InFurNation (11-1991)


And the ConFurence Chronicle

All The News We Get, We Print!

Here, we hope, is just what you’ve been asking for! In-Fur-Nation is a
furry marquee board, an anthropomorphic clearinghouse, a reach-out-and-
touch-someone place for the funny animal fan.  Expanding beyond the
ConFurence Progress Reports, In-Fur-Nation will keep you informed of
what fur fen and fur pro have been up to.  Or will be up to.  Moves,
births, marriages, publishings, films, sales; all the things the furry
fan wants to be kept up to date on.  So where do we get all this?  YOU!
Remember, all the news we get, we print!  We want blurbs, short bits,
clippings, and personal reports on events, things, and stuff in the
furry world.  Remember — that’s events.  Not opinions, not reviews, not
rumors, we want the facts, ma’am.  And we will print them as we get them
— Verbatim.  That is our service to you, the furry fan.  And the best
part is:  You get it all free!  That’s right, just for being on the
ConFurence mailing list you recieve four quarterly installments of
In-Fur-Nation, along with the ConFurence Progress Reports, absolutely
gratis.  Of course, if you’d like to help with the creation and mailing
of In-Fur-Nation, well pilgrim, there’s another reason for you to buy
your ConFurence attending or supporting membership right away (plug
plug!).  More on that inna sec, but first, here now the newts:

Anthropomorphic SF artist Larry Dixon and his wife, SF author and
big-name filker Mercedes Lackey, have moved into the famous, spacious
Big Dome House, a wooden historic site in Claremore, Oklahoma.  More
information can be obtained through Mercedes’ fan Club, Queen’s Own,
at P.O. Box 43143, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043.

Deal Whitley, creator of High Orbit (from Albedo) and Opporknockitytoons
is alive and well and living in Colonia, New Jersey.  Both Deal Whitley
and Ken Sample are currently accepting commission work; they may be
reached for price sheets at 24 Alastair Place, Colonia, NJ 07067.

Fern Gully, a new animated feature from Kroyer Company, is scheduled for
release in April of 1992.  This ecologically-themed film concerns the
adventures of a teenage boy among the animals and fairie folk in the
wilds of northern Australia.

Beauty and the Beast, Walt Disney Pictures’ 30th animated feature, will
be released nation-wide this month.  The Beast was animated by Glen
Keene, the key animator of Ariel in The Little Mermaid and Marahute the
Eagle in The Rescuers Down Under.  The film also features new songs by
the Oscar-Winning team of Ashman and Menken (The Little Mermaid).

A group of anthropomorphic creators and other well-known comics folk
will be travelling to France late next January.  Angouleme, southwest of
Paris, to be precise, for an international comics festival.  This four-
day event attracts more than 100,000 comics fans and creators from
around the world, and this is a great opportunity for some of our
favorite anthropomorphic and small-press comics to pick up valuable new
markets overseas!  The folks attending include MU Press folks Ed and
Diana Vick, Red Shetland co-creator Jim Groat, Yarf! editor Jeff Ferris,
Rhudiprrt writer Dwight Decker, Erma Felna creator Steve Gallacci, Desert
Peach writer/artist Donna Barr, and long-time comic artists Monika
Livingston, Roberta Gregory and Colin Upton.

A move is underway to organize a north-eastern US furry convention,
currently referred to as ConFurence-East.  This is so far planned to be
a weekend event sometime next March, and will be held somewhere in the
Philadelphia area.  For more information, contact the folks at
Furtherance care of Images Rune, 200 Dupont Street, Philadelphia, PA

Meanwhile, a different move is going on down Florida way to organize a
south-eastern US furry convention, called TransFurence.  No date or
precise location has been set, but interested parties can contact Wolf
or Squirrel in the Tampa area.  More information will be here as we get

Speaking of which, the joint SoCal/Florida furry fandom suites to be
presented at MagicCon/WorldCon in Orlando (Labor Day weekend, 1992) have
been declared TransFurence 0 and ConFurence 3.5.  Currently planned to
operate twenty-four hours during the convention, the furry suites will
feature videos, art displays, art for sale, and lots of other goodies.

