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ConFurence Photo & Travel Accounts!
Here's a list of people's websites and archives either submitted or found on Alta Vista describing their experiences at ConFurence over the past years. We're always looking for more websites so don't hesitate to send them to us! Remember, if you find any broken links on this page, email to!

Hey, are there any other webpages for conventions like this?
There sure are. Here's a brief list:

Condor (Science Fiction Convention: San Diego, Ca)
Further Confusion (Santa Clara, CA)
DucKon (Chicago, IL)
Anthrocon (Valley Forge, PA)
Conifur Northwest (Seattle, WA)
Mephit Furmeet (Memphis, TN)
Feral! (Ontario, Canada)
EuroFurence (Europe, duhh..)
Midwest FurFest {Chicago, IL)

Where can I find out more about furries in general?
Furries are all over the web! Many have websites that you can visit. Who knows, you may already know a furry in your area and don't even know it! Here's some places on the web to go to find out more information on the fandom. - Home of FurryMUCK's website.
(opens a new window)

The Furry Information Resource (FIR) - Furry Links and Information
(opens a new window)

Furry Resource Page - A database driven site full of links and personal homepages.
(opens a new window)

Hey, I have a page!
If you have any websites, pictures, photos, etc. that you'd like to see listed here, please drop an email to with the URL, your name (character names accepted) and a brief description of what's on the site!

I wanna link to your site!
Sure! If you'd like to link to ConFurence's website, please feel free to do so. And if you like, you can use some of these neato graphics:

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Be sure to link to

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Garden Grove, CA 92842-1958

Or call 1-800-234-8237 (Will be answered Lantana Ltd. Ask for ConFurence)

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