the scaley coat-tails of Jurassic is of course a giant dinosaur media blitz. Roger Corman, one of the true kings of B-movies, is about to release Carnosaur, sort of a dinosaur movie for the Fangoria crowd. The plot concerns a genetically-altered T-Rex let loose in a modern city, and the film features all the buckets-o’-blood that Spielberg’s film doesn’t have. Corman’s film should be in theaters any time now.

In a completely different light, Moonbeam Entertainment (a new division of Full Moon Entertainment) has release Prehysteria directly to videocassette (through Paramount Home Video). This family-oriented film concerns a group of five miniature dinosaurs who wind up under the care of a suburban family. The puppetry and stop-motion animation were produced by David Allen Productions (which had done a similar job for Ringo Starr’s Caveman ).

And finally, as if trying to top himself, Mr. Spielberg’s Amblimation is also behind We’re Back!, an animated feature about the adventures of a group of super-intelligent dinosaurs brought forward to modern times. Featured voices include Walter Cronkite, Jay Leno, and Julia Childs. The film, based on the children’s book series by noted illustrator and humorist Hudson Talbot, will be released this winter from Universal.

Yet another Spielberg project is Animaniacs, a new syndicated TV series from Amblin Entertainment and W.B. Animation. The show, which concerns three hyperactive 30’s toons unleashed on the world of the 90’s, should be exploding in your television this September.

Hanna-Barabera productions has a new family film, just out in theaters, Once Upon a Forest. This Welsh story of 4 young animals (called Furlings) on a quest to save their friend, poisoned by an accidental gas leak, is definitely paced for younger viewers. The film is another that was made by studios all over the world, much like Fern Gully.

Tom & Jerry — The Movie, from Film Roman and Hanna-Barbera, should be hitting theaters soon. Oddly, this film will feature the famous toon characters in speaking roles…

Speaking of H.B., The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera will feature the premiere of two new animated series, Swat Kats (a high-tech adventure) and 2 Stupid Dogs (an urban comedy). This syndicated series is set to premiere this fall from Turner Program Servies.

A new series of Pink Panther cartoons will premiere this fall from MGM. The voice (?!) of the famouse fuchsia feline will be provided by Matt Frewer of Max Headroom fame.

Disney’s Bonkers, having broken out of Raw Toonage into his own series on the Disney Channel, will be replacing Chip’n’Dale’s Rescue Rangers in the line-up of the Disney Afternoon this fall.

News from Dosu Productions: Due to the popularity of Dosu Production’s premiere of the subtitled KO Century BEAST: Three Beast Warriors at ConFurence 4, and with the help of our new translation staff, we will be proudly presenting at ConFurence 5 the premiere of the translated KO Century Beast II. The adventures of the beasts Wan Dabada, Mei Mah, Bud Mint, and the rest continue as they quest to find the mysterious super-computer Gaia and unlock its vast treasures. Hot on their heals are the humans V-Darn and V-Sion, who’ve been fired, but are desperate to get back into good graces with Czar Master.

Along with the premier of KO Century Beast II, Dosu Productions will bring to ConFurence 5 a cornucopia of “furry” anime, including Hayao Miyazaki blockbuster Porco Rosso. Dosu Productions will also be holding a special S.I.G. on furry anime to accompany the video presentation.

A new comic out from Antarctic Press is Fantastic Panic. This furry sword-and-sorcery adventure is written and illustrated by Satorn Yamasaki, famous comic market manga artist.

Another manga-style furry title to look for is Ursus Studio’s Buster the Amazing Bear by Tom Yun. The story follows an orphaned bear cub who is captured and granted super-powers by a sinister genetic engineer.

Yet more strangeness from Parody Press: Deathdate. What do you get when a superhero universe collides with your favorite toons? Why, heros like Tholar, Supweme, Chickenhawk, and XOX: Filet O’ Fish. The premiere issue features guest-shots by Youngstuds, WildKITS, and other parody groups…

Fleetway/Quality (the Judge Dredd people) present the premiere issue of Dead Meat. The set up: It’s the future. Global warming is rampant, and half of London is underwater. The people in the parts of town remaining are all strict vegetarians — by law. Helping the police to combat a wave of meat-smugglers (flesh peddlers?) is a genetically engineered ram/human recom.

Legends from the Empire’s Edge is a new sword & sorcery/medieval fantasy created by Charles Ettinger. The series should be available from Hierographics later this summer.

Long-time furry fan and comics colorist Carl Gafford has been promoted to editor of Disney Comics’ Aladdin series in what he calls a “battlefield promotion”.

