Modern Funny Animal Comics Panel

The Modern Funny Animal Comic panel at San Diego Comic Con, 1990 featuring, from left to right: Jefferson P. Swycaffer, Science Fiction author, Reed Waller, co-creator (artist) and Kate Worley (writer) of the iconic “underground” comic “Omaha the Cat Dancer”, Fred Patten, popular culture reviewer/historian, Mark Merlino, co-founder of the first furry convention “ConFurence” , Mike Kazalla, creator of “Captain Jack”, a very popular comic dealing with realistic relationships thinly disguised as a SciFi comedy, and Jim Groat, co-creator of the furry barbarian comic “Red Shetland”. Roz Gibson, creator of many dramatic anthropomorphic comic series was in the audience.
This was a real “one of these things is not like the others” moments for me, and it was a great honor to be included on a panel with such important people in the furry community. My partner Rod O’Riley was behind the camera. I recommend looking these people and their creations up on-line. They are amazing!

Note: This video was process to stabilized motion and has cropping. Here is the raw original if you can handle wobble vision:

Also this cuts off after 47ish minutes and we believe the batteries in the camera ran out.