Disney Comics, formerly the home of TaleSpin, Roger Rabbit, Mickey
Mouse and many other titles known to Anthropomorphic fen, has ceased
publication of all but four titles:  Disney Adventures (comprising
several Disney Afternoon tie-in titles), Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, and
Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories.

The Walt Disney Company and Henson & Associates have collaborated on
several new Muppet tie-in attractions at the Disney/MGM Studio Tour at
Walt Disney World in Florida, including the MuppetVision 3D Movie and a
live stage show.

Jim Lomax has sold a new miniseries, Cat’s Eye Agency, to Rip-Off Press.
The three-issue premiere, featuring several anthropomorphic characters,
is drawn by Darren Frydendall.  Roughs of the first issue will be
available for viewing at ConFurence Three.

A new Furry dimension has come to our attention. Computer networking is
becomming popular, with Bulletin Boards (BBS’s) allowing people to
communicate via electronic mail all over the world. So, what’s next?
Well, we have seen the future, and it is FurryMUCK! A MUCK is a type of
interactive text-based adventure game. Players have accounts on Unix
computer systems which are linked through Internet, a world-wide data
communcations network. This includes students and people who work at
educational institutions or in the computer industry. FurryMUCK is a
Virtual Reality, where Furry types of every description and origin
live together and relate with each other in real time. It’s a place
to meet interesting people and make friends. If you think you’d like
to explore this unique experience, don’t miss the FurryMUCK SIG at
ConFurence 3. If you have access to Internet, and would like more
information about FurryMUCK, please contact us at ConFurence.

Tigerwing Press is a clearinghouse for art prints, T-Shirts, calendars,
and other stuff by artists like Terrie Smith and Lia Graf.  For a list
of items, contact Tigerwing Press c/o Lia Graf, 6250 Holabird St. #1,
San Diego, CA 92120.

ConFurence Progress Report #2

Hi! (Greetingsus Mostbigasi)

Once again we’re ahead of this time last year in terms of membership.
Once again we’re drawing new and interesting well-known types in to come
and join our big furry party.  Once again we’re receiving memberships
and inquiries from all over the country and all over the world.  Once
again, it’s time for another ConFurence Progress Report…

Our Guests (Specialustus Guestii)

We’ve introduced you to our special guests of honor, Chuck Melville
(Champion of Katarra and The Furkindred),  Dave Garcia (Panda Kahn and
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures), and Taral Wayne (Hugo-
nominated illustrator).  And we’ve told you about some of the other
well-known people to be joining us.  Well we’re proud to add another name
to that list:  Jymn Magon.  Jymn is the talented writer and producer
from Walt Disney Television Animation who was a guiding force behind The
Gummi Bears and Tail Spin, as well as new Disney projects like Goof
Troop.  Mr. Magon has joined a line-up of guests that includes Juan
Alphonso, Kjartan Arnorrsen, Dan Flahive, Lia Graf, Scudder Kidwell,
Steve Martin, Noah Miller, Terrie Smith, Tom Verre, and Mel. White!

We’re Sorry to Miss… (Guestii Noshowum)

Due to their attendence at the Angouleme Comics Festival at the end of
January, several of our previous guests will not be able to join us at
ConFurence Three.  (See the section regarding the Angouleme festival in
the news section, above, for a list of names.)  We will miss their
company, but we wish them the best of luck in their international

Our Hotel (Hotelata Anaheimii)

Our hotel has changed!  Itself, that is.  No, it’s still in the same
place as last year, but it has changed its name following the opening of
a second Holiday Inn to the north of Disneyland.  What was the Holiday
Inn Anaheim Across From Disneyland is now the Holiday Inn Maingate.
Remember that when calling information or using a taxi — You want the
Holiday Inn Maingate, not the Holiday Inn Center.  More important stuff:
If you call the hotel directly for reservation information, make sure to
call before 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, when the special events staff
(the folks who know what’s going on) are there to serve you.  To speed
things up, give them our Special Event Number:  CON0123.  That way they
can quickly reference ConFurence and help you with your questions.  And
remember, single and double rooms are yours for only $71.00 per night,
and larger rooms are available as well.  If the Holiday Inn does fill
up, there are nearly one-dozen hotels and motels within easy walking
distance of ConFurence.  Among the closest are:

Zaby’s Motor Inn (next door) — (714) 635-4411
Travelodge Aloha (across Katella) — (714) 774-8710
Candy Cane Inn (kitty-corner) — (714) 774-5284

Disneyland Tickets (Discountus Mikimousi)

Remember, ConFurence has opted to purchase discount tickets to the Magic
Kingdom of Disneyland, just for ConFurence members, but we need a
minimum of one-hundred tickets sold in order to get the discount rate.
If you are interested in discount tickets, please drop us a line and let
us know how many you’d be likely to purchase.