[Advanced Comics]

Announcement from Shayna Rhane Productions: Shayna Rhane Productions will be attending this year’s San Diego Comic Con, in August, in the small press area. In attendance will be artists Dennis Stahl (creator of Ms. Fantastic ), Kyla Littlejohn (Furrlough ), and Ed Garcia (Warrior Maidens ); and writer James Lomax. We will be selling four new portfolios and one mini-comic. They are: Warrior Maidens Set One — Based on the mini-comic series, this is a 14 plate portfolio featuring the adventures of Tamara R’Shea, barbarian skunk, and Raven Byrne, a human trapped on a furry world. The artists are Stahl, Littlejohn, and Garcia. Wet Fur Set One — An erotic furry portfolio featuring Littlejohn, Garcia, and Riley of Furrlough and Wildlife fame contributing to this 10 plate production. Age statement required. Misty’s Candiland Adventure — What happens when a young woman dreams about her favorit chocolate after eating several bars? She gets one heck of a nightmare! Illustrated by Dennis Stahl, and mysterious bonus plates included. 10 plates total. Age statement required. Busty Beauties ’93 — with summer fast approaching, Garcia, Riley, and Stahl bring you 10 plates of well-endowed furries and their playmates at the beach. Portfolios retail for $10.00 + $2.00 postage each. Warrior Maidens #0 — A prototype issue featuring two short stories by Lomax/Garcia and Stahl, plus several pin-ups. Available for $2.75. Send checks/money orders and inquiries to James G. Lomax, c/o Shayna Rhane Productions, 615 Las Lomas Road, Duarte, CA 91010-1338.

The Zoo is a home-produced computer-aided humorous mini-comic by Destrier, featuring the trials and troubles of Blaze T. Stallion. (The ‘T’ stands for ‘The’). Available for 2 stamps plus a 5 x 8″ SASE from Destrier, 8818 Troy Street, Spring Valley, CA 91977.

ConFurence Four has a special treat for those of you who couldn’t make it to the convention last January — and for those of you who did make it and want a reminder of all the fun! Presenting the ConFurence Four Hilights Tape — ninety minutes of scenes from the Costume SIG, the Artists’ Alley, the fans, the pros, and even our wonderful spot on the Sci Fi Channel! All yours on a high-quality VHS tape for only $12.00 (including postage). Send check or money made out to ConFurence to P.O. Box 1958, Garden Grove, CA 92642, and we’ll let you in on what our gathering has to offer!

ConFurence also has tapes still available of the 1993 Fur le Dance Cabaret Show availabe for only $17.00 (including postage), with proceeds going to the Deal Whitley Memorial Fund at the DuCret School of the Arts. VHS format, from ConFurence to you!

Advertising in In-Fur-Nation: For those who’ve been asking, ads in In-Fur-Nation come in two sizes: 1/8-page “business card” size for $5.00 per issue, and 1/4-page size (4 1/2″ tall by 3 1/4″ wide) for $10.00 per issue. Check should be made out to ConFurence. Send camera-ready art and text to P.O. Box 1958, Garden Grove, CA 92642-1958.

(Information in this issue provided by Mark Merlino, Rod O’Riley, Jed Martinez, Bill Fitts, and Avi Melman)

Makes Me Feel Fine…

The Winner!

Continuing our traditions, ConFurence presents the winning song from the ConFurence Four Furry Filk Song Contest — Flying Purple Parking Meter by Bruce Lane. (Anthropomorphic utilities? What hath we wrought??)

(To the tune of Flying Purple People Eater {c. 1958} by Sheb Wooly, of course)

Well, I’ve had it up to here, I’m sellin’ my car
I quit! I’m through! This has gone too far!
Cuz no matter where I park, even if it’s free
This flyin’ purple parking meter’s after me!

It was a One-Coin One-Slot Flying Purple Parking Meter
(One-Coin One-Slot Flying Purple Parking Meter!)
One-Coin One Slot Flying Purple Parking Meter
Darn thing’s after me!

Well it landed on the curb, from outta thin air
I said “Fifteen minute limit?! Hey, that’s no fair!”
Then it said to me, in a voice like steel
“What’s fair? You got no dollars? Hey, no deal!”

It was a One-Coin One-Slot Flying Purple Parking Meter
(Only takes dollar coins, Flying Purple Parking Meter!)
One-Coin One Slot Flying Purple Parking Meter
Darn thing’s after me!

Well I searched all my pockets, I said “Gimmee a break!
Hey, all I got is paper — dollar coins they don’t make!”
Then it took to the air and brought the meter maid back
She said “No dollars? No deal! I don’t take no flack!”

