CF12 Scratching Post #3

Everyone was there, the great and the near great, to witness the joyous joining of two of Furry’s most celebrated celebrities. Minerva Mink, the screen goddess Animaniacs, recent winner of the Best Anthropomorphic Television Series of the Twentieth Century, and Michell Bireo, Miss M’s most loyal fan and personal publicity artist and promoter, tied the knot. Any marriage is a lifetime commitment and there are always challenges to be met. This is often even more difficult for celebrities, as they must live in the cold, often cruel spotlight of their fickle adoring public. The ceremony was interrupted several times, by sore-looser sutures, three of Mr. Biero’s other models (and possible love interests), and the almost-to-late arrival of the rings. Luckily, Mr. Grote, the best man, was well prepared (and armed) for any trouble, and relatively cool heads prevailed. The happy couple will be honeymooning here at the Hilton.

The Fur le Dance Charity Cabaret for ConFurence 12 started slow, with a few missed cues, but built to an enjoyable time for all. The show was opened by none other then Picachu, star of the incredibly popular Pokemon franchise. The audience was taken by surprise by the slick production number, which has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Our reporter said that he hopes the video of the show will capture all the fun the performers were obviously having putting on a great show. The resounding reaction from the audience, applause AND ample tips, were all the proof anyone needed that a great time was had by all. Video tapes of the performance will be available, with all profits going to charity. Check with the ConFurence Store for details. Reported by Ken Nelson, CF12 staff.

It’s “California Here We Come… Again!” for The World Science Fiction Convention, the annual international gathering of fans and creators of Science Fiction & Fantasy literature, art and media. ConJose’ is the 60th World Science Fiction Convention, which will be happening in beautiful San Jose, California, in 2002. If you don’t know the way, or would like any other information about this prestigious event; or to purchase a membership (discounts available for early registration) stop by the Cargo Cult Books table in the Dealer’s Den.

Are you the next Speilberg or Lucas? This could be your big chance! If you are one of the many videographers who have been capturing the action at ConFurence 12, David Bliss, producer of the popular ConFurence Highlights video series is looking for footage for inclusion in the ConFurence 12 Highlights video. If you want to share your visions and memories of CF12 with others, and perhaps even get your first big break in the biz, please visit Mr. Bliss at the Rivercoon Arts table in the Dealer’s Den.

Hypnofantsy: Become your Identifying Animal in your body, your mind and your spirit… You’ll feel the tail, paws, and whiskers you’ve only costumed yourself in before. You’ll experience through suggestion what it’s like to court and mate with another of your species. THEN interact with other Furries in ways you’ve only fantasized about… Plan private time with someone special after this event. YOU MUST BE OVER 18 TO ATTEND.

The Post would like to apologize for the IRC reception announcement in the last issue. The event was Friday night, not Saturday. We regret any inconvenience our error may have caused.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me produce the Hollywood Scratching Post for ConFurence 12. For my partner Rodney, for having the faith in me to handle such a responsibility on short notice (I was asked to take over the task on Wednesday afternoon…) and the rest of the directors and staff for giving me the chance to do give it a try. This is my first foray into convention newsletters, and I could not have done it without the valuable assistance, support and patience from my mates and friends, Rodney, Jazmyn, Changa, Wolfwings, Aronel (and anyone else I may have missed). I enjoyed providing this service for CF12, and I may even consider doing it again, though with a but more advanced warning and preparation!
Sylys Sable, Editor in Chief, The Hollywood Scratching Post.