Dealers’ Den (Hucksterata)

As of this writing we have sold exactly half of our Dealer’s Room
tables, and we don’t expect the rest to last long!  If you are a seller
of Comics, T-Shirts, Art Prints, Books, and other items of interest to
furry fen, get your spot reserved now!  Full 8 ft. by 2.5 ft. tables
sell for $50.00, with two full memberships included.  Beyond that,
additional tables are available for only $20.00 each.  Or, half-tables
(4 ft. by 2.5 ft.) are available for $30.00 each, with one membership
included.  Contact Rod O’Riley at ConFurence for more info.

Adjacent to the Den of Dealers will be the Artists’ Alley, this time in
a room of its own.  Table spaces will be available free of charge during
the day for new artists and craftspeople to show off their talents.  But
remember:  Your space must be reserved each morning of the convention,
and reservations are first-come, first served!

Art Show (Arteesta Sellum)

If last year was any indication, the ConFurence Three Art Show is going
to be bursting at the seams with paintings, sculpture, computer
displays, prints and other furry items to dazzle your eyes.  Therefore,
this year we’re requesting that all artists who plan to display 2D, 3D
or electronic art at ConFurence Three please register your total number
of panel/table spaces with us prior to the convention.  Remember, one
4×4 ft. horizontal or vertical space is included free with your paid
attending or supporting membership, but if you intend to use the space
in your name, we need to know!  Again, additional 4×4 ft. spaces are
only $5.00 each, so please let us know how many spaces you’ll need,
whether it’s art to sell or Not-For-Sale display pieces.

Yes, we are accepting mail-in art.  We’re accepting art you bring
yourself.  We’re accepting art someone else brings for you.  All we ask
is a written letter from you detailing you who exactly is delivering the
art, and who is picking up/shipping any unsold art (even if that’s us).
Real Soon Now control sheets and bid sheets will be sent out to all
registered artists, or these may be filled out by you or your assigned
representative at the convention.  Also remember, we need your name,
return address (no P.O. Boxes) and phone number not only on the control
sheet, but also on the back or bottom of each piece of art.  Mailed-in
art should only be sent to:

ConFurence Three Art Show
13412 Gilbert Street
Garden Grove, CA 92644

For complete Art Show information, contact John Stanley care of the ConFurence
mailing address.

Costuming (Costumia Manicolor)

Once again a prize will be awarded for the best furry-themed costume at
the convention, whether it’s a hall costume or a presentation at the
Costume SIG on Saturday afternoon.  All costumes will be photographed
and labeled with the costume name.  These photos will be displayed at
the Saturday Night Spaghetti feed, and those present will vote on the
winning costume.  If you intend to make a special presentation at the
Costume SIG, contact us at the mailing address and let us know of any
special lighting or sound requirements you may have.

FRP Gaming (Effarpi Gamiata)

Our FRP Gaming Room will run all night, featuring such favorites as
Albedo, GURPS, Other Suns, TMNTs, Rifts, Justifiers, even Bunnies &
Burrows if you’re so inclined.  Contact Shayn Raney at the ConFurence
mailing address for more gaming information.

FURilking (Filkus Thrudenighti)

ConFurence Three features yet again the ConFurence Furry Filk-Song
Contest, for the furry fen with musical leanings.  The contest will take
place Saturday night, where contestants can sing or read their own
composition on a furry theme, or find someone brave to do it for them.
The best song is chosen by audience vote.  Following the contest, it’s
circle-singing into the wee hours.  Contact Rod O’Riley at the
ConFurence address for more information.