It was a One-Coin One-Slot Flying Purple Parking Meter
(Over-worked, under-paid, Flying Purple Parking Meter!)
One-Coin One Slot Flying Purple Parking Meter
Darn thing’s after me!

Well I got outta there fast, and I headed uptown
Figured “They’ll never find me here, there’s no one around!”
Twenty blocks away I found just one free space
Guess what was waitin’ with a grin on its face?

It was a One-Coin One-Slot Flying Purple Parking Meter
(Under-worked, over-paid, Flying Purple Parking Meter!)
One-Coin One Slot Flying Purple Parking Meter
Darn thing’s after me!

Well I grabbed a canvas bag, and a marker in black
And I wrote on the bag “Broken Meter! Take Back!”
I pulled it over the thing, walked away to the store
But it ate up the bag and yelled “Got any more?”

It was a One-Coin One-Slot Flying Purple Parking Meter
(Over-fed, overblown, Flying Purple Parking Meter!)
One-Coin One Slot Flying Purple Parking Meter
Get away from me!

ConFurence Five Progress Report

ConFurence Five — Furries In Space! We’ve got more guests, more happenings — and our own TV show! Say what? Read on…

The Guests

Joining our first Guest of Honor, comic and fan-artist Terrie Smith, ConFurence Five is pleased and honored to welcome Alicia Austin and A.C. Crispin.

Alicia Austin has been a name and a force in science fiction and fantasy art for years. Her original works and prints have been seen at many conventions, in fanzines and collections, and in books by well-known authors like Ursula K. LeGuin. Her work is filled with fantastic animals, as well as ‘real’ animals in fantastic settings — often taking inspiration from the stories and legends of native Americans peoples. Most recently, in fact, Ms. Austin has extensively illustrated a new version of Andre Norton’s novel Fur Magic from Simon & Schuster (?). On top of all that, Alicia sells a line of her art that includes prints, greeting cards, stationary — you name it! A busy person, and we’re happy and honored that she has found the time to join us next January!

A.C. Crispin popped onto the scene a few years ago with the novelization of the TV show V. Since then she’s become known for Yesterday’s Son, and other stories set in the original Star Trek universe, as well as for collaborations with Andre Norton on novels from the Witch World series. More recently on her own, Ms. Crispin has created the Starbridge series, which details the adventures of human-kind in a galactic consortium of several animal-based alien species. The self-titled first book in the series chronicles the story of earth’s first meetings with alien life forms, how we cope and learn to fit in, and the creation of the Starbridge Academy, where human and alien ambassodors will learn to cooperate and understand one another. The remaining three books (so far) in the series, written in collaboration with several new up-and-coming authors, detail the adventures of various students from that very academy. Ms. Crispin’s well thought-out ideas and highly developed, likable characters — human and alien — make her the perfect capper for our convention theme!

The Hotel

People have already begun to reserve their rooms for ConFurence Five, and our host facility is quite pleased — not to say amazed! The newly renovated Airporter Garden Hotel in Irvine, California is quite literally across the street from John Wayne Orange County Airport! They have a great convention facility, lucious suites, a quiet bar all our own, great food — all for only $55.00 a night for up to four furries in a room! You can call them toll-free at (800) 854-3012, or write them for prices on suites or other information at the Airporter Garden Hotel, 18700 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, CA 92715. And be sure to mention ConFurence 94!

The Dealers’ Den

There’s plenty of space left in our Den of Dealers — but how long will it last? Reserve your space right now and get in on the action! Full 6 ft. by 3 ft. table spaces are only $50.00, which includes two full memberships, and additional tables are only $20.00 each. We also have half-tables (3 ft. by 3 ft.) available for $30.00 each, with one full membership included. Join now!

The Artists’ Alley is one of the most popular features of any ConFurence! Tables in the pre-convene area are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis. And once again, by special request, the Artists’ Alley will also feature Publishers Row, where comic book, video, and other production houses can show you their wares and scout out new talent. Publishers Row tables may be reserved for the same low price as tables in the Dealers’ Den. Write to Rod O’Riley at the ConFurence address for any information.

The Art Show

We fully expect the ConFurence Five Art Show to break our previous records — again! Trust us, if you do art of funny animals, furries, monsters, toons, or even real animals, this is the art show that you want to be in! But our show will fill up — so get in your reservations as soon as you can! Your first art show space (4 ft. by 4 ft.) is still available free with your paid supporting or attending membership — all you have to do is claim it in writing. Additional art show spaces are available for a low $5.00 each. Get yours reserved today! Can’t make it to ConFurence? No problem! Reserve your space, then mail us your art before the con — we’ll set it up, send you back any unsold items, and get you off a check for what does sell in no time! Write to Jazmyn at the ConFurence address for any and all information about our fabulous art show and auction!

