Confurence 5 Hotel Bid

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ConFurence V Seminar/Convention for Anthropomorphic Creators

Dates:   First Choice: January 21,22,23, 1993  Friday, Saturday, Sunday

            Second Choice: January 28,29,30, 1993 Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Overview: ConFurence is an organization of professional and amateur creators of fine art, graphic stories (comic books and strips), animation, music, short stories and novels involving characters influenced by animals. Members pay a yearly dues, receive a quarterly newsletter, and meet once a year at the ConFurence convention.  This event is for members only, and is not open to the public.

            The convention consists of a weekend of special interest meetings, a small trade show, an art show and auction, and a fund-raising benefit show and dance. Hospitality suites are provided for guests and sponsors of the convention. Catered events include an ice cream social on Friday night, and an informal pizza dinner on Saturday, as well as deli service for the hospitality suites.

            Many members will be staying in the hotel for one to five nights, with an expected requirement of 300 room nights over the week of the convention. (Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat., Sun., Mon.)

History: There have been 5 ConFurences:

            ConFurence 0, January 1989: Holiday Inn Bristol Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA

                        attendance: 90

            ConFurence 1, January 1990: Holiday Inn Bristol Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA

                        attendance: 150

            ConFurence 2, January 1991: Holiday Inn Maingate, Anaheim, CA

                        attendance: 220

            ConFurence 3, January 1992: Holiday Inn Maingate, Anaheim, CA           

                        attendance: 300

            ConFurence 4, January 1993: Red Lion Hotel, Orange County Airport, CA

                        attendance: 450


Convention Facilities Requirements:

            Art Show: 2,500 sq.ft. minimum. Thursday 7pm to Sunday 9 pm, 24 hour hold.

                        Setup:  Art show panels, provided and installed by ConFurence

                                    6, 6′ tables w/ chairs

            Trade Exhibits: 2,500 sq.ft. minimum. Friday 8am to Sunday 6 pm, 24 hour hold.

                        Setup:  30, 6′ tables w/chairs, minimum, with 10′ isles.

            Meeting Rooms (2): 800 sq.ft. each. Fri. 9am-2am, Sat. 9am-2am, Sun. 9am-6pm.

                        Setup:  Room 1, Large Conference, 40-50 persons.

                                    Room 2, Lecture hall, 60-80 persons. 4 side tables.

            Theater: 600 sq.ft. Thursday 7pm to Sunday 6pm, 24 hour hold.

                        Setup:  Theater, 60 to 80 persons, 3 side tables.

                                    Video equipment provided and installed by ConFurence.

            Show and Dance: 2000 sq.ft. Saturday only, 6pm to 2 am.

                        Setup:  T-shaped stage, curtain back-stage area, seating for 150, 2 side tables

                                    Dance floor optional.

                                    Sound, lights, crew and DJ provided by ConFurence.

            Hospitality lounges (2): 450 sq.ft. Fri. 9am-2am, Sat. 9am-2am, Sun. 9am to 2am.

                        Setup:  Lounge, round tables, chairs, couches. 20-40 persons

                                    TV and VCR, deli table.

Sleeping Room Requirements: Individual reservations by our members. Rooms for guests and staff

            to be billed to the ConFurence account. (5 to 8 rooms of the block)

            Sleeping rooms: ConFurence will require 300 room-nights for our attendees. We will

                        guarantee 250 room-nights reserved before the date of the convention. If possible,                     rooms should be blocked in same physical location, same floors, or same tower.

                        Rates should $65.00/nite for single/double, or less.

            Estimate of distribution:    Wednesday, 5 rooms

                                                     Thursday, 40 rooms

                                                     Friday, 70 rooms

                                                     Saturday, 90 rooms

                                                    Sunday, 40 rooms

                                                    Monday, 5 rooms



Catering Requirments: All catering will be billed to the ConFurence account.

            Ice Cream Social: Friday, 8pm to 10 pm. Ice cream sundae service for 150 persons.

                       A meeting room may be converted for this, if space is at a premium.

            Pizzaria: Saturday, 5pm to 8pm. Pizza and soda for 200 persons.

                        Paper plates, napkins, paper or plastic drink cups. 50 to 60 pizzas of various types.

                        Pizza to be delivered to lounges in 3 shifts.

            Lounge Delis: Fri, Sat, stocked from noon to 8pm. Sunday, stocked from noon to 10pm.

                        Meat, cheese and bread. Chips and cookies, soda.


Security requirements: ConFurence has a security staff to help direct people, assist with handicapped members, handle  minor medical problems and lost and found, and control access. If hotel  policy requires additional after-hours security for the 24 hold rooms, we will contract hotel          personnel.


Contacts: For any questions, please contact Mark Merlino or Rod Stansfield at Lantana Ltd.

            (714) 530-4993, or (800) 234-8237.



                                    PO Box 1958

                                    Garden Grove, CA 92642-1958