Silicon-based Life (Computatus Multipurpus)

The silicon world will be well-represented at ConFurence Three, both in
terms of computer art and animation displays, and in the growing world
of modem communications.  A new wrinkle on the old bulletin board system
concept is FurryMUCK, an interactive virtual-reality universe populated
and played out in real time by furry characters.  Live tie-ins to the
FurryMUCK will be available for the experienced and the curious.

Diurnal Fannish Life Cycles

In other words, daily events, including:


Once again we help demolish your diet with free ice-cream for ConFurence
members on Friday night, as well as the Saturday Night Spaghetti Feed
on (wait for it — ) Saturday Night.  The Spaghetti Feed is an
additional (low) cost, and is limited to strictly 100 people, so make
sure and get your reservation ASAP when tickets go on sale Friday!


This year our round-robin fan and pro discussions include topics such as
TaleSpin (one of the most popular furry TV shows),  FurryMUCK (and other
virtual-reality interactive computer systems), The Furkindred (meet the
artists and writers!), and ecology (or, furries do the real world).  All
that and more, plus our familiar Special Interest Groups (SIGs) like FRP
Games, Furry Personae, Comics, Computer Art, Computer Networking, and of
course our furry Costuming SIG, featuring how-to tips and costume
presentations.  If you have a topic you’d like to see discussed, drop us
a line!


Each of our special guests will have their own time and space to discuss
neat things they’re up to lately, as well as tables in the Artist’s
Alley to sign autographs and chew the fat with the furry folk.


Once again we present our ConFurence Video Theater, showing the best and
the most of animation, short films, student projects, and ephemera from
around the world.  Trust us, we have things here to inspire or offend
just about anyone!  If you’ve got ideas, please send a note to Jim Lomax
care of the ConFurence address.

Assistance! (Helpus Mostneedii)


ConFurence survives because people attend it.  One of the things which
helps assure attendance is our list of guests.  And one thing that can
help ensure our list of guests is you!  We need sponsors to help us with
the care and feeding (actually flying and rooming…) of our guests.
How can you do this?  Just send ConFurence a minimum of $20.00 — up to
however much you wish! — over and above your membership fee.  Ear-mark
(ouch!) the sponsorship for a particular guest, and we’ll apply that
contribution toward that person’s room and/or travel costs.  Or, mark
the contribution ‘general fund’ and we’ll split it between those who’ve
asked us for help.  What do you get for this?  Among other things, you
get to meet the guests in our private VIP lounge, away from the noise of
the crowds.  And, a special sunday-night free sandwich fest is provided
for guests and sponsors only. And… we’ll see what we can come up with!

[Martin Wagner, creator and artist of Hepcats with whom we had such a
blast at ConFurence One, has stated that he would like to join us again
but cannot afford to come out to California without help.  Hop to it,

The Souvenir Book

The ConFurence Souvenir Book and Collection has become one of the most
popular items at each ConFurence.  And we want to do it again with this
year with our special convention theme, Our Furry World.  That is,
furries in legend, folk-tales, books, comic strips, even advertising,
from around the globe!  And we need your contributions:

Artwork:  Black & White anthropomorphic art in an 8 1/2 by 11 inch
vertical format, on our convention theme or a general furry theme.  Also
accepting spot-illos.  Please send only camera-ready xerox copies (no

Articles:  Up to 500 words in length, on any aspect of our convention
theme.  Furries you’ve seen, or heard of, anywhere on earth, or just
plain unusual places you’ve seen the furries or funny animals used.
Just remember — give credit to the creators and origin points of any
characters you mention!

All printed art or articles will be credited to their creators, and all
rights return to those creators.  ConFurence retains the right to accept
or refuse any contribution, to correct spelling and grammar on articles,
and to alter artwork slightly to fit in available space.  Our deadline
is early January, so don’t delay!


ConFurence — Where our Gophers are really gophers!  We need volunteers
to help us with registration, badge-checking, assisting our guests, and
moving items to-and-fro.  For a minimum of 10 hours work, your
membership cost will be returned to you at the end of the convention.
So drop us a line if you’d like to help out!

Until Next Time…

In-Fur-Nation #2, coming to you in early January, will feature updates
on the latest news from our furry world.  Also included will be the
final Progress Report before ConFurence Three, with maps, guides to
eateries, and other vital items for the attendees.  So be here!  (We
will be…)  Chirp!