The TV Show???

That’s right! Our official mascots, Sydney Fisher and Cairn Caracal are being joined this year by a team of 5 good-looking young furries from all walks of life, Five-FUR! With the help of Dosu Productions, we are developing an Anime’ “show” just for ConFurence 5, and we need your help. If you know Anime’; can draw characters, backgrounds, mecha; animate; do voices or sing; write and perform music; or have computer art and/or animation hardware and software… and are interested in being a part of this unique project, write us at ConFurence, Attn: Five-FUR.

’94 Happenings —

The Cabaret Fur le Dance, Fur Rave ’94, The Saturday Night Pizza Fest, The Ice Cream Social, The Costume Presentation and How-To Discussion, the Art Workshop — More of the same, and better and better! All your favorites return, fresh and new for ’94. Keep watching this space for more details. And look for completely new items too — like a Storywriting Workshop moderated and taught by novelist A.C. Crispin. And an Astonomy SIG. And an Ecology SIG. And Pern Fandom. And an Anime SIG. And a radio play. And more!

The Furries, The Film, The Fun!

ConFurence Five! What’s to go on? Meetings and round-tables on dozens of furry topics, from art and writing to animation, computers, games, or even meeting other fans of your favorite animal species. Plus workshops, how-tos, networking, and tons of valuable ideas. Videos from around the world, both animated and live-action — the beautiful, the new, the controversial, the truly truly strange! The Saturday afternoon Costume Presentation, with voting for the best costume — not to mention the parade of costumes in the hall! Computer art, animation, and attitude. Games, on the table and on the screen. Filking through the night, including our popular Furry Filksong Contest — and recording for a possible furry filk cassette! Sketching by dozens of furry artists of every description and style. And so much more! The rest? That’s what you bring to the con!

The Price

Registration to ConFurence Five is on a sliding scale — All memberships are $20.00 for a full three-days Attending, from now until November 30th, 1993. From December 1st 1993 until January 15th, 1994, three-day Attending memberships are available for $25.00. After that, three-day memberships will sell at the door for $30.00. Previous ConFurence members get a special deal –three-day memberships are available for $20.00 right up to January 15th, 1994. And a full year of In-Fur-Nation, plus our special annual ConFurence Souvenir Collection Book, are all included in the price of your membership! A single art show display space is also included free with your membership — if you write us and claim it!

And remember, if you cannot migrate to this part of the world at that time, feel free to join ConFurence as a Supporting member! Supporting members get a full year’s subscription to In-Fur-Nation, the Souvenir Collection Book, and one free art show display space for the taking, all for the low price of just $10.00! Such a deal!

The Help We’d Love To Have…

Our Sponsors

Sponsors are the wonderful people who help keep ConFurence going by giving just a little extra bit (or a lot extra bit!) of financial help. It’s money for transporting, lodging, and feeding our special guests, as well as off-setting complimentary memberships. To become a sponsor, just contribute a minimum of $20.00 over and above your membership fee. Indicate which of our special guests this money is to help toward, or just mark it “general fund” –we’ll split it among all of them. And what do you get for being a sponsor? Sponsors are the only folks (besides staff and guests) allowed in the Guest Lounge, a special place set aside where folks can relax away from the hubbub of the con. Guests and sponsors can attend a free sandwich-feast on Sunday evening, after the con. And, sponsors get some special prices on materials from the ConFurence store. And, sponsors get — our unending gratitude! (Not to mention, their name in the souvenir book!)

Soo-per Sponsors!

Super Sponsors are people who really want to help out the convention — and think they deserve something special in return. Supers sponsors are maniacs, um, wonderful people willing to contribute $100.00 or more toward our special guests. Super Sponsors get all the same neat stuff as other Sponsors, plus an added bonus of a chance to obtain a personalized commission from a famous furry artist! (Write for a list of participating artists.) Don’t have $100.00 sitting around handy? Make installments! That’s right, we’ll take two payments of $50.00, or four payments of $25.00 — it still counts you as a Super Sponsor!

Furries on the Fly

ConFurence now has its own official travel agency, Ladera Travel of Southern California. They’ve specialized for years in getting good rates for travel to and from SF cons, and now that includes ours! Contact Rick Foss or Robin (his trusty assistant) at (800) 624-6679 from outside California, or (310) 640-0527 inside California.

Don’t be left in the burrow! Keep in touch with the world of Anthropomorphics! Join ConFurence Today! Chirp!